en route to rediscovery

November 29, 2015

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate. Just get rid of everything going wrong and make it go right. Sometimes, you need to delete a number. Color your hair. Quit your job. Purge all the negative things and focus on all the positive. Just do it. – The Importance of Starting Over

This month, November, was filled with moments of self-rediscovery.

IMG_3953copyNot that my previous relationship was a relationship where one loses a sense of self and the person I was dating was my everything. Not remotely – it was very much an adult relationship and I remained independent. But I did lose sight of certain things, such as doing things that brought me genuine happiness and the detailed qualities and characteristics I admired in a potential partner.

It was my fault, I romanticized Him and our relationship.

Now, shifting gears and focusing on the present.

  1. I chopped off 6+ inches off my hair. I feel like a whole new woman. 
  2. I am cultivating new lady friendships. This is something I am a huge advocate for. After all, I need to focus on laying my roots here in New York because let’s be honest, I am not going back to the West Coast any time soon. This girl needs and wants girlfriends.
  3. I am taking a lot time to channel my emotions into my writing and to look within myself. Identify patterns and looking at the relationship in retrospect.
  4. Snowballing off from No. 3, I am exploring new writing opportunities. I think it’s time to shift my focus to my writing, again, and continue to connect with my amazing readers – like You!
  5. I go to Yoga 2-3 times a week for many reasons, but one to strengthen my Spiritual practice.

This is how I am embarking my new beginnings, in baby steps. I will say when you are surrounded by great people, your hardship doesn’t seem so bad. I have such an amazing support system, who all affirmed that I will be okay.

And I am. I feel better, and definitely, in better Spirits. It feels great to feel like yourself, again. 

One last thing, thank you all so much for your kind words, encouragement, and your ongoing support. I know I say this a lot, but it is the truth!

The best part of being a writer is when your intention is to write for yourself, as a creative outlet and as an expression, but you manage to create a piece that connects with people from all over. I have received a tremendous feedback from my article that was published on Literally Darling.Very pleased to hear that I captured the very emotions you and I felt.

Ugh, thank you so much!

with great love,

go celebrate yoself

November 20, 2015


*chimes in Adele’s Hello.

I am trying to do this thing where I only write to you when I have a quality and compelling story to share because well, do you want me to spam your newsfeed? Nah, right? Okay, cool.

It’s Friday afternoon-almost-evening, and I never stay this late in the office on a Friday. But surprisingly today is one of those days. In the midst of the busyness of this week, I hit a lot of wins. #winning 

I didn’t grow up with getting gold stars and pats on my back for 100 percent on my math homework – well, for starters, math was never my strongest subject. Second, my parents were stoic then. Always questioned why I didn’t work harder.

But I felt like I did. Now, as an adult, I have taken strides in my career and I’m very proud of myself. I learned to recognize my strengths and accomplishments. Is it narcissistic if I celebrate myself and my successes? Um, no. I feel like it is my birthday every other week because I am killing it at work. It is like #treatyoself every so often – when I know I truly deserve it.


I believe in recognizing when a job is well done. Don’t you? Give yourself a pat on the back. Get that damn cupcake!

Why I firmly believe in celebrating myself is because if I don’t, who will? So, go celebrate the things in your life, from the small to the big successes and Yourself. Only you have the power to measure the value of your success.

Today, I celebrate myself. Why? Well, I do regularly, but this week I had a major win. I pitched a profound, personal story to the Editor in Chief at Literally Darling. This outlet is like Elite Daily, but more intellectual and geared towards a women demographic. The reach is huge, so this is something worth squealing about!

The article goes live on Monday, November 23rd. I am still in shock by the way. Ugh, I cannot believe it’s happening. 

This is one of my stronger pieces with a help of a good friend. I have been working on this the last few days – poured my heart and soul into this that exposes a whole other side of me that I rarely share with you all…

“I just got out of a relationship. I fell in love for the first time in five years.”

– C



the girl who cries in public

November 6, 2015

Shit happens every day in New York. Everyday.

Homeless people crying for change. Con-artists dressed up as homeless people sharing some sad story on trains. People yelling at other people over petty shit. Annoying and excessive honking. Bat-shit crazy stuff include half-naked performers in Union Square. I feel like you have the normal crazy and here we have the extreme crazy…

These are the norms for New Yorkers. Similar to the madness that happens in the City, there are some things that are socially acceptable and not taboo. Two big things that I love pointing out are online dating and dining out alone.

Crying in public appears to be acceptable, too.

Have I done any of the socially accepted mentions above? Plenty of times. The most therapeutic thing I find is having dinner with a nice drink by myself after a long, shitty and hard week. New York is crowded, and sometimes you just want to be alone. Also, in more recent months, I have cried publicly for all occasions.

I remember in April, I went to a Cambodian temple in Brooklyn called my parents wishing them a Happy New Year. I proceeded to cry because I was at a breaking point with my job at the time. My Dad blessed me with his kind, Spiritual words that really hit home. (For someone who has no insight of your daily emotions and no freaking idea what I do for a living, what he said really resonated with me and I could not hold back). I cried. Hard.

Getting WTF-stares that moment did not phase me. I was on the phone crying with my parents.

I would not say I am overly sensitive, but I’ve become vulnerable and well, that is scary. This is the most vulnerable I’ve felt in years. You all know how I felt about vulnerability – if you don’t, let me link you.

Now you’re probably thinking if I have cried at work? Remember how I told you I cried in front of my internship supervisor once in 2010? (it’s clickable, fyi). Told myself never to cry in front of a professional ever again? Well, I lied. Whoops! I teared up once in front of my old, shitty boss as I vented how I felt mistreated and verbally abused as an employee. She felt no sympathy for me, and seriously, the worst person I ever worked for. I have been contemplating to write an article about this…

Anyway, wrapping this piece up. It’s Friday, so I get it – our minds are thinking about the weekend…

I would say I have come full-circle of the cultural norms. I have adapted quite nicely to the City-life and picked up the habits of the locals, definitely. There are still certain things I have yet grasp, but for the tougher skin, giving zero shits what people think,  and obtaining a sailor mouth, I think I nailed it!

I am just thankful that I have not cried on the subway because that will be the ultimate Girl Who Cries in Public…I’ll never do that.

But…like The Biebs said Never Say Never.

With much love,





style: a little lazy

October 29, 2015


I am in this constant battle of trying to be “put together” and ehhh, no… However, I make better efforts nowadays because I realized that when I look my best, I feel my best as well. It just adds that extra oomph in confidence, you know? Attitude is everything. Not trying to impress or one-up anyone either – my personal style is so simple compared to the many fashionable New Yorkers.

Since starting my Capsule Wardrobe, I would say I have been getting more creative with maximizing pieces that I have. Sure, some looks may be repeated, 3-peated even, but I managed to look put together. I would document everyday looks, but do you know how exhausting and obnoxious that would be for you and me? So instead, I only highlight some of my favorite day-to-day looks.DSC05076

This look captures the whole effortless look, wholly.  Although, it is probably my signature style characteristic, it still has that “put together” element. I borrowed three things from my last outfit: the white blouse, the statement necklace and my favorite nude bag by Michael Kors.


Photographed by Karina Munoz

The cropped sweater made is the game changer – if I had worn a full-length sweater to my waist, I don’t think the overall look would have looked slimming and resulted in “effortless.” Although I do mean business, this look is casual, too. To me, this is what I call business casual because I am wearing dark denim and my shirt is just chilling.

In case you are confused with references in my entry above, let me assist you with some links: what is a capsule wardrobe? I broke it down for you. Did I really wore the same outfit? Nah, just a couple of pieces you can find here and it’s the same sweater from the time I wore my culottes. Who are my style inspirations? That’s easy, you can read it here. Or you want to see what other looks I’ve showcased? You can click right here that will take you to the archives.

Looking for the looks above? Here ya go, boo:

I am not linking you to other items because I’ve shown them before, so to make it easy for your eyes and myself, I will only highlight key items.

One more for the road and for laughs:


Obviously, candid. 

Thanks for tuning in, family and friends. Signing off, meow!

– C


relationship status

October 28, 2015

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or so I’ve heard and witnessed.

In every relationship, there is a turning point where things begin to shift and the dynamic changes the game. I want to say the relationship changed between my parents and I once I decided to join a sorority and moved away for college.

Dad was a hands-off man – as in, “if you got wings, then fly.” I lived by this and he definitely encouraged it. Mom was more hard on me for several reasons. However, both implemented the whole No-Boyfriend-Until-You-Graduate-College thing. There was common ground for parenting, folks.

Parents in the digital age are different (and can weird). When I found out my Mom was on Facebook, I did shriek a little. Only because I was more afraid of how she would navigate the web; does she know all the functions and features? Is she going to be creeping on my profile and oversharing shit I do not care about? Maybe – to all the above.12002236_10154204735754992_7900303047673014763_n

But, whatever I share on Facebook is very limited. At the same time I have this open relationship with my parents, so really I have nothing to hide. This is generally how I am as a person though – transparent. This was not a big ordeal for me and frankly, my Mom is my best friend and knows everything in my life.

Once I communicated to my parents about my every movement and checked in here-and-there to show them that I was alive and well, our relationship progressed in ways I cannot imagine.

As I entered my adulthood, my parents knew my judgement and knew that I can take care of myself (in distance). The constant open communication help forge the gap we had, and I am so happy with the relationship we share.

Also, I realized that my Mom and I have an outstanding relationship when we are miles apart. She’s more endearing and affectionate when I am away. Together, we tend to butt heads and raise our voices. Ah, Aries women. So much fire and energy.

Writing this post just makes me miss her a shitload. I have been going to-and-fro in how I want to structure and theme this post all week. Drafting on the subway and missing my stop a couple of times. I was inspired by a status update from a friend about parents joining Facebook. To me, there was a larger theme than parents learning to grasp social media.


If we all look at our social media channels, the photos and posts we (over)share, may reveal parts of us that only a few of us know and understand. To me, that reveals one’s openness, right? This whole openness you are willing to share with you friends and followers, and one of them being your parent.

Now, you can see how analytical I can be with things… Does any of this make sense?!  If not, it’s cool. At minimum, I hope I made you reflect on your relationship status with your parents (:

Here’s to Hump Day! Yay!

– C

style secret: proportions + balance

October 23, 2015

Have you ever style-stalked someone or see how some outfits are perfectly paired? How did you achieve that look so effortlessly? There is a secret (and some rules) when it comes to fashion and how you can be flawless day in and day out.

I know how to dress myself that accentuates my figure, and this is my personal principle. This rule may not be pleasing and applicable to you, but Do You, right? And you know, overall, fashion (and well, freaking LIFE) is all about trial-and-error. You play with trends, bold colors and all this other jazz to find the style and look that makes you feel good.

I posted a photo of this look below on my instagram as a sneak peek because I was very proud of this look. Sometimes, you cannot help it, but share your outfit because it so damn on point! Right?! Yes!

DSC04853 DSC04867

A simple white button-down blouse, high-waisted shorts with opaque tights and pulled my look together with a Boyfriend Blazer from Lucky Brand Jeans (I used to work there, remember?). I tucked my statement necklace under my collar to wear it as a tie substitute. I left my shirt untucked because my shorts are actually high-waisted and I found that my body is not very flattering with some high-waisted bottoms.


Why does this look work? It’s balanced. I played with lengths, such as my blazer. To offset my short, shorts, I go with a longer blouse or jacket, always. Playing with layers can be challenging especially when it’s cold and you want to refrain from looking frumpy, but this is when proportions (balance) is key.

As effortless as I look, I look put together because of the color scheme (black and white, duh) and proportions. If you don’t believe me this is a secret to always looking chic, read this article here by Marie Claire or this article published on Lauren Conrad’s blog.

Now, you’re looking for this look? I gotchu. Links below:

  • Boyfriend Blazer // Lucky Brand – similar here or here
  • White Button-Down // Uniqlo – here
  • Shorts // JCrew – variety here
  • Tights // HUE – here or here

Hope I inspired you to switch up your look a little or you learned something new when it comes to style (and fashion).

I am crying inside because I did not expect to have so much work to at the office today, and work is throwing off my weekend engagements. le sigh* (This is me pitying myself).

Anyway, Happy Fri-yay my stylish friends and have a great weekend! (:

– C

do I really belong?

October 20, 2015

Life is filled with ironies. 

I don’t know how I fell into the fashion industry. Obviously, I know how – someone took a chance on me at Trina Turk in LA that opened doors from left-to-right. I had the opportunity to work with amazing brands and established companies, which all led me to where I am now, working at a notable fashion PR agency in New York.

The reality is, I am this average Jane from Pomona, California who always have known to dance to a different beat.

You know how there are those fashion-obsessed people? ‘Gramming every outfit for the likes or talking like, “Did you see Balmain X H&M Collection? Oh my god this piece is such perfection!”

I don’t speak this language fluently, but I understand parts of it. Like Spanish.

I know information here-and-there, places to shop, what are the suggested style fit best for what body type, fabrics appreciation, and I can go on with the little details. I know enough, but nothing overly beyond to be deemed as a “fashion expert” or be pretentious about it when I speak.

Although what I am doing day-to-day is not necessarily my calling, s’all good though because it is not as if I am miserable. I thoroughly enjoy it!

Here’s a quick story that will capture what I am trying to say. I went to this event (hosted by GQ Magazine x Coach in SoHo) and found myself very uncomfortable. It’s nice that you are out of your comfort zone because that is how growth happens, but nah man. I noticed a few, well many, things about myself. The event made me question if I belong in the industry.

All the glam, schmoozing, and socializing is hard for me to surpass. I may appear to be a social butterfly, but I am not. I had better social skills in college. Now? I am super mindful of peoples’ intentions and unwilling to invest in small engagements. You can talk to me after two glasses of Prosecco, maybe. Also, I don’t know how to fake it ’til you make it or fake the funk because I always keep it real. 

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. – Kurt Vonnegut

Well said, Vonnegut.

Maybe this is why I resonate with The Devil Wears Prada because Anne Hathaway’s character was an outsider like myself. Knows nothing of fashion and then somehow fell into it, but really aspires to be a journalist. Perhaps that will happen to me when I realize where I want to go in life, but I am still figuring that out. I wrote about that long ago; you can read it here!

While I am making tiny footprints in the industry, I wonder if I will remain or transition into a different space. Only time will tell, but I have to say, no matter where my thoughts and interests may take me, I somehow always revert back with wanting to be an editor for a digital publication.


Anyway, I wish I had more time to write to you all. Life has been chaotic lately, with long work days and weekends to catch up on personal things, there is never enough time in a day. Frankly, I have not been inspired lately…

Ouch, that hurts just writing (and saying) it out loud.

– C


managing expectations

October 7, 2015

I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep expectations – Bill Waterson

So, I have been harboring feelings about certain things for so long, and I hate it when I do that because then I am more prone to lash out and have this huge meltdown. This is what happens when Mercury is in Retrograde and a visit from Mother Nature is happening simultaneously.

Apparently, as much as I try to remain cool, calm, collected, I am more calm, reactive, then collected. After my last personal post regarding schedules and so forth, I cannot help, but look into myself, as a personal reflection, on reasons why I feel the way I do. Lately, I have been struggling with managing expectations from all realms of life – work and personal.

I was always told to have standards and have expectations in life. At a young age, I applied this lesson into different aspects of my life, specifically my personal relationships.

If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed – Sylvia Plath

But am I being realistic about my expectations from life? Do I expect too much of people? If so, why? Does this mean I’m high-maintenance and demanding? When it comes to people, do I expect the way I am treating you to be returned?

Now, all of these are a series of rhetorical questions, and I don’t know if I will ever get a response. Maybe you can answer them for me.

There was a time period that life was pure bliss and I got rid of these “expectations” of people (specifically), but now, more than ever, it seems to be difficult. I hate being disappointed – whether it is plans not falling through or an event not executed the way I envisioned it. Whatever it is, I realized that I need to learn to have less expectations (to a certain degree) and to learn to let go. Read: learn to pick your battles (with life and people).

I know I am talking into thin air, but maybe You, my family member, Friend or Reader (somehow you manage to stumble on my page), can you tell how you manage your expectations? I rather hear your experience than Google it.

Thank you in advance. I would appreciate it!


style: culottes are cool

October 4, 2015

Culottes are the new skinnies. 

I always had a thing for wide-leg pants, but I can never wear them because it required me to add height to my overall look. Not down to wear heels on the regs.

This year, culottes have been my ultimate go-to bottoms and have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe and added to my personal style. Culottes mean “pants” in French, but us Americans label it as knee-length trousers. You say tomayto, I say tomahto. Really, means the same thing to me.

Why do I love it? Not only it hides my huge thighs, but I find it so flattering for my body type. While I support people who dare to wear things that may or may not flatter their bodies, I am more particular when it comes to personal style. By any means, I am not body shaming anyone – I am just more particular about how things fit in what areas.

I have captured two looks below for you how I style culottes: at the office and not-so-much-at-the-office.

IMG_3178 IMG_3161

Above, I wore it with a light sweater, statement necklace and kitten heels. The look is very minimal with the hint of red. I was in a style rut because I have accustomed myself to pairing it with a tucked in crop top in the warmer season. How do I transition this to a colder season? I saw Eva Chen style them so casually with a sweater, so I decided to do it too! Refer to her instgram photo here. While her look is more casual and monochromatic, I stole the idea of pairing it with a sweater. The idea is so simple yet I didn’t think of it! To avoid looking so “kept together,” I did a front-tuck to add more of my personal favorite: an effortless touch.

DSC04519 copy DSC04504 copy

Photographed by Karina Munoz – you can find her here 

This look is more casual. I wore this to work and my colleague said, “You are screaming 70s.” It’s the culottes. Made from light denim material and a little shorter than my ivory, Topshop pair above. With my necklace (not shown), it did feel like I was in the 70s. Hair parted in the middle (and finally at a great length). I paired it with my low-heel, ankle booties, favorite backpack, and a fitted sweatshirt. Viola, super casual! 

Shop my look? Sure, here are some links below:

Look 1:

Look 2:

If you are unsure where to find your first and most flattering pair of culottes, I always go to always go to Zara for almost everything in my wardrobe, but they do have an amazing collection of culottes from all kinds of fabrics. If you feel opened to the trend, but unsure if you want to commit to a pair? Read this – it will address your major concerns like making your butt look saggy. Or if you are a culotte fast-lover like myself, here is a style-guide/inspiration to feed your addiction.

Mom, I think you’d be proud of my fashion choices lately. I ditched the sloppy (okay, sometimes), and I’m sure you will never read this, but let’s just say I look pretty cute when walking around in the City. HAHAHA! (Okay, I feel like I never laugh in my posts, but whatever – no filter today).

Alright, until the next style post. Thanks for tuning in! Stay stylin’ and profilin’, beauts! Beautiful Sunday we are having in New York. I should probably get dressed, but I’m still in my underwear…

Lazy. To. Move.

– C

By the way – here’s an October Playlist for y’all (;

pen me in, boo

September 24, 2015

You know me too well when I say, “Can you send a calendar invite?” Iris knows this because she appreciates it as much as I do. People undermine the importance of sending calendar invites amongst personal relationships because well…yeah…you might have a distaste for it.

Scheduling a phone call, FaceTime or even a regular date sounds silly when it is just call your girlfriend, boyfriend or one of your dearest friends, right? You should be able to call or hang without having to schedule it prior. There are so many elements to consider, though!

As simple as it sounds, not all relationships can be like that. I know some people hate this because it sounds so business and/or work related, but trust me, it works so beautifully. We all have busy lives – live in different time zones, miles apart, or all this other bullshit that can be deemed as excuses. You say you don’t have time, well, it is a matter of making time. 

That is why I calendar things – or pen things in. 

Personally, based upon my few, but serious long-distance relationships, having to schedule a call is crucial. I allocate about a two-hour time block for my calls because who loves a rushed conversation? Even when you’re like me who is speaking 912038021 words per minute. I made that number up just so you know, but I do speak rapidly. I want us to equally share our stories or make you listen to my rants, lately. Whatever it may be!

While I can go on for hours about how much effort it takes to maintain relationships in general, you all know that. It is a life lesson and if you want something bad enough, you make it work right?

I get that everyone is busy: you got a girlfriend, boyfriend, work and school is killing you, I get it. Shit kills me, too, but carving out two hours every-so-often is not going to kill you, is it?

I tweeted last week a quote that evoked me: invest in people who invest in you.

While you may not like my color-coded calendars and don’t understand the need of why I (or your friends have to be this way), we are just organized people. Trust us, we are not treating you like business clients, but I speak for all the organized and busy folks, this is us making the time because we want this relationship to foster into greatness and continue.

Was that too cheesy, or do you get my point? For more of this similar theme, you must read Trina Tan’s take on friendships.

Happy Thursday, family and friends!

– C

Here’s a footnote: as we all embark different stages in our lives, people come and go. Pay close attention to those who make the effort and to who you make the effort towards to as well. The reality is, we all grow up and grow apart. A fact that I am still internalizing… If I learned anything from life’s transitions, from moving to cities away for college to moving across the country for my career, relationships should not solely be based on proximity.