how you doin’?

January 27, 2015

You have to read it in Joey Tribbiani’s way from Friends.

I think I might have the case of the Winter Blues. Seasonal depression is a real thing here. Never knew it exists until I witness it for myself these past few months. But it’s a beautiful morning in New York – the weather is not so bad as the weather reporters said. I am working from home today, like most people actually, and streaming this very odd French film called Holy Motors.

Sometimes when I get to work from home, it really translates to: sleep in, a hearty breakfast, and a sweet cuppa Joe. I snoozed three times this morning. All of this equals a great morning and reminds me of this quote:

Take your time getting dressed this morning; read a book, make yourself some breakfast. The world can wait – The Art of Recovery

Another reminder for me to slow the eff down when life gets to chaotic, which it has been. Trying indulge in any free moment until work gets really stressful and crazy, aka New York Fashion Week. I am trying not to talk about work, in general because I am so consumed in it. Often, I am asked how is work going and so forth, and all I can truly reply is with: it is challenging. But I will save the details. However, I will share a reminder with you all:

The more difficult something became, the more rewarding it was in the end. – Edward Bloom from Big Fish


Lately, I have been missing the West Coast more than usual. The warmth. Family, friends and food. (I sound like a total fatass). The freaking sun!!! The ability to leave and go to places whenever I want by driving. Having a personal space in public spaces. (Does this make any sense to you?) Encountering people who smile and greet you regularly without thinking you’re weird. My hairstylist – because I cannot find a decent price salon or someone who I can fully trust with my annoying hair. Stacie if you’re reading this, I freaking miss you and our chats. Familiar places.

That is it: all things familiar. I am starting a new life from scratch.

Thing is, I knew what my great sacrifices were, but things are always different when you actually execute and see them come to life. Often times, generally, things are better than what we imagined. Other times, it may not be. Life is filled with remarkable wonders.

I forgot where I was going with this post. There is no centric theme, either. Simply wanted to share my current thoughts and just let my fingers tap away on my keyboard. A little update on things from my end, if you will.

Really, that is it. Last thing, I have been dealing with a major writer’s block for the past couple of weeks. It is quite upsetting, so I have been turning into books to escape and inspire me to write more often. Also, irked because there is no sense of routine in my life anymore. I don’t want to rant.

Curious about my current read? You can view my profile on Good Reads here. For a funny read, Refinery 29 published this piece about winter hookups. The latest tune I have been listening to? This girl right here, SZA.

Thanks for tuning in for an update family & friends. I appreciate all the messages about keeping warm and safe! How are you? Any exciting plans happening? Do tell.

Oh, and I am going on a date tonight.

– C


ultimate girls night in

January 25, 2015

This weekend was truly a great one! I was surrounded by so many great women and food, and it was all homemade goods! I am beginning to enjoy home party shenanigans! Hehehe.

Anyway, I am usually a homebody, and boring to say the least. But this weekend I decided to break out of my Winter Routine. Have a girls night in. I called it the Ultimate Girls Night in: home spas, manicures, great snacks, wine and Netflix. Yup. Take a peak:

DSC02760DSC02758DSC02767DSC02765DSC02773 DSC02774

For the facial mask, we used Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty, which I did a product review here. For nail polish, brands varied, but I opted out for Essie.

One last thing, for my beauty lovers, I wanted to share a beauty blogger based in New York City that I had a pleasure meeting on Saturday. Cynthia is such a sweet gal and super knowledgeable about a variety of brands. Whether you are trying to explore beyond drugstore departments and looking into designer brands, I suggest checking her out! You can view her blog at

Until next time family & friends!

– C



If you haven’t viewed the latest products on my store! Please help me get rid of my things. You can view products more on

parenting done right

January 21, 2015

I never acknowledged how great and amazing my parents are.

You know how we see great celebrity parenting with The Jolie-Pitts allowing their daughter Shiloh to dress in a suit and allowing children to express themselves however they want to? I am so fortunate that my parents allow that for my siblings and I. Tattoos, piercings, chopping off extreme hair lengths and all forms of self-expression is welcomed in my household.

Yeah, growing up was like any other Asian household. You must get those good grades, you cannot associate with “bad” people, don’t get pregnant, and all this other crap. Although I grew up in a dysfunctional community, in other words: ghetto, somehow my siblings and I all grew up sheltered and pretty awesome.

I do not know where there was a shift in their parenting and viewpoint, but definitely there was.For the most part, my parents have become open-minded in many things and how they approach their parenting.

I chatted it up with my parents last night, and it dawned on me how liberal they are and how much freedom I have had growing up. They never pushed me towards marriage, especially at this age where I am in my mid-twenties. I know for a fact that my parents love that I put relationships and dating at the bottom of my priority list. Sure, growing up my Mom tried shoving some career in the medical field down my throat, but I was too much of a brat and stubborn to take any of that into consideration.

From being inexpressive and unaffectionate to saying “I love you” and willing to give and receive hugs. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the Asian Culture, some are closed off to that sort of thing; some Asian cultures do not express emotions or are affectionate towards one another. Do not ask me why. Last night might have been the first time I ever heard my Dad say he loves me. I know, as cheesy as that may sound, but the man is stoic. I was always afraid of hugging him growing up, and to this day, I always ask before I dive in because I do not want to invade his personal space, haha.


As I was expressing how fortunate I am to have their unconditional support, they realized how grown up I have become. Yesterday’s FaceTime was the first time both openly told me how proud they are of me! Glad I am doing something right. I am getting teary-eyed while writing this.

Is there a moral of this story I am sharing? Maybe. Maybe not. You know how sometimes we always think our parents are kill-joys and never understand us? The key to any successful relationship is communication. There may be so many factors involved that hinders thorough communication such as language barriers and/or generation gaps, but really try to understand where they are coming from and they will do the same for you. It truly takes time to build a solid relationship with our parents.

I love the relationship that have fostered between my parents and I. Although distance does play a huge influence in why we are great now, even when I lived at home shortly after graduation, I learned to appreciate them so much. Now? I am even more appreciative. Don’t think I can over-express that and how fortunate I am to be their wild child.

My bottom line is: if I ever choose to become a parent one day, I would execute similar parenting skills like my parents did. That is what I call parenting done right.

Wow, this is such an emotional post. Thank you for reading family and friends! I need to sleep… To the kiddies if you’re reading this – can you give Mommy and Dad a hug for me? Google Hangout soon! Miss you!

– C




beauty: my lipstick collection

January 18, 2015

I love lipstick, as much as I love nail polishes. Details, details, details.


*wearing NYX’s Alabama 

I am more of a lipstick than an eye-makeup gal because I have trouble with doing any fancy, shmancy make-up. Did I mention the part that I have almond eyes and have no eye-lids? Reasons why I do not mess with my eyes unless it’s the simple cat-eye liner (future post). Whereas lipstick is easy to apply. Boom! You’re done. It is not rocket science.

Things I look for when it comes to lipsticks: quality, consistency, texture and color/shade. Below are some of my favorites from a variety of brands:

maccosmetics lipstickcollection_nyx_mac alabamared DSC02681DSC02693

From left to right:

  1. NYX Cosmetics (pronounced like the New York Knicks) – Alabama. You can find it here.
  2. MAC Costmetics – Chili. It was featured in a prior post and you can find it here.
  3. Revlon – Black Cherry. You can find it here.
  4. MAC Cosmetics – Diva. You can find it here.
  5. NYX Cosmetics – Aria. You can find it here.
  6. MAC Cosmetics – Photo. You can find it here.
  7. MAC Cosmetics -Styled in Sepia
  8. NYX Cosmetics – Sierra. You can find it here.


*wearing Revlon’s Black Cherry


*wearing NYX’s Aria

… and this is what I usually wear on a regular rotation. However, this only makes up half of my entire lip collection. What can I say? I am heavily addicted.

Hope you discover new shades or be more inclined to wear lipsticks because really it’s easy and flattering for all. By the way, what beauty stuff do you want to hear from me? Hair care? More skincare? Everyday products? Trust me, I don’t go all out or anything, very minimal and everyday essentials!

Thanks for stopping by (:

– C


showcase your work

January 16, 2015

Are we still in the phase where we reflect on 2014? It’s still early enough to see what an amazingly successful year it was, right? Overall, 2014, I kicked major ass. 

You know what the scary thing is? When all the things you’ve imagined is coming to real life. Never have I thought I would be published, and having a digital and hardcopy portfolio to prove it.

In the course of six months, I published 13 pieces. Never would I have thought it will ever happen. Although I acknowledge that some of my pieces are not that great, and many can agree that I could have written stronger pieces, just having my name out there on the cyber world is good for now. I know I have to continue to practice my craft.

The point of my entry is: for anyone who is in the creative-artist field, whether you’re a photographer, or a writer like myself, it is immensely imperative that you have some sort of portfolio to display your work. If you don’t have a hardcopy, I suggest bringing a Netbook or iPad to show your digital portfolio when you’re going into interviews.

What I learned when going into an interview is always best to be overly prepared than not. Even if the role you are applying for doesn’t require to have that specific skill, it does not hurt to display your creative talents and skills. Even when roles I know did not require any writing/copying, I brought my portfolio anyway just in case to display my skills. It is kind of like hey, by the way, I am a published writer and I know different formats than crafting professional emails.

Who knows, what at the end of the interview they have another role that is fitting for you than the original role you applied for? You will be surprised. Never hurts to try.



By the way, don’t you love the cover’s illustration? My Sister did such a great job, it is actually an old illustration, but out of the bunch, that was my ultimate favorite as of date.

There are many great, free platforms that offers different layouts for you to showcase your work. I am currently using Contently to display all my recent digital published work. If you’re into building a fashion portfolio, Tumblr or Wix are great free sources, too.

Even if you run your own website, or anything on the Cyber World, some companies may be impressed what you contribute and your creative pursuits. You may never know! For anyone who is a struggling artist, keep going, keep refining your work. I truly do believe that persistence leads to success and that as artists we need to practice resilience.

I haven’t written anything career-related in awhile, as far as sharing tips or insights. But if you go over to my career section, you can view all the archives. But if you don’t see anything in there within you’re seeking, and you want me whip up something, shoot me an love note! I would love to hear from you! (:

– C

cambridge, ma

January 14, 2015

I am aliveeee!

There was a slight absence, and it was due to a deathly illness that consumed me! Okay, maybe I am being a tad dramatic and sound like a total weakling, but in all seriousness, I was bed-ridden for two days and today, finally a functional human being. There was a lack of posting on every social media outlet…

To entertain you all this evening, thought I back track a little to an event that already happened, but never got around to showing you all my adventure.

During Christmas, I took the late bus to Boston to revisit my family. It was rather an impromptu trip, but I am glad I went. Great food and company always. Did I mention I get to have Cambodian food? Ugh, yes. I crave it all the time now.

I made it clear to my cousin that we had to visit Cambridge, specifically Harvard. He was probably scared on how enthusiastic I was when he picked me up at the station and how adamant about being a tourist on campus.

Here is what it looks like:

DSC02406 DSC02411 DSC02414 DSC02417 DSC02420 DSC02423 DSC02426 DSC02431 DSC02433 DSC02436 DSC02439 DSC02442

It made me miss watching Gilmore Girls when Rory went on-and-on about Harvard in the early seasons, but also made me realize how much I miss the college community. But I don’t miss school, not really. Also, it made me wonder what if I went to a different college than CSUF. I wonder how my life would have been if I decided on a college on the East Coast? Have you every played out those what-if stories in your head? I try not to.

I am still medicated, so I will probably knock out very shortly. Hope I magically get better overnight to be up and running like my normal self in the AM. Ugh, I hope so. I feel so out of my own rhythm that it bothers me a lot.

Anyway, goodnight family & friends (:

– C

happy 6 months, new york

January 9, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Today, Friday, January 9th marks six full months in my new home, New York! Six. Freaking. Months. Half a year. Whoa, there.

I honestly feel like I have shared so many stories with you all and the different experiences I have endured thus far – to think it is only six months! But, I know this is remotely the beginning of what is happening. We are not even at the cusp of this ongoing journey, family and friends!

Yesterday, I posted the photo above on my instagram, showcasing my new workspace. If you’re not up to speed, yes, I did get a new job. I accepted an amazing position. If you missed that announcement, you can click that post here.

Work will consume me; I stayed at the office until 9:30 pm last night. But I always say that these sacrifices will benefit me in the long-run. I have so much to learn; it is definitely a challenging experience!

But – I don’t want to talk about work. I want to briefly mention how in the past six months I have grown into this person, building my new life, and how much I am happy and tremendously in love with life. Words are not enough to express how fortunate I am for this remarkable experience. From shitty jobs to shitty men to the glamorous perks. All these details truly enriches my soul and my experience.

In all, I want to say: dreams do come true. (If you work for it). Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Happy Friday family & friends, stay warm! (:

– C




beauty: a body party

January 6, 2015

Hello, there!

So, with Winter officially in full swing (December 21st is known as the First Day of Winter), and with complaining how colder it is to walk to and fro places, I am realizing that I need a moisture that is longer lasting. Not to mention, today is snowing.

I never had a problem with skin dehydration, but then again, I never knew what an actual Winter was either, so this is all new to me. My skin has not fully transitioned with season changes and New York in general. To me, skincare is very important!

I simply want a product that has longer moisture, so I went on a hunt and read a couple articles how to sustain moisture. Although these magazines shared great articles, I decided to check things out for myself.

Very particular about many things pertaining to skincare due to my sensitive skin, I went to a trusted cosmetic store that has never failed me: Lush. Where I shared a product review for you all a few posts back. Read that here.

This time, I got something something for my body:

bodybutter_lush1 lush body butter

This is Lush’s You Snap The Whip body butter. I was skeptical at first by the salesman when he said this tiny body butter soap did wonders. He did a test on my right hand and the after math was phenomenal. I was so pleased! Okay, okay, you did good sir.

There are tiny specs in the body butter where it exfoliates your skin, which by the way, is crucial to rub off those dead skin ladies and gents! The scent is quite yummy, too. You simply rub this bad boy on yourself when you shower, do not apply water on it – since you’re body is already covered in water, simply rub the product all over yourself and rinse.

You can choose to apply lotion after your shower, but I found that it was unnecessary. If anything, I do apply light body lotion on my legs, for extra moisture, but I feel super smooth and moisture after using this product. I have been using it for a feel week now, and my verdict is: a keeper in my beauty skincare routine.

Easy to use and cost efficient, so give it a try! I would say this product, depending how much I lather it onto myself, will last me a good month? I think.

There are other body butters as well, but I went with this one because of its scent. Simply because I don’t like vanilla scents stuff. An article/slideshow written by one of my favorite outlets, Refinery29, sharing some body butters and its hype can be viewed here.

Short and sweet for this beauty post! Keep your skin hydrated for the Winter, family & friends! Wait, I forgot, family and friends back in California don’t have a winter… 

– C

my typa sundaze

January 4, 2015

Sundays are my second favorite day of the week – first being Tuesdays. I typically try to leave Sundays opened for a workout, an afternoon meet-and-greet or geared towards errands for the upcoming week, but my favorite type of Sundays are the ones where I have no plans whatsoever. I plan to have no plans, that is how strange I am.

A few of Sundays ago, I was gallivanting through the City. The only order of business was to get a mani and pedi because your girl deserved it. And my nails were not looking too cute. So off I went.

There were holiday pop-up shops in Union Square, and just looking at the busy-ness of the it, I avoid it at all costs. Instead, grabbed my coffee, and sat on a bench facing Uptown. Straight ahead was the MetLife building. Without any music, I was soaking up the amazing weather we had that day – around 50s, which I am learning is an “open coat” weather as my friend E says.

DSC01898 DSC01902 DSC01903 DSC01911 DSC01912 DSC01907 DSC01906 DSC01908 DSC01909 DSC01915 DSC01916 DSC01919 DSC01923 DSC01925

When I get a chance to explore, I always freak out. I live in New York. It’s so crazy to me still. Then I think about all the people surrounding me if they feel the same way, if they’re just as amazed as me to live in such a glorious city.

This week I will be starting my new role in PR, and I apologize in advance if there will be a lack of postings. However, I made it a point that I will need to be consistent for 2015 – I do not know where life will take me and how much time I will have due to the non-traditional work hours I will have for work, but I always keep you all in the loop. Always. 

I do have a few variety posts lined up for you all. Lately posts have been from different ends, but I thought I share a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The weather today restricts me exploring; it was a teaser yesterday with the snow we had. Expecting more rain later today, oy.

Enjoy what is left for the rest of your weekend, family & friends!

– C

a new york nye

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wanted to get around to these photos yesterday, but who was I kidding. More than half the day I was in my bed, figuring out how one can cure a hangover.

I will spare you all the details and instead show you how I rang in the new year:

DSC02574 DSC02578 DSC02580 DSC02585 DSC02590 DSC02591 DSC02598 DSC02601 DSC02602 DSC02607 DSC02609 DSC02616 DSC02618 DSC02623 DSC02626 DSC02628 DSC02636 DSC02637 DSC02639 DSC02640

Thank you I, M, and S for hosting a wonderful Taco Party! Sadly, I didn’t get any photos when we were at the dive bar because well, you already know. I ended my night/morning/celebrations with an old friend, T and her boyfriend L. These two are the cutest couple! Thank you both for spending the first few hours of 2015 with me!

Verdict: I had such a blastI am going to take it as a foreshadow of this year, a year filled with good energy and people! Again, Happy New Year family & friends! (:

– C