gobble, gobby y’all

November 27, 2014

With the holiday seasons chiming in and the weather dropping below 30s, I am sort of getting kind of sad. “Depress” is probably an extreme word to use, but it can commonly be used to describe how I currently feel. I won’t be going back to California for the holidays or anytime soon due to financial reasons. Le sigh*

Enough of the sad ramblings, today is the day where we express our gratitude over a delicious meal with our loved ones. Personally, I truly believe in counting our blessings on a daily basis, which in matter of fact, I do! 

Instead of expressing the big stuff that matters to me by default, ie: family, friends, a roof over my head, having a job and etc., I am going to count nine current blessings that can be considered “little,” and can be overlooked, but seriously thankful for anyway:

  1. First and foremost, I am grateful for New York and everything that makes New York, New York!
  2. The Q44 Bus Driver, who wanted to leave the bus stop, but saw me running and stopped for me. Random acts of kindness will always warm my soul and restore my faith in Humanity.
  3. Office coffee because I don’t have to spend money I don’t have for my daily essential beverage.
  4. The Asian blanket, you know what I am talking about. I am sure every Asian household has this type of blanket to keep you warm during the cold nights. Winter is here and I don’t have a heater in my room, so I am so grateful for this gift.
  5. Hulu Plus because it allows me to catch up with in-season shows on an extremely cold, lazy evening. I’m thankful for Netflix, too.
  6. Tumblr, Huffingtonpost, Refinery29 and New York Mag – the main sources of my interest, knowledge and entertainment.
  7. Snowballing from number No. 5, I am so, so grateful for technology that allows me to catch up with family and friends, making me being thousand miles away not-so-tragic.
  8. Chinatown and Trader Joe’s because these two markets are within my budget for groceries.
  9. Souncloud because that is where I have been streaming tunes, lately. Current track I been streaming? Chill V.4 by CSXPD; it is amazeballs. Take a listen:

Here is a food for thought. Reasons why I appreciate and acknowledge every single blessing in my life:

The key to knowing joy is being easily pleased. – Mark Nepo

While everyone here is New York is setting their ovens for the big feast, or freezing their butt’s off at the Macy’s Parade, I am here. On my sofa. Sipping on my chai latte while catching up with Gilmore Girls.

I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving Holiday in Boston with my Mom’s side. Looking forward to Cambodian food or just homemade Southeast Asian meals in general. I have yet finished packing and I leave in a few hours…

Family & friends, thank you for always checking in. Remember that today is merely a reminder to acknowledge the people and things we are thankful for, and that we continue to be grateful for every little spec that is given to us in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving (:

– C

j’s 82/28 birthday

November 24, 2014

I am such a sucker for cute themed parties, and double cuteness when you find creative crafts homemade. Remember my Swing Into Spring party? Missed that? Click here.

This past Saturday was a festive evening – probably one of the cutest birthday dinner celebrations I have ever attended. Take a look for yourself:


birthdaytablesetup DIYFrame tablesetup DSC01845 foodtable_diy winewinewinebirthdaygirl DSC01863 birthdaycandles

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Joana! Thank you for being a wonderful hostess and having me!

– C

quote of the day:


You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes. – A.A. Milne

What’s the bigger picture here? As oppose to sitting, waiting, wishing for the right crowds to find you or landing the right job, you have to make the effort and do it yourself. I know they say “good things come to those who wait” and as I get older, I begin to look into this popular phrase and find it becoming invalid. For every relationship I built with people and every success I have had thus far, I worked for it. I sought after them.

Instead of my continuous complaints about finding myself in a writer’s community, I am going to go to meetups and find those fellow writers who will inspire and challenge me. If I want to work in the editorial field, it’s time to be serious about what jobs and projects I am taking (and meeting the right people).

So, what are you waiting for? Go get ‘em. Time’s a wasting.

Happy Monday, you sexy peoples! (:


beauty: lush’s mask

November 23, 2014

What up, Sunday!

Jazzing it up with fashion and re-introducing new things to the platform. Ladies (and gents), I hope you’re excited for this segment I am going to continue!

I’m no expert when it comes to beauty, but I do have a simple beauty regime of some sort to remain flawless! Yes, say it like Yonce’s track! HAHA!

Wanted to share a product with the latest ‘buzz’ and give you my feedback.

Lush’s Mask of Magnanimity:


Ladies, if you have never committed to doing a facial mask, I suggest you start doing so. It is recommended to do it about 1-2 per week. Why? To clean out/tighten your pore, you know get the dirt out, exfoliate your skin, moisturize and generally, cleansing your lovely face!

Lush released a new line for their face masks. They have a few they carry, but this one is their face + body mask. It’s called “self-perserving” which means you don’t need to store it in a refrigerator. However, this would be a great month supply depending how frequent you do a face mask.


Using Lush’s face mask is brand new to me; typically, I use Pur Minerals Dirty Girl twice a week. Lush’s product is fairly easy to used and great size for storage. A bumpy and consistent texture when you apply on your face with a tasteful peppermint scent. It clings onto your face quickly. This product doesn’t tighten up your face, like most facial products I have used. Let it sit on your face for 5-10 minutes. The label instructs this, but I highly suggest about a good 15-minutes, for the mask to dry up a little then wash it off with warm water.


I like to do facial masks on days when I need to wash my hair, a two-birds-one-stone ordeal. How did my face felt afterwards? Smooth, a baby’s booty. I don’t know if you guys have the same issue as I do, but I hate my pores on my nose. Applying a face mask will help reduce those pose and clean out all the dirt!

My verdict after finishing this jar? I saw a facialist and she said I had amazing skin. So, masking myself twice a week with Lush has done something right for me. The peppermint scent is a bonus, too.

Basic Skin Care Tips from a lazy gal, aka me:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Yes, this means drink a lot of water. It’s good for you!
  2. Even if you’re drunk and tired, go wash your face. Take all that dirt off, girl.
  3. Must have: face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Don’t know where to begin? Click here.
  4. SPF, always. Keeps the wrinkles and sun damages away. Start early ladies. You’ll age slower.
  5. Minimal makeup.

So, I failed at last week’s challenge and photographing myself. It’s getting more time-consuming than I thought.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday Funday! Bye family & friends (:



November 19, 2014

I know I haven’t spoke much about work. I have no complaints and I enjoy what I am doing, in short, but I do have some thoughts to share with you all.

I mentioned how this was not an entry-level role, which is nice for a change. I am finally moving up in the industry, in some sort of way. I am finally a point of contact (for clients and team members) and feel important. Not some assistant who is clueless.

However, I am insecure because of all of those things. Yes, I do have prior showroom experience. Yes, I have worked with buyers before. No, I have no idea what you’re talking about. What are SMU’s?

Before, I was an intern, this time I am the Representative. I am held accountable, not that I have an issue with it. It is knowing that my ass is on the line. At times, when I ask so many question or ask for assignments to be repeated, I feel as if they are wondering if they made a mistake to hire me onto their team. You know how they say: no question is stupid. I find that some are, frankly. Not that mine are stupid, but I get so worked up on how stupid I sound sometimes. And I make mistakes often, after all we are only human, but I feel that after a month in, I shouldn’t be this forgetful or making minor errors.

Am I being too hard on myself? I promise that I am learning about my daily duties and the role itself, but still a challenge for me to soak up every style, collection and ah!

Every company has a different set of structures, rules and lingo – and diving into a whole new company can be overwhelming. My biggest worry is: my teammates questioning my competency level for my role.

You woo the company with your resume and your experiences, but once you dive into the role as a new-hire, you feel lost and don’t even know where to begin. That is me.

I hate that I am so insecure about my work lately. Surprisingly, this time is not about my writing. I need to clean up my act and be present when I am at work. I noticed that I have a bad habit of being easily distracted and take a longer time span doing a minuscule task. It is only because I am a perfectionist… 

Do not know if putting my feelings out there will make me feel better, but let’s see how things will flow for the rest of the year.

Have a goodnight, family & friends!  Thanksgiving is exactly a week away. Wow, the year is practically over. 

app tuesday tip

November 18, 2014

A friend of mine, M stemmed the inspiration for this post while exchanging emails back and forth.

I get asked what filters and apps do I use for my photos through instagram. Today, I am going to show you the only app I use and have been for years to filter my photos on my social media feeds.


I use VSCOCAM. It’s a free app that you can find at in your App store. Droid users, I am not sure if they have this in your marketplace, frankly. I am a loyal Apple consumer. Here are some screen shots from my personal iPhone:


I keep my apps very minimal and organized on my phone for efficient purposes.IMG_9458 You have the option to create an account. VSCO has it’s own platform where users can share their edited photos to other VSCO’s users – kind of like instagram, but more of sharing visuals as oppose to giving feedback and leaving comments(?).

As you can see, these are some photos I uploaded on my instagram. This is your second home screen where you can snap a photo or import a photo from your library. The bottom left icon allows you revert back to the home screen (photo above) and the right icon with a circle is snapping a photo. If you tap the “+” icon on top of your screen, you will be able to import photos from your library.IMG_9461

It will take you to this screen. The right icon indicates you wish to select that photo(s) to import to the app.IMG_9462

There are nine free filters, which is similar to the default ones on instagram (I think?), and you can select which one is fitting for you. My personal favorites are F1, F2, G3, and P5. IMG_9463

For this demo, I selected P5. You have the option to scale how filtered you want it to be. The scale runs from 0 (no filter) to +12. Tap the right check icon when you’re happy with the filter setting.IMG_9464



Let’s say lighting was not in your favor. There are two edit buttons: the paint brush and the tool. Paint brush is for filters, and the toolbar you will find exposure settings, resizing, rotation, and etc. Once you’re all done making your last edits, tap the check mark.


The photo will appear in your feed and viola! If you tap on the icon on your bottom far right, it allows you to share it through multiple outlets (See photo above). The cool thing it allows you email, at minimum, three photos. Photos that are edited through VSCOcam will not automatically save to your phone.

I hope I explained it thoroughly for all of you to understand. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email. I’m not an amazing photographer like my photographer friends, M and P, who both have photographed me.

For M’s website, click here.
For P’s website, click here.

I was going to call this “Tech Tuesday” and realized I don’t know if I can keep  this as an ongoing segment. Filter the crap out of your photos, now!

Weather update: woke up to low 20s and now is reaching 30s. Two layers is not cutting it.

And I arrived early to work to avoid the crowded trains and to put this piece out before I have actual work to handle. Have a happy Tuesday family & friends!

week 2: teg 30 day challenge

November 16, 2014

Good morning! It’s Sunday, you know what that means – weekly outfit recaps from The Every Girl Challenge.

I am only going to link newly introduced items, since there are repeated items from last week. If you missed that recap, click here.

SundayGridSunday: Turtle-necks have become my staple for this Fall. I tend to layer up with a scarf as well, depending the temperature (lately it’s been low forties!). I opt out for an all-black outfit to meet a former colleague of mine J. This outfit contain all of my favorite elements: black, silver accessories, fedora hat & turtleneck knit.

Details: Knit Sweater: H&M, similar here; Hat: Topshop Classic Fedora Hat; Rings: thrifted


Monday: Of course I have to own a Band T-Shirt, a classic and one of my favorite bands, The Smiths. I purchased in CA. Again, all black with my lazy hairdo. Also because it was Monday…

Details: Band T-Shirt: Vintage, similar selections here; Belt: Urban Outfitters, similar here.


Thursday: This is probably one of my more “boyish” looks. With my coat, it really reminded me of Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here. My neck was plain so I decided to spruce it up with a statement, plus I was going to meet some of the contributors at City Ella after work. Ya know, make it appear that I add effort, haha.

Details: Shirt: Uniqlo burnt out tank, similar here; Knit Sweater: H&M, similar here; Printed Pants: Uniqlo, similar here; Statement Necklace: H&M, similar here.


Friday: I felt somewhat unprofessional wearing my Nike’s to a meeting I had with a client. First off, who really has Friday Meetings, especially in the afternoon? Oh boy. But this is my favorite outfit from this week. I am so in love with this Boyfriend Blazer, from the style and cut to the color: black and white.

Blazer: Lucky Brand’s Boyfriend Blazer, Footwear: Nike Air Max Thea; Socks: Gap, similar selections here or here.


Saturday: I woke up early to go to the gym – trust me, a mile is still a commute when you don’t own a car. So this mean, I had to suit up for the walk to my nearest station. If we are friends via Facebook, you saw that I posted a similar photo. To me, the idea of bundling up sounds comforting, but ridiculous. However, once I stepped out of the building, I freezed my butt off. Much needed.

So this is what below forties feel like? Not ready….

Details: Nike Running Jacket, similar here; Scarf: eBay; Jacket: Nautica, similar here (gifted by J – thank you Deary!)

I hope you all enjoy your beautiful Sunday – it is currently low forties again in New York. We are anticipating rain tomorrow, yay. Not really. Currently contemplating if I want to do my laundry right now; I am just so lazy to step out of the house knowing that I have to wear so many layers. It’s exhausting.

Plus, my body is aching in odd places. Transitioning from yoga and running to incorporating weights into my weekly routine is definitely going to be somewhat difficult.

Okay, enough rambling. Thank You for checking in (:

One last thing:

Tokimonsta has been heavily on repeat, I am whatever about this track, but she mixed it so well and it makes me want to jump around or dance! Thanks to my girlfriend, JC for sharing this tune! Take a listen!

typical morning routine

November 13, 2014

You know what they say: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast became my favorite meal of the day when I lived with one of my best friends A in college – we would wake up early just to eat at cute cafes or bomb Vietnamese food in Orange County.

Here are some visuals of what a typical morning looks like for me, when I am not rushing out the door.

coffeeislife_jarssaltnpeppaDSC01603 DSC01604 avocado halves DSC01607 DSC01609DSC01615 DSC01613Did you know that if you add milk to your eggs it will make them fluffy? Also, did you know that consuming more protein in the morning will sustain you longer throughout your day? Don’t believe me? Read this piece here. If you want more information about weight regulation, read here. My must-have: eggs. Always.

For carbs, because you know a girl gotta have her carbs, I always gravitate towards multi-grains or whole wheat bread. I usually pick up this bread that is injected with all kinds of seeds: chai, flax and all this good stuff for you, but I haven’t found the right one yet. So for now, this brand from Target will do.

I’m a simple gal when it comes to coffee. I like it dark roast, hint of creamer and sugar and I’m all set. It was not as of late that I learned to consume coffee warm; it’s old-school in the loft – we use a kettle. My roommate B has a French Press, but I get so lazy to do that, so I do instant coffee.

I woke up today thinking it was Saturday – my alarm went off and woke up heavily disoriented. Isn’t it Saturday? I got way ahead of myself. Robbed slight happiness this morning, but it’s okay. Got my coffee and breakfast in, now time to conquer the World.

Later tonight I will be meeting contributors for one of the platforms I write for: City Ella. So excited to meet all the ladies, network and hope to collaborate. In general, I get excited when I meet other writers, hehe.

Cheers family & friends! Enjoy the rest of the week and your weekend! I should really get back to work now. 

four, 4, cuatro

November 11, 2014

I’ve survived a lot of things and I’ll probably survived this – J. D. Salinger

The quote said by Salinger is empowering; it reminds me to be resilient. It is written so confidently – well maybe if we remove the word “probably.” Hehe.

On the 9th of this month, marked four remarkable months in New York. While I was quickly reflecting on my high-and-lows so far, I know I have seen nothing yet. If anything, I am aware that I just survived my first set of hurdles – okay, maybe second set. There were plenty of doubtful moments, and the stress-levels were high when I had no Plan B or C. But life always finds a way of working itself out – that’s the beauty of it. You’ll be sustained no matter how worrisome you may be during that moment.

Believe it can be done.

I am so fortunate to have such a strong support system on both coasts. Family, friends, and my fellow bloggers who stop by randomly – thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement!

Really, it all goes back to working hard, affirmations, having strong faith in yourself and being confident. These are all abstract, but you can get a grip of them; I’m a firm believer. We are all capable of these practices! (Do I sound Spiritual-ish or coming off too preachy? Eek!)

Two last-minute things: I finally submitted my address change and signed up for a local gym. To me, these gestures say that I am finally getting settled in.

New York, I love you.




week 1: teg30daychallenge

November 9, 2014

Good morning family & friends, thrilled to share with you what I came up withFor starters, I haven’t been displaying much of my personal style for awhile now, but here it is. Making a slow comeback, for the sake of this challenge!

I had more fun editing photos than putting myself before the camera. What I am discovering though, after a full week of this challenge it has definitely made me dress better, and forcing myself to get out of my usual black and white color palette. If you miss the post where I accepted this challenge, click here. I also find it difficult to “pose” myself before the camera and using self-timer, which is only three seconds, that gives me no time whatsoever. Don’t ask about trying to change those settings, I’ve attempted.

I missed Monday’s and Wednesday’s, my two least favorite days of the week. However, below you’ll find the rest of the week, omitting today. I am currently in my pajamas and my hair reminds me of Mufasa from Lion King.

Enjoy the details:


Sunday: Lazy day for me always result in jogger pants and my Nike Roshe. Topped off with a coat and a scarf.

Details: Shirt: Uniqlo HeatTech Turtle Neck; Pants: Uniqlo, similar here; Outerwear: Unqilo Wool Coat; Footwear: Nike Roshe Run


Tuesday: The high pony tail is result of laziness and I didn’t wash my hair, oops. I love when I throw on a blazer, it quickly makes my look more professional, which was necessary since I had a meeting today with one of our accounts.

Details: Floral Print Sweatshirt: Zara, similar here or here; Blazer: Uniqlo’s Basic Blazer; Jeans: 7FAMThursdayUniqlo_Grid

Thursday: It started raining Wednesday night and carried over to Thursday. It was chillier, so I decided to layer up. Stripes, denim and wool, the trio combo. If you follow me on instagram, you saw that I posted the bottom right photo.

Shirt: Uniqlo HeatTech Turtle Neck; Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand, similar here or here; Outerwear: Unqilo Wool Coat; Scarf: H&M (not photographed)


Friday: I am not a fan of cropped anything because I don’t find it flattering with my body type. But what surprised me about this look was that I felt comfortable about it and actually looked well put-together. I was scared that I was going to look all sorts of sloppy and weird because this was my first time showcasing a cropped sweater + button-down blouse. What do you guys think?

Details: Sweater: Lucky Brand, similar here or here; Blouse: Uniqlo Long Sleeve Blouse


Saturday: My roommates J & B call me a Girl Jock because they always see me lounging around the house with jogger pants, crew socks and an oversized t-shirt. And I actually enjoy working out. I spent Saturday running errands and wanted to be comfortable. What do I wear? That’s right, jogger pants and sports bra.

Details: Sweater: Necessary Clothing, similar here or here; Tank: Gifted by Nike NYC.

My style has definitely evolved since college, and more shared elements of “masculinity and femininity.” If I had to describe my style in three words – I can’t. Just one for now: black. Hope by the end of this challenge, you all can see without me saying so, and I can figure out what labels to use to identify my signature styles.

Five days of outfits, five photo grids – phew. That was a lot of work! I hope you guys enjoy the photos. If you have any suggestions for outfit displays, do share with me. I am still experimenting in how I want to showcase my outfits. One last thing: which outfit do you like best?

Is anyone doing the challenge with me?