For those who don’t know, I am not Filipino or Hawaiian. I get both frequently due to my skin tone and my friends, but usually due to my darkness. Brown girl.

Anyway, I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I’m not very cultured within my Cambodian-ness. Is that even a word? Here’s some background for ya: I grew up going to the temple and engaging in all the traditions for the sake of my parents. I do it strictly for them, and apparently it is for good karma for future generations, so I do that.

My parents are very traditional when it comes to the whole religion aspect, but as we got older, my parents bent their rules on raising us a little. Although we have many customs, my parents are very easy-going when it comes to our (my siblings and I) lifestyles. They may not agree with a lot of things, but as long as we make smart decisions, s’all good.

Long story short, this year, went to our local temple, which is only Two-Years Old, to celebrate another New Year with the Cambodian community. It’s kind of nice to see so many familiar faces. Especially seeing my Grandma’s girlfriends, who are still around.

It is always the same, “You’re so big now!” It’s refreshing to see all the elderly people who you grew up with. Not even my relatives!

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Just some photos I wanted to share from last weekend’s celebrations. I have to admit, our costumes are beautiful and unique. To some extent our costumes share some similarities to the Thai culture. It was a bittersweet feeling to not partake in the parade this year, but it was an honor passing the crown to my little sister, who was the Queen.

Oh, and for the record, my Dad is not so much a festive man nor is he one to take photos. This was pretty cool to capture him with my younger siblings and mommy.

I’m rambling, goodness. Okay, I’ll stop.

Cheers to another blessed, Year!


If you consider shooting a smile and saying, “Hi” to a stranger is flirting, then I am a Pro.

That was my opener from my very first story about my dating portion of my life. You would think someone who is actively dating knows a thing or two about flirting. But really, I am trying to analyze and understand the art of flirting.

And I have nothing, ya’ll. 

What is considering flirting?


I don’t know. I honestly do not think I can flirt. With dating right now, I cannot tell if someone is flirting with me or not. I am very much like, “Hey, you’re cute and smart. I like that.” I’m quite forward. But I don’t think that’s flirting. I imagine flirting very much playing coy and well, cute. Me? I’m assertive and have quite a potty mouth.

And have you heard me laugh? I hear myself and sometimes I have this inner monologue about my terrible obnoxious laugh.

I even texted D the other day, “Can you teach me how to flirt?” He thought I was joking. Nope..

Yeah, yeah, you all think I am kidding. Chary “can’t” flirt, pish-posh. Pffft. Ask my best friends, they know I can’t. My mannerisms are so strange at times that my guy friends think it’s odd when I am approached by a guy…

But I am easily amused and my sense of humor is strange. So Guys, literally Guys, don’t get so flattered when a woman is laughing at your jokes. She can be one of two things: easily amused (like myself), or playing nice. Ah, and well I know a thing or two playing nice.

Often times, being friendly gets as blurry as flirtatious.

That is the problem. I never been directly been called a flirt, but because I am (sometimes) well-mannered and (sometimes) nice so people might confuse it with being flirty. Shut up.

Anyway, so why am I bringing this up? Because, it bothers me that I cannot greet someone with no freaking intentions and someone label that gesture as “flirting.”

Or when someone is simply complimenting you, “I think you’re attractive.” Does that automatically mean they want to hook-up with you or take you out? No, right? See. I can’t just express my greetings or give out compliments or something?

What do you think? What is considering flirting? What are some of the signs of flirtation? How do you flirt? (If you flirt?). Share your thoughts with me, please!

I will admit though, I only used my polar bear line once for that dashing young fella. That, I know my only intention was to simply break the ice and introduce myself with no further agenda.

*artwork done by S. 

It is certainly okay to agree to disagree, but let’s (try) not take anything personal.

As the saying goes, “haters gon hate.” I am sure there’s people that do not agree with what I am about to do with my life. Or even what I am currently doing now. But the next few months are going to be a slow ride until the drop hits.

This person who disagrees with you may be your Mom, boyfriend, best friend, cousin, Dad – hell, anyone and everyone.

But it’s not their decision to make about your life. We all need remember that.


You see, I am trying to get over the fact that not everyone I meet is going to meet me eye-to-eye. I need to accept that. I’m working on it, foreal.

I have to make changes and take those risks that will benefit me. Selfish. Oh, so selfish, but at this point I really don’t care what anyone thinks right now.

And with the millions of questions I get about my next big thing. How are you going to do that? Do you have a Plan B? What if you fail?

That’s the thing. I don’t know if I will succeed or fail. There is a lot of room for uncertainty. But you don’t know if you will fail or succeed if you don’t attempt. So, attempt! Try! Go!

They will never understand. Some will try to stop you. Belittle your dreams. There will be people who will say things that will try to deteriorate your positive thoughts towards your dreams.

Disregard. Forget it. Forget them.

I always appreciate advice and tips. And I know they are only reacting to big life events or big decisions because they care. I get it, I do. However, I am resistant to rules and how I should live my life. Not even my own parents dictate how I live my life. Why would I allow anyone else?

I was never good with conventional things, rules, or lifestyle anyway. So… yeah.

People question me and my motives. As I am explaining to them, their expression changes. Some facial expressions clearly speak louder than any words have to. I get it: you don’t get it. And you know, it’s okay. It really is okay. No hard feelings!

I am not going to let the vibes affect me. Keep doing me. Keep chasing my dreams. Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you want and what makes you happy.

Closing this post with two relevant quotes that resonates with me:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.52.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.50.14 PM

*artwork done by S.


I forget that my Mom & I are both Aries women. It would explain why we butt heads so much due to our dominant personalities.

Today is a very special day to an important woman in my life, my mother. This is sad to admit, but I actually don’t know how old is my my mom is. You know how older people are – lying about their age.

Birthdays and aging has always been a scary thought for me to digest. Because as we are celebrating another year older, so are our parents and just them getting old kind of scares me. A little. A lot. A whole lot, actually.

I am getting all sentimental, when really my intention for this post is to write happy things about my Mom! Although I’m certain that she would never see what I am writing in this post, let me pour my heart out for a second.

Honestly, I don’t know if I can find the right words to describe her. She’s quite a paradox, very much like myself. But you know what they say, “Like mother, like daughter.”

She always scolded me, “No boyfriends until you graduate.” Well, a diploma and degree later, I’m still single. No really, on a serious note, the way she raised me explains exactly how I am today. Our parents and childhood plays a heavy influence when growing up. I never understood half the things she was saying when I was younger. It was not until I endure the different stages in my young adulthood, where I began to appreciate her firm words.

I owe a lot to this woman. Thank you, Mom.

With my Dad’s absence growing up, my Mom took the role of being both parent figures and raised my three younger siblings and I.  ”I have two hands and two feet. I can do it myself.” My mom always knew how to put a good fight. I love the fact that she won’t allow anyone to take pity on her, especially since she’s ill. Keep on, she reminds me.

She’s my backbone. My rock. My number one cheerleader in the stands. Even when I don’t even play sports…

I can go on-and-on how my mom has shaped me and how much  she means to me, but I’ll keep it brief before I start balling my eyes out at work. I’m not wearing waterproof mascara…

So here it is: Happy Birthday, Mommy. I love you with all my heart!

I sent her a birthday text message, I bet you she won’t even reply…

Thanks for reading, Friends!

Tomorrow is April 1st.

I am trying to finish this post before I go to bed – it’s like almost 9:30PM.

Where did the time go, seriously? March was filled with many highs, and lately Life has been a series of highs. A part of me feels like I haven’t been this happy in awhile. I am utterly, happy!

Wanted to share some moments with you this month:

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.00.19 PM

Published a story that is not on my platform! If you didn’t catch it, click here.

TheCouchConfessions_1Was on a special guest on Couch Confessions. If you missed that episode, check it here.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetChopped a few inches off my hair with my wonderful hairstylist, Stacie.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Finally got to do something exciting at work – model casting!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Celebrated my birthday with some amazing people in my life!

Little things that I don’t have visuals for:

  • Paid off my credit card
  • Opening myself to dating
  • Purchased my Outside Lands ticket (this is HUGE)
  • Finally told my parents about my Big News
  • Drafted some work for submissions – again!

March was definitely a memorable month, and I made sure I embraced every second of it. Ended the month right!
I hope April is just as eventful and challenging, altogether. To April! Cheers!
Thank you for reading, Friends! Goodnight!
love, charypie

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My advice to myself then and my advice to you now is to be fearless. You can’t screw up so badly that anything you do is irrevocable. Its so much more interesting to be daring and to try new things and to be the young hot shot who knows stuff that nobody else knows because you have been bold enough to try something new. The best thing about 25 is that you have endless time and energy to pursue every single interest that you have. Don’t feel like you’re locked in. Don’t let anyone else lock you in.

Ann Shoket

So, you’re not twenty-five yet. Who cares! I still find this quote applicable to anyone who is in their twenties or anyone in general. “Be fearless.” Just one short phrase yet so thought provoking altogether. Inspiring even.

Think about it.

And if you’re a magazine (media, social media, and all that) junkie like myself, check out her interview here by the HuffingtonPost, which by the way is my go-to source for articles every morning.

And finally, it’s Thursday.

Bye, Friends! Thanks for reading (:



In honor of becoming another year older (and hopefully wiser), I wanted to acknowledge some things I learned along the way.

                  1. People come and go, about every 4-5 years.
                  2. Forgiveness and letting go is the key to inner peace.
                  3. Do what makes you happy.
                  4. Coffee will change your life and brighten your day.
                  5. Don’t take family for granted.
                  6. Appreciate everything life has to offer – the good and the bad.
                  7. Effort goes a long way.
                  8. When in doubt, go with black.
                  9. Know when to speak up and know when to shut up.
                  10. Question everything.
                  11. Remind yourself that you are beautiful.
                  12. The past does not determine where you will go.
                  13. Be selective with your time.
                  14. Hold your ground.
                  15. Power naps (15-30 minutes) are crucial for survival.
                  16. The good will always outweigh the bad.
                  17. Beer never tasted so good.
                  18. Be open to love and new relationships.
                  19. Throw on some lipstick.
                  20. Believe in the power of the mind.
                  21. Pay close attention.
                  22. Help people in any way you can.
                  23. The age where I had the best time of my life.
                  24. No one is stopping you, but you. Just do the damn thing.

The thought of entering my “mid-twenties” sounds terrifying, but I hope it will be a great adventure. I am ready for you!

Typically, I am not huge on birthdays, but I figured, why not? Every now and then, I enjoy being devious. Lately I been feeling like Jim Carrey from Yes Man. My question is, “What do I have to lose?”

Thank you for reading, Friends.

Always with Great Love,

*artwork done by S.

I used to be for New Year’s Resolutions. Now I just think they are completely overrated.

Most people cannot even obtain the resolution(s) they make with the first three months. And I know I am a terrible person for doing and saying so, but I mock some people. Mainly because my philosophy is you should practice being a better, healthier you every single day.

But I used to be one of them, the whole New-Year-Resolutions-people. I came to conclusion that it is okay for me to tease about it since I was once guilty…

Does that count? 

We are talking about habits today. Habits are practices that can be good and/or bad. But what justifies a bad or good habit? That is up to you. Old habits die hard, the saying goes. Heck, yeah.


On my path to self-discovery, I learned that I developed better habits and not-so-pretty ones along the way. You probably think I am crazy, but I do analyze every spec about myself and my actions. Because I believe it is important to know oneself.

I wanted to focus on five habits I wanted to better myself in:

          1. Be mindful when dropping the f-bomb.
          2. Breathe before reacting and responding.
          3. Be patient.
          4. Stop worrying.
          5. LEARN TO slow down.

Maybe these are too vague and generic. Maybe they are not considered “bad” habits at all, but to me, these are some things I need to continue to work on.

I always remind myself this: be the type of person you want to meet. Read it a couple of times if that helps. For me, I want to meet someone who is well-mannered, kind and a whole lot more! I know it sounds tedious – to really thinking about all the qualities you want in someone, but it helps you figure out what qualities you seek and what you hope to acquire.

I want to be better. 

Ultimately, be a better you each and every day. If you recognize a flaw with your character, work towards improving yourself.

Keep growing. Keep bettering yourselves, Friends!

Happy Monday! The weather and it being Monday does not help so much, though. Err!


For all of you who may or may not know, deep down. Underneath the layers of my skin, to the core of my very soul - I am a freaking hopeless romantic.

I enjoy the cute things.

Holding hands, picnics in the park, candle lit dinners, subtle kisses in public – you know all of that stuff.

If you have been following my blog, you know I have written a letter to an ex that pretty much explained my revelation in men and relationships entirely. If you missed that, read it here.

See, I am not anti-men or anti-love. I love men. Men, not boys. Men with beards. Oh, yes! Okay, getting off tangent now.

What spark my interest or need to whip up this short piece is because a good girlfriend of mine said she was getting worried about me. Very thoughtful and cute gesture, but I am not dying.

I am single.

A tad cynical and quite busy at the moment to really engage in something serious. I know, I know, I said I would only date someone to let it prosper into something more. Well, um, I sort of lied?

And I typically don’t because I am a woman of my word, but right now, (emphasizing “right now”) I don’t feel the need to be “tied down.” I can’t. With big plans coming in later this year, I do not know if I can handle a fat commitment right now.

Now, it sounds like I have commitment issues. But I don’t. Just so you know – I have tattoos on my body. Clearly commitment is not an issue.

I feel like I am arguing with myself while writing up this post. I want this, but I also want that. Oh, the struggle. Make up your mind, Chary!

It’s kind of funny because although I don’t feel the need to be in something serious, I do enjoy meeting people and going off to have drinks with total strangers. I always enjoy good company while having a nice brew in my left hand. Well, I always enjoy a good beer, period.

I am going to conclude this short piece by saying two things. One, I am casually dating (again!). Two, finally coming to the terms that love is for everyone, just not for me right now, and that is totally okay.

Seizing my youth and enjoying being single in my twenties.

Have a great weekend, All! (:


Aaron sits at a table sipping on a drink, not talking to anyone. Around him, a wedding party is

unfolding: couples embrace a slow dance, kids run around with no supervision, and the couple

being honored take picture after picture with different family members. Aaron’s cousin (the

groom), Bryan, manages to get away from his wife and photographer for a minute and comes

up to Aaron, stumbling through with a drink at hand.


Aaron! I think its time for a shot.


Oh, no. I’m fine, thank you.


Come on, Aaron. Just one.


I’m fine.


You’ve always been a bitch when it comes to shots. (Laughs, Beat) Having fun?


Not really.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and dance!


With who? I didn’t bring a date.

Bryan laughs at Aaron as he picks up Aaron’s drink.


What are you drinking?

Bryan takes a sip.




It’s hot in here!


You, my man, need to take a shot, ask a girl out for a dance and start enjoying yourself!


Who can I ask?


I don’t know! The bride has a lot of cousins sitting by themselves. Ask any of them out

for a dance or two.


But, I don’t like this kind of music.


Just wait for the right song.

Bryan gets up and starts to walk away. Before he completely walks away, he stops and turns

to Aaron.


And stop being a little bitch and drink a beer or something.

Aaron gives him the finger while Bryan walks away laughing to him self. Soon enough a song

Aaron recognizes begins to play. (PLAY SONG “El Baile y El Salon” by Cafe Tacvba) Aaron

decides this is the song he’s going to dance to and begins to look around for the right girl to

ask. The first girl he sees is obviously hot and she knows it.


(To himself)

Stuck up.

The next girl Aaron sees sits by herself, drinking what seems to be a mix drink. She glares to

the distance with no specific point of focus. After a beat, a man approaches her and takes her

out to dance.


(To himself)

Act faster, Aaron!

Aaron continues to look around for someone to dance with. His eyes land on a beautiful girl

who sits by herself in silence. She seems shy and alone. Aaron first looks around to make sure

no one is coming her way. When he realizes this is his shot at dancing with someone, he grabs

an unopened beer, opens it and chugs a good amount of it. After the drink, he gets up and

starts to make his way to the girl.






Would you like to dance with me?

As he extends his hand towards her, the girl extends her hand back at in silence. She stands up

and they make their way to the dance floor. Once there, they embrace each other and begin

to slow dance to the song. Everyone around them is doing the opposite. Not carrying what

everyone else is doing, Aaron and the girl continue to slow dance in silence, looking at each

other, with the music working as an underscore to their short meeting. After a few beats, the

silence is broken when Aaron hears Bryan shouting at him. He turns around to Bryan and

snaps out of a daydream he was having. Aaron is still sitting on the table with his glass of



Aaron! Aaron! Aaron! They’re playing Cafeta! Can you fucking believe that!

Bryan grabs Aaron by the arm and drags him to the dance floor. Bryan tries to get Aaron to

dance but he’s occupied looking for the girl from his daydream. He spots her walking out the

hall with bag at hand, seemingly ready to leave the party.


Looking for someone?


What? No. Hmmm, I thought I saw someone I knew.

Aaron starts to actually dance to the song.


Lets take a shot!






Written by Anthony Solorzano II, an aspiring writer, starving artist and self-proclaim pretentious douche. Aside from writing, he enjoys directing and producing theater with the help of his company; shout out to The Company Theatre Company. Listen to his insightful nonsense on Show Your Balls Show, a podcast about sports and entertainment.

For more of his works, check him out here. 

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