25 in 25

March 5, 2015

I know I have neglected my writing and sharing stories with you all. Not that I do not want to share personal stories, but I am struggling to find that balance between work and life right now. Details on that later. It’s close to midnight and while it is late, I had this urge to share a quick post with you all.

They say age is nothing but a number.

I have mix feelings about this line. I am turning twenty-five in twenty-five days. (March 29th – greetings are always welcomed, haha). Creepy. How scary. Ugh, I am getting old. Are you thinking that, too? I bet you think about that, too.


To my original thought of this post, I vaguely remember my chubby, nerdy, middle-school self asking: I wonder where I will be at twenty-five…

I was quickly going over the things I have accomplished and what I have yet to accomplish. Frankly, I would say, I am nowhere near where I thought I would be. Not beating myself up over this, just so you know. For someone who persistently wanted to get her shit together, I am confidently saying I sorta have my shit together. Emphasis on sorta.

But what I really want to say is I have suppressed, or minimized rather, the whole pressure of needing to have-my-shit-together and trying-to-figure-it-out. Instead, I am going to embrace being.

Meeting people who are significantly older than I am, and to hear them say they do not have their shit together makes me a little scared, but I realized that if these older men and women are still trying to figure it out then I have time, or I do not need to have this large amount of pressure to figure my shit out. 

I learned that things do unfold naturally. I firmly believe in persistence, hard work, and timing all coincide to create a thing I call luck. My definition of luck is when hard work meets opportunity. But… some can say otherwise.

Here’s a side note, and maybe irrelevant: in the early months I moved here, I was in that vicious stress cycle of wanting to get this-and-that done. My persistence got me where I am today, but I should have more kind to myself because I was beating myself up for my shortcomings. We all do, and it is natural, but not advised.

So, for all my twenty-somethings family and friends, do get your shit together, but be kind to yourself while you are at it. If you are a goal-getter, then go get it. If you are unsure about what to get, explore what pulls you in. The whole idea of having your shit together at a particular age is something that sprung on society, making us feel like we ought to.

Why conform? Do you.

– C

PS: I really do not know if I made any sense, but you get the idea – I hope.


beauty: what’s in my makeup bag?

March 1, 2015

I have been trying to be consistent with one section on my blog and by far, that is the beauty section! It is slowly growing and I hope you are enjoying what I am sharing with you babes.

Today I wanted to quickly share products that I carry on-the-go, give or take a couple of products, but on a regular basis, this is what I carry:

DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03033

Products shown:

  1. Chloe perfume – here
  2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm – here
  3. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – here
  4. NYX Cosmetics’ Soft Matte Lip Creme – here
  5. Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed – read it here or shop here
  6. E.L.F’s Liquid Eyeliner – here 
  7. Victoria’s Secret Hand Lotion – here

I think it is time to update what’s in my bag post. If you missed that old post, you can find it here.

The snow definitely changed my mood. I had a laundry list of things to do today and instead I ended up staying in and only accomplished in re-organizing my room. My desk is half-tackled. Extremely lazy at this point…

Have a good one, y’all (:

– C

brunch book club: girl on the train

February 25, 2015

I always thought book clubs were for old ladies, but here I am, a mid-twenties gal exchanging book discussions over brunch with other twenty-somethings ladies. This past Saturday I participated in the things you see in movies or things you’ve read about: sitting around, discussing plot and characters accompanied with great food, laughs and Prosecco!

Thought I share some visuals along with a short description of the book:

DSC02961DSC02966DSC02963DSC02952DSC02954DSC02973DSC02968DSC02967To be frank, I always wanted to say I am in a book club or I’ve been to one – HAHAA! Technically, I had no idea what the premise of the book was, and I had no clue that it was in the thriller genre. I only knew the publishing house by default, but it turned out to be an unexpected, great pleasure.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is amazing – just so you know, it is on New York Times #1 Bestseller. It is written in three different perspectives: Rachel, Anna and Megan. Three different women, somehow all intertwined with one another. Someone dies and an extreme drunk is trying to solve the mystery. Who is who?

The story is super compelling and after a certain chapter, you keep turning the page-after-page. I couldn’t stop. I found myself cursing at the characters on the train. Imagine a girl on the train reading The Girl on the Train – I know, it sounds funny, huh? Hahaha!

For you who are interested in a thriller and suspenseful read, I highly suggest The Girl on the Train. If I didn’t convince you enough, check out the goodreads review here. I have heard most readers compare Gone Girl with this book, but I cannot say anything yet only because I have yet read Gone Girl, but that is on my to-read list next! If you have read both, feel free to leave a comment which is your favorite! (:

Thank you, G, for hosting a wonderful book club! And it was my first time, ever having quiche! So scrumptious.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and the book intrigued you a little bit. If you are looking for reads or want to know what book is my latest read, you can find me on goodreads.com. Click this link here to find my profile. I try not to overload my reviews on what books I’ve read.

Okay, it’s midnight. Goodnight!

– C

beauty: nars concealer

February 22, 2015

If you’re having a lazy day like myself, all I do is slap on concealer for those dark spots/ blemishes, some BB Cream and I am out the door versus the full on foundation and blah, blah, blah, blah. This often happens when I snooze more than my usual 2x…

I have been on the hunt for a great concealer for a long time. Typically, I am resistant to high-end brands because of the sake of the brand’s name. And I like to experiment with drug store/low-end brands than designer ones. However, I had to splurge for this one because a concealer is such an essential in every woman’s makeup kit.

Decided to give the notorious NARS a try:

DSC02907 DSC02909

There are so many reviews about NARS radiant creamy concealer. YouTube’s Beauty Gurus such as Claire Marshall from HeyClaire talked about this before in her 2014 Favorites Video, and my beauty blogger friend, Cynthia from cynthialions.com – you can see her post here. I finalized my decision when I was lurking the NARS section, asked questions to the saleswoman, then she applied it on me and boom. Sold. It was game over.

Here is the dirt: the consistency of the product, the applicator is amazing – allowing you to really target the areas you need to. The best part? I use it for my dark circles, a couple of dabs and using a concealer brush then dabbing using my ring finger gently across my eyes from inwards to outwards (from my nose bridge to my temples), viola!

The only con that I found so far is that it is not long-lasting. I hate having to touch up my makeup, but sometimes when you have an afternoon meeting, it might be required.

My verdict is it really does conceal and a keeper in my current beauty routine.

– C

are we ever ready?

February 20, 2015


Read this over and over, again. Let this be engrained in your mind and your thoughts.

You catch yourself asking yourself and your friends: am I ready for this? Are you? I often get asked: how do I do it? “It” can mean anything in my book. Moving to the other side of the country without any job prospectives. Diving into a field I have minimal experience in. Wearing heels in the Winter. Dealing with constructive criticism in front of an entire staff yet keeping my cool and staying collected. Yeah, that happened.

I cannot give you a flat out response in how I execute things the way I do, but above all, I know that I am risk-taker. I also understand that by me saying just do it is easier said than done, but I have always been the type to just go for it. At a very young age, I experimented with this thought, idea, whatever you want to call it. Me, being the curious and adventurous soul I am, I always went for it. I never knew what the results were if I didn’t attempt it. What-if’s questions always irked me.

Planning can only go to a certain extent. Life is filled with unpredictable happenings and if we all wait until this so called “right time” or “when I am ready,” who knows when that right time may be or when we will ever be ready for anything, especially life-changes.

The only advice I have for shenanigans like this? If you have the will and the determination, then that says something. You can do it. Obviously, you’ve thought about it and obtain the drive, now it is time to just do.

Get thrown into the deep end – dive in, head first. It’s the best way, really. I know this from experience.

So what sparked this post and what is the underlying message here? I am ready for newness in my life (;

– C


female friendships do exist

February 18, 2015

For all my ladies, who are skeptical about other ladies. You know what I am talking about. Exchanging odd body languages or sharing some “frenemy” type of relationship, or struggling to make new gal pals? Well, here is something to shed some perspective:

  • Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy, toxic, or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses – pretty but design to SLOW women down.
  • 1A This is not to say women aren’t bitches or toxic or competitive sometimes but rather to say that these are not defining characteristics of female friendship, especially as you get older.
  • 1B if you find that you are feeling bitchy, toxic or competitive toward the women who are supposed to be your closest friends, look at why and figure out how to fix it and/or find someone who can help you fix it.
  • A lot of ink is given over to mythologizing female friendships as curious, fragile relationships that are always intensely fraught. Stop reading writing that encourages this mythology.
  • if you are the kind of woman who says, “I’m mostly friends with guys,” and act like you’re proud of that, like that makes you closer to being a man or something and less of a woman as if being a woman is a bad thing, see item 1B. It’s okay if most of your friends are guys, but if you champion as a commentary on the nature of female friendships, well, soul-search a little.
  • If you feel like it’s hard to be friends with women, consider that maybe women aren’t the problem. Maybe it’s just you.
  • Sometimes, your friends will date people you cannot stand. you can either be honest about your feelings or you can lie. There are good reasons for both. Sometimes you will be the person dating someone your friends cannot stand. If your man or woman is a scrub, just own it so you and your friends can talk about more interesting things. My go-to explanation is “i am dating an asshole because I’m lazy.” You are welcome to borrow it.
  • Don’t tear other women down, because even if they’re not your friends, they are women and this is just as important. This is not to say you cannot criticize other women but understand the difference between criticizing constructively and tearing down cruelly.
  • Love your friends’ kids even if you don’t want or like children. Just do it.
  • Tell your friends the hard truths they need to hear. They might get pissed about it, but it’s probably for their own good.
  • Surround yourself with women you can get sloppy drunk with who won’t draw stupid things on your face if you pass out, and who will help you puke if you overcelebrate, and who will also tell you if you get sloppy drunk too much or behave badly when you are sloppy drunk.
  • Don’t let your friends buy ugly outfits or accessories you don’t want to look at when you hang out. This is just common sense.
  • Tell your lady friends the truth so you can talk it out and either sulk companionably or move on to other topics.
  • If four people are dining, split the check four ways. We are adults now. We don’t need to add up what each person had anymore. If you’re high rolling, just treat everyone and rotate who treats. If you’re still in the broke stage, do what you have to do.
  • Essentially, you are whom you surround yourself with.

How to be Friends with Another Woman from Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

I only typed up more than a few of my favorites from Gay’s Bad Feminist because I felt the need to share the ones I selected. Not only that I felt that these are the qualities I wanted in all my female friendships, it also reminded me that I need to obtain these qualities as well, y’know? I am fortunate to have great friends with both sexes; and I love, I mean love, my freaking friends, especially my girlfriends – old and new; California and in New York.

While I am beginning to cultivate new lady friends here in New York, I keep those qualities in mind and be conscious of who I want to enter my life. Just like dating, I am careful about who I am investing my time to be friends with. We all have to! Plus, I am in this phase where I have secured great people already, and new additions are great, too, but it is different for me. In which, I am starting my life from scratch. Making new friends, starting a career, and generally, building a whole new life – y’know? It’s scary and this is why all of these things are pertinent.

The last one, though: You are whom you surround yourself with. Keep that in mind.

Man or woman, if you have not read Roxane Gay’s book, I heavily recommend it. If you are looking for something to stimulate you intellectually, or just to learn about feminism in general, Gay writes in such great colloquialism that we all can understand, with a some humor and forwardness.

On a short note: I am still recovering from Monday’s madness. Updates, soon. Soon. I am so dead.

– C

beauty: new lippy!

February 15, 2015

I have been trying to branch out to new colors and different brands to see what else is out there beyond my collection. If you missed my favorites from my lip collection, you can view that post here. Of course, shades of red and deep burgundy are always my favorite.

Another red-tone to add to my list:

DSC02912 DSC02916 DSC02917

Butter London’s Old Blighty shade, a moisture matte lipstick! You can view the entire product description here.

This purchase was on a whim; I’ve heard of Butter London through their amazing nail polishes, which I have shared on my instagram and the current color you see on my nails above. But I had no clue they offered a range of other products and cosmetics. Instantly, I had to take a peep at their lip collection. What I found so great about their product is that, it applies on matte, but has moisture that does not leave your lips feeling dried and chalky. At first I was hesitant because “moisture matte” seems unheard of and surreal rather, but it works!

The packaging is the cutest thing, too. I am so used to having round lip products, but this one is in a square form and everything about it is so chic! Again, a total fan of great packaging and presentation. The color reminds me of my MAC Chili, but less of a orange-coral tone, but definitely bright and lively.

I’ll post a selfie somewhere with the product on. Hope you all had a great weekend! Keep you all updated with other goods when New York Fashion Week is over! Thanks for stopping by (:

K, bye!

– C

galentine’s day ftw

February 13, 2015

What is Galentine’s Day?

tumblr_inline_nher9byIG21sadmxjA day where women celebrate women. But in my awesome world – it is single women celebrating amazing single womanhood together! Rolling into my fifth year of being single and Valentine-less, I have developed my own traditions on this “holiday” that we call Valentine’s Day.

Although it is another excuse for me to see my gal pals, drink, and make reservations, I celebrate this day for real. I don’t think we do this enough where we celebrate each other. And another reason why I firmly celebrate Galentine’s Day is my whole philosophy on women friendships:


Ovaries before brovaries. Like Phoebe from Friends and how she makes it a point that you should never cancel on your friends because of a date and so forth. Hey, guys have their mottos too, so why not for us? Just being fair here.

So really, single or not, go grab your close girlfriends and celebrate each other today. Then tomorrow, for all you serious monogamous people, go do your couple thang. Pay for some overpriced dinner and a dozen of red roses that die in like two days.

AHAHHAHA, gosh I can be so mean sometimes. Happy Galentine’s Day to all my single and taken babes! Celebrate well (:

– C


just keep swimming

February 9, 2015

I would be lying to you if I said work has not beaten me up.

Although I find the work I am doing more substantial and rewarding than any other role I’ve taken, a part of me feels so insecure. I get nervous that it hinders my performance on a regular basis. Also, I am doing this thing where I am trying not to complain about work and working hard.

Instead, I am going to talk about how much I am learning about myself and as a young professional. Now, that I am swimming in the ocean with the big sharks, I feel like this guppy who is always scattered brain and can never communicate precisely.

The funny thing, I always thought I was a particular and precise being. I know what I like and how I like it. But now, working with such a perfectionist as my Director, it is getting to me. Makes me question everything about myself and my competency…

Sounds familiar, right? You’ve read it in a tremendously vulnerable, yet open insecure post here

Instead of beating myself up, I acknowledge my weaknesses and try to improve. Personally, I am one to live by affirmations and mantras to remind myself to continue to move forward. For anyone who is transitioning into the new role yourself, or have been battling emotions with work, maybe this will help you as much it will help me:

  1. Learn to unplug yourself. You know the “Do Not Disturb” setting on your iPhone? Utilize it to it’s potential. From 11P to 7A, no work emails shall be answered.
  2. Never take it personal.
  3. Take it all with a grain of salt – and learn to let shit go, seriously. (similar to No. 3)
  4. Learn to find balance between clients.
  5. You want it badly? Prove it.

Alright. Signing off!

– C

beauty: i got naked

February 8, 2015

I am all for multifunctional products for many reasons; my biggest thing is traveling light. Especially in the cold winter conditions, crowded train rides to-and-fro places – I would hate to be that woman on the train with a million of shit aka the Bag Lady, which most days I am…

Today’s featured product is Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette in Streak. The package is similar to their Naked Eye Shadow Palette, but this one is your beautiful cheeks, my lady friends and readers.

DSC02811 DSC02813 DSC02814 DSC02815

From left to right: bronzer, highlighter and blush. Instead of individually getting these three items, it is all conveniently in one amazing palette. The bronzer is not my total favorite – Benefit’s Hoola (amazing), but it does give you some bronze. It’s a lighter bronze than Hoola’s, but if collect more of the product onto your brush and keep applying, I am sure you can build the tone you want to have.

I forgot to mention the size! Fits right into my little make-up bag where I keep all my cosmetics for touch-ups. Great size for travel, seriously.

Another reason why I trust Urban Decay because I already use two of their foundation products: Naked Skin Weightless foundation and their pressed finishing powder. Due to my sensitive skin, I prefer lightweight make-up. (I hate caking on my face where my face cannot breathe), so for now, I  trust UD’s products. Until I find another brand that produces lightweight cosmetics, then I will give it a try then. Any ideas? Do share!

Sorry I have been absent for a full week. With Fashion Week coming up, I have been so consumed in work – long hours and whatnot. Thanks for tuning in and stopping by!

– C