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expand, growth & blessed

April 10, 2017

Holy Moly.

Emily and I have been taking on these very exciting meetings to learn from people and to grow ourselves as creatives, and of course, overall.


I am so excited and nervous altogether as we continue to grow and expand. And you all know how I am – I can be a complete nervous wreck! 

The big thing is the talks about press opportunities and collaborating with big players in respective industries in the near future.

Wait, is this really happening? It’s so surreal to me. Are we even ready? 

But today was a special day because it was a nice refresher to what we are doing and the impact we’re making. While I was scheduling content for later this week, I quickly reviewed our stats. 

And they look hella good.

Amazing numbers considering how long we have been live – since August 2016 by the way… We are still babies in the grand scheme of the game, but those figures are impressive. And I know we have a long way to go to be one of those notable big players. 

I’m just so thankful for the continuous support from our family, friends, and community. I don’t think we would be at the success rate we are at right now without the help from all of you – from readers to contributors. Really, thank you so much and I cannot stress this enough.

That is only a part of our success. Another has to do with the work and determination we have. I mean, a lot of work has been put into this for it to run seamlessly the way it has. There has definitely been sacrifices along the way – plenty. But I remind myself and vent to Emily that we are doing this, 100% to better the World and really bring women together. Defy those themes that say women cannot be friends and all this bullshit. 

Sometimes, I feel like when I share my news with some folks, they don’t understand much of what I’m doing and don’t share the same joy and excitement I have with every ounce of my being. I know there is Emily, but we know how much this stuff excites us and it’s a given…

For once, I would love an outsider to be super thrilled in hearing all of these exciting things, you know? Like genuinely excited and invested as much as we are. Extra if needed. Can you feel like me?!

I know, my expectations are so high. K, bye!



clean slate

October 21, 2016

Starting Monday, I am on a new career path.

I will be working in one of New York’s finest recruiting agency. I’m nervous, but eager to embark this new chapter in my life. LinkedIn and Facebook updated. Yeah, it’s real. 

Before I secured this opportunity – I had a whole month to explore new places (eateries and bars), zone in with thecnnekt, write and pitch stories to be published, and the most importantly – evaluate my direction in life. 

I had the time to really reset. Reset on myself and my career. 

There are so many life’s uncertainties, as I am sure we all feel, but I knew I had this strong desire to start somewhere new and outside of fashion. This ‘want’ for something new has been brewing in me for a very long time. I was ready to be stimulated and challenged in a new working environment. Above all, I wanted to be valued as an employee and individual.

At first, when you are out of a job, you are panicking and getting whatever you can. Not having time to think about what appropriate steps to take. The whole conflict is: beggars can’t be choosers. 

I didn’t want to be a beggar anymore. I wanted to choose wisely. I had a jumpstart on the job search since late August and early September. While this has been a slow moving process, it allowed me some time. So, I genuinely asked myself: do you really want this? 

The career lateral direction was a move we all saw coming. This time in the job search, I consciously sought positions outside of the fashion and PR arenas. You all can agree with me that job hunting is such a painful experience. There is a lot of labor in this and so many emotions, at least for me.

I have never felt so insecure about my professionalism and competency until I began looking into different industries. My initial reactions were: what if I am not smart enough? Can I really do this? Am I selling myself short? Do you really, really, really want this job?

These reactions are normal, I tell myself. And if you haven’t noticed though, I’m insecure AF. 

But anyway, I just wanted to share that little bit with you: if you are serious about making a change in your career, take your time to evaluate the roles out there and once you find out what space you want to be in, be assertive. 

I think a repeated lesson here is: take fucking risks and learn to bet on yourself. It’s worth the gamble. You’ll be surprised. For me, it’s all well-deserved and I’m feeling incredibly thankful.



PS: here are some archives to stir up old feels: saying goodbye to pr, outgrowing fashion, the black sheep, and moving onward.


onward, shall we?

October 6, 2016

I was encouraged to enjoy the time off before I transition into my new role. I am one of those people who always stayed busy, so when I don’t have anything to do and time off, I don’t know what to do with my time, and end up stressing out about having too much free time.

I know, I sound pretty ridiculous.

It’s because I never had that luxury. Anyway first things first, I’ll update you with that I am no longer working in PR.

And I am quite relief to be honest. 

Holding off on the storytelling of this and major announcements as I am trying to be more mindful of the now and not look backwards.

When your future boss gives you a later start date than expected, you “enjoy the time off.” So, I booked a quick trip to DC to visit The Lee’s in their new neighborhood: Washington DC.

Luckily for me, the bus ticket was only $19 because I had a discount. Talk about #winning.

dsc07214-copy dsc07216-copy dsc07218-copy dsc07223-copy dsc07251-copy dsc07255-copy dsc07286-copydsc07272-copy dsc07296-copy dsc07307-copy

There are definitely more pictures I took on this trip, but only sharing a few because it will take forever to edit and upload and all that good stuff. You know me, I can be quite lazy. Plus, thecnnekt’s having our Soft Launch tonight and I have to get balloons. And I am nervous and excited at the same time for the turn out!


Okay, will write and share more soon!


i’m not a blogger

July 8, 2016

This draft has been sitting in my inbox since February. It is now July and I have not wrapped my head around to why I have not decided to make this live. But in recent news, there is so much shit the World is facing and I thought I share the root of why I feel the way I do about this topic. 

I get insulted when someone calls me a “blogger.”

Why would I? It makes sense – I have a blog, and I write blog posts.

In my world, the title “Blogger” has a connotation, as naturally as some words do. After working in two agencies, five NYFW seasons, breathing fashion, and meeting so many “bloggers,” I have developed strong feelings for the title.

A strong distaste that is.

They are now called “influencers.” As much as I hate to give them such a title, they shaped the direction of how brands approach consumers. Brands utilize these figures to excel in overall exposure and sales growth.

I understand this completely – it’s a business, right? But here is my rant with these digital influencers:

There is so much noise. I see so many of these “bloggers” who aspire to be the Song Of Style or Sincerely Jules. Bloggers with that unicorn hair. When I take a closer look at these style mavens, their styles somehow overlap and blend a little – it happens, I guess. Everyday I work on finding these stylish people all over the country, and the more accounts and personal style blogs I explore, the more they all seem the same.

Ultimately, #basic.

I begin to question brand loyalty or if this digital influencer is a total sellout. I think about authenticity. 

Putting personal style posts aside, when it comes to the things they share on their social media, I do not find anything noteworthy. I am certain that these people are real and care about other things than what they wear on their backs. But instead, all I see are pictures and the glamorous life they paint on social media. It’s cool – do you, but honestly I have no desire to follow up with all things superficial.

I want real shit. I crave substance. 

I am being too blunt and probably insensitive, I know.

Now I hope you can imagine why I would be offended when someone would call me a blogger.

Also note, if you’ve been with me since I launched my website and/or know me personally, at the end of the day, I am not trying to be a fashion blogger. 

I moved to New York to become a writer in the editorial space. While my background is fashion focused and I slay in my day-job, being some fashionista living in New York is not my life goal.

I want to be a successful, frequently published writer (and editor) talking about things that pertain to the more important matters in life rather than the shoes that I am wearing.

So yeah, ask me if I am a blogger, and I will correct you. I am a writer. 

/ end rant and thought.

– C

PS: shout out to the bloggers who ultize their Voice in sharing the heavy subjects with your audience. We need more of you representing in the fashion space.





woman seeking women

May 19, 2016

How did you guys meet? 

I answered confidently, “Online.”

Yeah, unconventional meets are kind of my thang.  

In an era where you can snag a date same-day with a swipe, this is nothing new. I absolutely have no shame in publicizing myself to find a friend. There is an even a lady-friendly app for that. 

I can understand why this is a brow raiser for you or why would anyone want to post an article online about making friends. You might as well say I am putting up an ad on Craiglist under “women seeking women.”

I like to think, by a certain age, we have developed our close knit of friends and our local community. But there are not many talks about being a transplant, picking up your life, moving out of state, and building a community all over again – as a grown ass person. You begin to desire a connection with a person, and/or the need to create a new community.

I wrote this article when I arrived in New York about making women-adult friendships. (I wish I can share this, but the site shut down and I never clipped the piece!) In short, the piece described the struggles of an adult making friends and asking the readers/writers how does one make friends in a large city filled with people who shared the same quirky interests and passion for life as I did?

The results of this piece then inspired me to join forces with amazing women to create an avenue for those women who are looking for the same thing as we all did once. We want to revive quality content back into an age where the market is hella saturated and create meaningful relationships amongst like-minded individuals.


If you have not done so already, please click here to get a short version of Our Story. You can also catch us tweeting and ‘gramming.

Maybe, I should put an ad out there screaming “women seeking like-minded women, but only for friendships” ?

Lastly, I want to do a huge shout out for all of those who have been supportive since the birth of this project. Thank you, thank you!

I cannot wait to see what will happen!


it comes in waves

May 6, 2016

I am human, and I forget to acknowledge this sometimes.

Just like you, I battle with insecurities. One day I may feel super confident about my shit, then tomorrow, not so much. We have our days. I am not always killing it in New York. Sometimes, I get beaten up so bad, that I wallow for days at a time. But I always bounce back. Always.

Overall, I am a confident woman, but my insecurities comes in waves. This is totally normal, right? I think so.

I have written about my doubts and not being good enough before. I always felt like I will never be a great writer because of the content I choose to produce. I have not mastered the art of articulating my thoughts into words for newsworthy articles. As in, the topics I write about are more on the “softer” side of things.

This is not to say, I don’t give a shit about the GOP, Women’s Rights (do you not know me?), or understanding bigger things happening in the World. I do care!

Recently, I learned to accept that the subjects I choose to write about does not justify my competency as a writer. Sure, the topics weigh differently, but I am good enough. With continuous practice and knowledge, I can become a stronger writer. I need to stop fucking comparing myself to the next writer, to the next woman – to anyone for that matter! (And I know this…)

Truthfully, these past few weeks have been serious internal battles with my insecurities and lack of inspirations, but today I received something that moved my spirits:

I just thought you should know that writer to writer, woman to woman, what you say and put out there is deeply appreciated, and heard. I’m very confident in the writer I am but what I lack is your willingness to be vulnerable and just lay it all out there. Keep doing that. The world neeeeeds that! I needed that! I needed to see girls my age doing that and the people around me that weren’t “famous” doing that. I respect so much what you’re doing, your blog, your ups and downs with PR- everything. I admire you’re transparency. Basically lol thank u.

Thank you, Casey, for sharing this with me! Such a heart-felt message, and seriously, made me feel good about my craft.

I guess I am doing something right, after all. Not bad, Chary!

– C



writing a fantasy

April 26, 2016

My boss asked, “What do you want to do?”

“All I want to do is write,” I responded.

My fatigue for fashion has become transparent amongst my colleagues (and on social media). If this is a shocker to you, then please read the previous posts. 

I know, this constant battle of trying to navigate life is exhausting, and I hate feeling lost…especially in life!

To keep my hopes alive, somehow, I imagined three different “what if’s,” scenarios, or what I called them here “fantasies” because if life was perfect, this is how I’d have it:

‘Fantasy A‘ consists of working a job that supports my essentials and is less demanding, ultimately giving me more headspace and time to write. In Fantasy A, I am a successful columnist – regularly published and earning some monetary goods.

But when I take a closer look at Fantasy A, I ask myself: will I be happy? I don’t know, but I imagined myself not being challenged at my job – and this job would probably be something in admin or customer service/hospitality. Then again, my real job would be writing, right? Ugh.

‘Fantasy B’ is my current path, sorta. But I’d be making a lateral move from PR to editorial/ social, and focus on the audiences that share my similar interest: food, culture, and health and wellness. In other words, do what I do now, but on a content level and towards a different audience. Fantasy B will allow me to flex my writing muscle and work with creating visuals. Would it be a demanding role and take me away from my personal writing? Maybe, but I always make time for it.

‘Fantasy C’ is my quiet, but my deepest desire. The big one of them all! Have thecnnekt launch successfully and become the new avenue for young women to go to for profound, raw, and compelling articles. A series of events will be aligned with the monthly content themes. These events will unite women in major cities who wish to meet like-minded creative, passionate women, and cultivate meaningful relationships. I will write for this along with other contributor writers. This platform will evolve into a functioning business, and along with my partners, we would run our own company while educating, connecting, and inspiring young women. I’ve been working on this quietly. 

Now, that you’ve read through all my wildest fantasies, you can see which element remains the same, and what I really only want to do:

All I want to do is fucking write (for a living). 

i can outgrow a dream, right?

February 19, 2016

Long ago, I have always dreamt of New York Fashion Week.

Working alongside models, creative makeup artists, and seeing the talented designer. The clothes, the people, the crazy. Every little detail.

The rush gets addictive. Like coffee.

I was able to immediately dive into this world right after college. I would have never imagine myself in this field of work, or having the opportunity to walk the concrete grounds that I do now. Does it sound cool to utter: I work in fashion. Yeah, sure. I’ve work hard to gain the credibility that I have.

As New York Fashion Week wrapped up, I would not say I am a seasoned fashion week-er, but I know a thang or two.

I will always have a huge admiration for designers and their carefully thought-out collections, but fashion week makes no sense to me. There is so much money put into a 10-minute runway show or an-hour presentation. You cannot fathom the hard work, and time the teams put into these short-lived shows and presentations.

I am looking and talking about fashion on a larger scale. 

I have only participated in four seasons, including this past season. But as each season approaches, I feel less incline to participate in any parties and go to shows altogether. I find myself more disconnected from this world as seasons fly by. 

Fashion does not excite me as it used to and has caused me to be very anxious where it’s becoming unhealthy mentally. They’re just clothes, I say. 

I am still in my twenties, a decade of blur, uncertainty, and instability, where I still have some time to make moves. I am considerably young, but in my early twenties, I used to think I was meant for fashion. Devils Wears Prada, anyone? But now, after being in the industry for a few years, I am reevaluating my dreams.

Do I want to be in an industry where I do not identify myself amongst these people? Or when a sample goes missing, I am stressed the fuck out, or crying at my desk because I am bombarded by meaningless bullshit?

I’m ready to move on from my childish dream.

– C


go celebrate yoself

November 20, 2015


*chimes in Adele’s Hello.

I am trying to do this thing where I only write to you when I have a quality and compelling story to share because well, do you want me to spam your newsfeed? Nah, right? Okay, cool.

It’s Friday afternoon-almost-evening, and I never stay this late in the office on a Friday. But surprisingly today is one of those days. In the midst of the busyness of this week, I hit a lot of wins. #winning 

I didn’t grow up with getting gold stars and pats on my back for 100 percent on my math homework – well, for starters, math was never my strongest subject. Second, my parents were stoic then. Always questioned why I didn’t work harder.

But I felt like I did. Now, as an adult, I have taken strides in my career and I’m very proud of myself. I learned to recognize my strengths and accomplishments. Is it narcissistic if I celebrate myself and my successes? Um, no. I feel like it is my birthday every other week because I am killing it at work. It is like #treatyoself every so often – when I know I truly deserve it.


I believe in recognizing when a job is well done. Don’t you? Give yourself a pat on the back. Get that damn cupcake!

Why I firmly believe in celebrating myself is because if I don’t, who will? So, go celebrate the things in your life, from the small to the big successes and Yourself. Only you have the power to measure the value of your success.

Today, I celebrate myself. Why? Well, I do regularly, but this week I had a major win. I pitched a profound, personal story to the Editor in Chief at Literally Darling. This outlet is like Elite Daily, but more intellectual and geared towards a women demographic. The reach is huge, so this is something worth squealing about!

The article goes live on Monday, November 23rd. I am still in shock by the way. Ugh, I cannot believe it’s happening. 

This is one of my stronger pieces with a help of a good friend. I have been working on this the last few days – poured my heart and soul into this that exposes a whole other side of me that I rarely share with you all…

“I just got out of a relationship. I fell in love for the first time in five years.”

– C



do I really belong?

October 20, 2015

Life is filled with ironies. 

I don’t know how I fell into the fashion industry. Obviously, I know how – someone took a chance on me at Trina Turk in LA that opened doors from left-to-right. I had the opportunity to work with amazing brands and established companies, which all led me to where I am now, working at a notable fashion PR agency in New York.

The reality is, I am this average Jane from Pomona, California who always have known to dance to a different beat.

You know how there are those fashion-obsessed people? ‘Gramming every outfit for the likes or talking like, “Did you see Balmain X H&M Collection? Oh my god this piece is such perfection!”

I don’t speak this language fluently, but I understand parts of it. Like Spanish.

I know information here-and-there, places to shop, what are the suggested style fit best for what body type, fabrics appreciation, and I can go on with the little details. I know enough, but nothing overly beyond to be deemed as a “fashion expert” or be pretentious about it when I speak.

Although what I am doing day-to-day is not necessarily my calling, s’all good though because it is not as if I am miserable. I thoroughly enjoy it!

Here’s a quick story that will capture what I am trying to say. I went to this event (hosted by GQ Magazine x Coach in SoHo) and found myself very uncomfortable. It’s nice that you are out of your comfort zone because that is how growth happens, but nah man. I noticed a few, well many, things about myself. The event made me question if I belong in the industry.

All the glam, schmoozing, and socializing is hard for me to surpass. I may appear to be a social butterfly, but I am not. I had better social skills in college. Now? I am super mindful of peoples’ intentions and unwilling to invest in small engagements. You can talk to me after two glasses of Prosecco, maybe. Also, I don’t know how to fake it ’til you make it or fake the funk because I always keep it real. 

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. – Kurt Vonnegut

Well said, Vonnegut.

Maybe this is why I resonate with The Devil Wears Prada because Anne Hathaway’s character was an outsider like myself. Knows nothing of fashion and then somehow fell into it, but really aspires to be a journalist. Perhaps that will happen to me when I realize where I want to go in life, but I am still figuring that out. I wrote about that long ago; you can read it here!

While I am making tiny footprints in the industry, I wonder if I will remain or transition into a different space. Only time will tell, but I have to say, no matter where my thoughts and interests may take me, I somehow always revert back with wanting to be an editor for a digital publication.


Anyway, I wish I had more time to write to you all. Life has been chaotic lately, with long work days and weekends to catch up on personal things, there is never enough time in a day. Frankly, I have not been inspired lately…

Ouch, that hurts just writing (and saying) it out loud.

– C