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style: a refined style

February 21, 2016

Fashion and style have two different entities.

Finding your style is hard. I don’t know about you, but I have struggled over the years and admittedly, compromised myself here-and-there with pieces that did not exactly went well with me. That goes for hairstyles, too. 

Similar to discovering my sense of self, personal style is the same way. I find myself admiring colors, patterns and appreciating rompers, but at the end of the day, I know that it is not my style signature. Plus, rompers make me look fat. You’ll never catch me in a romper.


I know fashion is bold, fun, and evolves with time, but staying loyal to ourselves is something we don’t consider often. Have you ever taken a second look at your wardrobe and know which pieces you wear in a weekly rotation, often? And why?

While everyone is rocking trends that come and go, mine will forever be classic with very few updated styles and key pieces. Not only since starting my capsule wardrobe has helped me save tremendous money – that I end up splurging on beauty and skincare goods, but it truly has helped me refined my style and work with key pieces. I do get bored of my wardrobe, trust me, but when I attempt to walk into a store, I am easily overwhelmed and nothing is outstanding.

DSC06303 DSC06304 DSC06306While I can go into detail about which pieces I have – I am lying, I rather not. They’re just clothes…

I quickly wanted to share my thoughts and these cute photos I took last week. Obviously, turtle necks and knits are my favorites this season. I have less than 37 pieces to create my Capsule Wardrobe. 

Lighting is best before 11am in my apartment. Cute, right?

Alright, back to writing.

– C


shorter and bolder

February 3, 2016

I take my hair very seriously.

Hair is not just hair. It is also part of identity and self-expression as our personal style is. Our hair is an element of our overall image. It creates the bigger picture, which is Us.

Does that make any sense?

I have a long face – parts that resemble an oval, but then I have faint cheekbones that offset the oval shape to be a square. I recently discover that I have a “squoval.” When it comes to finding a cut that is flattering to this mixed shape, you can imagine how nervous I get when I see my hairstylists.

I feel bad for Stacie and Marlo, because I am particular with every detail. But at the same time, I trust their judgment and say, “Do what you think looks good.” My tip for you is if you are changing a look, I say go on Pintrest and collect styles that inspire your future look. It has always been in my favor and fortunate enough that my hairstylists are receptive.

When you are someone like me, who has had long hair for all of her life, you best believe cutting more than 6inches off was quite the transition and nervous experience. I have anxiety issues, okay? Now, almost at twenty-six, it is up to my neck. The shortest I have ever had it in my life. Well, maybe I did have the Asian-bowl-cut, but I don’t recall any photos as proof of this.

It’s shorter and I feel bolder. A haircut can change a woman. 

But let me say this, in my journey in creating my personal style and identity, I believe now more than ever, I have truly capture my sense of style and what genuinely represents me. You know what also helped me in defining my style? My capsule wardrobe, which I will share what pieces I have been heavily rotating. It would be inspiration if you ever want to embark this challenge, or what I like to say: lifestyle.

Now, selfies for you! HAHA!

DSC06259 copyDSC06278 copy DSC06262 copy

K, bye!

– C

brooklyn studio apartment

January 24, 2016

I have not felt home for a long time; since living in Fullerton, probably. Now, Brooklyn is definitely home. In March, it will be one year since I moved into my studio apartment. (The best present I could ever give myself!)

Remember how I mentioned it took me a long time to get settled in? Yeah. About damn time. I kid you not, I had a mattress and bookshelf for months before I purchased anything else. It was not until November when I began filling my apartment with little additional details, like frames and art, that represents me – ultimately, coming to life.

The best part in this entire process was how I was going to furnish and decorate the place. I knew I wanted to go for the Scandinavian-bohemian-chic vibe.

I was inspired by photos I found on Pintrest; I can spend hours there and curate beautiful boards, but I don’t have that much time. In case you are interested, you can view my inspiration boards here, here, and here.

I will shut up now. Family and friends, I present to you, my studio apartment – my home. 

DSC06208 DSC06209 DSC06211 DSC06212 DSC06210 DSC06213 DSC06214 DSC06215 DSC06216DSC06293DSC06226DSC06223

Sometimes I forget I live by myself, but when I remember or take a moment to reflect, I am so thankful that my life has turned out this way.

I will always be proud of this accomplishment. This is me adulting. 

– C

PS: I had time yesterday to edit and write this up because you know, I was snowed in and all. It was nice just to stay in and Netflix. However, after a few hours, I already went crazy…

#latestylepost: downtown vibes

January 7, 2016

You can tell this outfit was captured awhile ago.

It is officially winter in New York, we’ve been blessed with such a warm December. I wish it was sunny as it was in these photos. So depressing, also, my hair. Look at the length of it! I kind of miss it, but I love the short thing I got going on. Random side note: when I did a middle-part with my wavy locks tucked behind my ears, I called it my Alexander Wang hairstyle.

Don’t know my reference? Please see below:



So what’s so unique about this outfit in comparison to my everyday-wear? Well, it has to do with the elements that screams Downtown. Leather, sneakers, and long, draped shirt – I am wearing pants underneath! Or maybe this squeals New York…?

DSC05341 DSC05344

Yes, this is a very New York shot. Thanks to my photographer aka Work Wifey, Karina.

DSC05356 DSC05388

It is not a dress, although I could have fooled you. It’s a tunic/shirt. With side slits and reveal an innocent view of my side body. I have never been a fan mixing navy and black, but as of late, I grew fond of the color pairings. Especially if the navy is dark enough to appear black.

Mixing solids and patterns, as basic styling principles, and playing with lengths and fabric textures (cotton and leather). This look is very easy to duplicate! It is definitely out of what I would typically wear – mixing my everyday favorite bottoms and leather jacket with a this tunic.


Signing off with my favorite picture.

I have so much back-up photos to share with you all because I suck in real-time photo sharing, except on Instagram.

– C

style: a little lazy

October 29, 2015


I am in this constant battle of trying to be “put together” and ehhh, no… However, I make better efforts nowadays because I realized that when I look my best, I feel my best as well. It just adds that extra oomph in confidence, you know? Attitude is everything. Not trying to impress or one-up anyone either – my personal style is so simple compared to the many fashionable New Yorkers.

Since starting my Capsule Wardrobe, I would say I have been getting more creative with maximizing pieces that I have. Sure, some looks may be repeated, 3-peated even, but I managed to look put together. I would document everyday looks, but do you know how exhausting and obnoxious that would be for you and me? So instead, I only highlight some of my favorite day-to-day looks.DSC05076

This look captures the whole effortless look, wholly.  Although, it is probably my signature style characteristic, it still has that “put together” element. I borrowed three things from my last outfit: the white blouse, the statement necklace and my favorite nude bag by Michael Kors.


Photographed by Karina Munoz

The cropped sweater made is the game changer – if I had worn a full-length sweater to my waist, I don’t think the overall look would have looked slimming and resulted in “effortless.” Although I do mean business, this look is casual, too. To me, this is what I call business casual because I am wearing dark denim and my shirt is just chilling.

In case you are confused with references in my entry above, let me assist you with some links: what is a capsule wardrobe? I broke it down for you. Did I really wore the same outfit? Nah, just a couple of pieces you can find here and it’s the same sweater from the time I wore my culottes. Who are my style inspirations? That’s easy, you can read it here. Or you want to see what other looks I’ve showcased? You can click right here that will take you to the archives.

Looking for the looks above? Here ya go, boo:

I am not linking you to other items because I’ve shown them before, so to make it easy for your eyes and myself, I will only highlight key items.

One more for the road and for laughs:


Obviously, candid. 

Thanks for tuning in, family and friends. Signing off, meow!

– C


style secret: proportions + balance

October 23, 2015

Have you ever style-stalked someone or see how some outfits are perfectly paired? How did you achieve that look so effortlessly? There is a secret (and some rules) when it comes to fashion and how you can be flawless day in and day out.

I know how to dress myself that accentuates my figure, and this is my personal principle. This rule may not be pleasing and applicable to you, but Do You, right? And you know, overall, fashion (and well, freaking LIFE) is all about trial-and-error. You play with trends, bold colors and all this other jazz to find the style and look that makes you feel good.

I posted a photo of this look below on my instagram as a sneak peek because I was very proud of this look. Sometimes, you cannot help it, but share your outfit because it so damn on point! Right?! Yes!

DSC04853 DSC04867

A simple white button-down blouse, high-waisted shorts with opaque tights and pulled my look together with a Boyfriend Blazer from Lucky Brand Jeans (I used to work there, remember?). I tucked my statement necklace under my collar to wear it as a tie substitute. I left my shirt untucked because my shorts are actually high-waisted and I found that my body is not very flattering with some high-waisted bottoms.


Why does this look work? It’s balanced. I played with lengths, such as my blazer. To offset my short, shorts, I go with a longer blouse or jacket, always. Playing with layers can be challenging especially when it’s cold and you want to refrain from looking frumpy, but this is when proportions (balance) is key.

As effortless as I look, I look put together because of the color scheme (black and white, duh) and proportions. If you don’t believe me this is a secret to always looking chic, read this article here by Marie Claire or this article published on Lauren Conrad’s blog.

Now, you’re looking for this look? I gotchu. Links below:

  • Boyfriend Blazer // Lucky Brand – similar here or here
  • White Button-Down // Uniqlo – here
  • Shorts // JCrew – variety here
  • Tights // HUE – here or here

Hope I inspired you to switch up your look a little or you learned something new when it comes to style (and fashion).

I am crying inside because I did not expect to have so much work to at the office today, and work is throwing off my weekend engagements. le sigh* (This is me pitying myself).

Anyway, Happy Fri-yay my stylish friends and have a great weekend! (:

– C

style: culottes are cool

October 4, 2015

Culottes are the new skinnies. 

I always had a thing for wide-leg pants, but I can never wear them because it required me to add height to my overall look. Not down to wear heels on the regs.

This year, culottes have been my ultimate go-to bottoms and have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe and added to my personal style. Culottes mean “pants” in French, but us Americans label it as knee-length trousers. You say tomayto, I say tomahto. Really, means the same thing to me.

Why do I love it? Not only it hides my huge thighs, but I find it so flattering for my body type. While I support people who dare to wear things that may or may not flatter their bodies, I am more particular when it comes to personal style. By any means, I am not body shaming anyone – I am just more particular about how things fit in what areas.

I have captured two looks below for you how I style culottes: at the office and not-so-much-at-the-office.

IMG_3178 IMG_3161

Above, I wore it with a light sweater, statement necklace and kitten heels. The look is very minimal with the hint of red. I was in a style rut because I have accustomed myself to pairing it with a tucked in crop top in the warmer season. How do I transition this to a colder season? I saw Eva Chen style them so casually with a sweater, so I decided to do it too! Refer to her instgram photo here. While her look is more casual and monochromatic, I stole the idea of pairing it with a sweater. The idea is so simple yet I didn’t think of it! To avoid looking so “kept together,” I did a front-tuck to add more of my personal favorite: an effortless touch.

DSC04519 copy DSC04504 copy

Photographed by Karina Munoz – you can find her here 

This look is more casual. I wore this to work and my colleague said, “You are screaming 70s.” It’s the culottes. Made from light denim material and a little shorter than my ivory, Topshop pair above. With my necklace (not shown), it did feel like I was in the 70s. Hair parted in the middle (and finally at a great length). I paired it with my low-heel, ankle booties, favorite backpack, and a fitted sweatshirt. Viola, super casual! 

Shop my look? Sure, here are some links below:

Look 1:

Look 2:

If you are unsure where to find your first and most flattering pair of culottes, I always go to always go to Zara for almost everything in my wardrobe, but they do have an amazing collection of culottes from all kinds of fabrics. If you feel opened to the trend, but unsure if you want to commit to a pair? Read this – it will address your major concerns like making your butt look saggy. Or if you are a culotte fast-lover like myself, here is a style-guide/inspiration to feed your addiction.

Mom, I think you’d be proud of my fashion choices lately. I ditched the sloppy (okay, sometimes), and I’m sure you will never read this, but let’s just say I look pretty cute when walking around in the City. HAHAHA! (Okay, I feel like I never laugh in my posts, but whatever – no filter today).

Alright, until the next style post. Thanks for tuning in! Stay stylin’ and profilin’, beauts! Beautiful Sunday we are having in New York. I should probably get dressed, but I’m still in my underwear…

Lazy. To. Move.

– C

By the way – here’s an October Playlist for y’all (;

style: channelling mod and nudes

September 16, 2015

On Monday, New York was a good 61 degrees – I have not felt this cool in a long time. Summer was or is blazing, but not as bad as California so I’ve heard.

Remember how I am doing my capsule wardrobe? Yeah, still refining pieces, and frankly it is more challenging than I thought. Plus, with season transitioning, I need to be mindful of what pieces to collect to make my 37 pieces goal. I attempted to go shopping yesterday and it was very unsuccessful; I walked out of Zara with one sweatshirt. Can you guess the color? Black.

Thought I share some of Monday’s outfit with you because I was very proud on how quickly I put this together and how cute and confident I felt starting my week. The skirt was a perfect kick off to the cooler mornings we have been having and the tone was appropriate for the upcoming season.

DSC04281DSC04295 copyDSC04307DSC04406DSC04427DSC04346

Photographed by Karina Munoz – you can find her here

For starters, if you don’t know me or cannot tell, I am not model-esque by any means. From physical features to knowing how to pose properly, I am definitely more of the candids and movement. I usually get shy about being photographed and prefer to be the photographer. But these photos came out great and it was fun because the wind was blowing in my hair and for once, my hair was cooperative.

The History of Fashion. The Victorian Era to the 1960s Styles.: SISTERS EDITORIAL ROUND UP SPRING SUMMER 2013 BEST LOOKS Jalouse Models: Julia Ponomareva, Anja Cihoric, Lisa Verberght, Zuzanna Stankiewicz...:

I paired my skirt with a simple 3/4 black basic top from H&M. I tucked in my shirt, threw on some crew socks paired with my favorite booties and backpack, and off I went! Altogether, the look reminded me of the Mod Fashion era, 50s to 60s – think of iconic models such as Twiggy and boxy, shift dresses. I like to read up on fashion trends and physically go to the store to see what is in season, and skirts are something worth exploring. I know a-line or circle skirts came back a couple of years ago and now they’re here to stay, I think?

Here is where you can find similar (or exact items):

Above all, you know what I am extremely excited about? The ability to wear eyeliner again and I have to say, I don’t look as tired as I did all Summer (;

Thanks for tuning in for this quick outfit post – I rarely share and if I do it’s snippets through my instagram account. Happy Hump Day, family + friends!

– C

PS: I am done with NYFW SS16 – who would have thought I would work and attend many by my third season? Dreams do come true!

This (image below) is circulating our office right meow, HAHA!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.26.48 AM


style: capsule wadrobe

August 9, 2015

I hate to be cliche, but I do love fashion, plus, I work in the industry. I am still discovering my personal style and what silhouettes are more flattering for my body type; I’ve observed which styles and pieces from my favorite stores and wardrobe that I tend to cling onto.

While I strive to collect pieces that are transitional and can be easily manipulate as different outfits, I have decided to take a on a new and exciting challenge when it comes to my personal style and fashion. Similar to the 30-Day Challenge where I will not shop, I am on the pursuit of building a capsule wardrobe. What does that mean?

A capsule wardrobe is a “mini wardrobe made up of 37 really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear,” said by Caroline Rector. Rector’s blog is called Un-fancy where she documents her seasonal capsules with only 37 pieces.

You probably think I am crazy, and I am, but I will tell you why I am serious about this project – rather a lifestyle change. Now that life is less of a “transitional phase” and more of strutting to my everyday beat, I want to try to focus on the bigger projects in my life and make room for new experiences. I do not want to stress out everyday figuring out to wear or purchasing things that are in-season that doesn’t stick true to my personal style. Read: lazy and save money, just kidding, but in all seriousness, I do want to solidify my personal style as well as save money. With less items, I do not have room for noise and distraction that “isn’t me.” For instance, in the recent years I’ve noticed, that I am not one to wear much vibrant colors.


Not only that, but I do not have a closet, literally. I have a rack mounted to the wall and a Sterlite dresser with wheels. I remember mentioning that my studio apartment is small – I don’t know the definite square footages, but it’s small and very fitting for a single body, two at most. So due to the lack of space, I am kind of encouraged to live minimally.

I did a lot of reading up and watching videos about capsule wardrobes and the benefits of living a decluttered life, and truthfully, I was inspired. I want to make room for other things in life such as practicing mindfulness, and experiences to enrich my soul and spirit. So believe me friends, this is beyond the style – it’s a lifestyle change I am hoping to gain from this challenge.

Although I would say my wardrobe is quite small already and carefully put together, that means this challenge would not be a difficult transition. My next move is to refine it and decide on how many pieces I would like to make up my capsule wardrobe. In the process of refining my closet, this means I get to sell or donate my old stuff and replenish it with new investment pieces! Y’all know I am about quality pieces that can be in heavy rotation. I already have this minimalist style going on, so this is easy breezy! 

I am very, very excited about this project! I wanted to visually show you what I currently have: DSC04039

This is excluding majority of my shoes and bags that are at the doorway of my studio apartment. I can confidently say that what I currently have are great pieces already, but I am going to dive in again to see what pieces are worth keeping.

What am I going to include in my capsule? I made a board on Pintrest! You can find my Fall Capsule inspiration here or click on the little cute icon on the left side bar where it will direct to you to my main page to see all my boards. I will definitely add more pins when I come across pieces I like.

Archives: missed out on my last fashion challenge? That was sometime last year and I successfully killed it. Or, if you missed out on my style inspirations, you can view that here. If you want to learn more about building a capsule wardrobe, you can read it here on PureWow or learn the 101 from the woman herself. Not much of a reader? Watch this TedxTalk video here about only the 10-items wardrobe! This is the very video that inspired me to refine my already minimal lifestyle.

Okay, I provided a lot of information and may have sound redundant, but it was only to emphasize my point here. Hope you guys got it!

Thanks for tuning in! I literally just woke up, made a smoothie and opened up my laptop to make this announcement! Also, very excited to play today at #TheDoOver10 today. Looking forward to good vibes and music.

Frankly, I miss doing the Do in LA, but let’s see what good in my new ‘hood (;

– C


style: investment pieces

July 29, 2015

I rarely wear anything that is flashy; my wardrobe selections have always been subtle that easily blends into my minimal lifestyle. The only time I wear sparkly, sparkly is NYE because it’s required, haha!

My whole subtle thing also applies my jewelry selections, which I do not have an outstanding collection of.

The whole midi-rings and simple pieces have been trending for months – no, maybe years now, and as much as I hate diving into a trend, this one I could not resists due to the simple designs.

I have been on the hunt for quality jewelry for a long time. In the recent months, I have been asking around and reading up on things, when the beaut Cynthia, beauty bogger at cynthialions, mentioned that she picked up her rings from Catbird in Brooklyn.

I became a curious cat – did my research and all of that jazz before committing to a purchase. You have to be particular when hunting for jewelry or any accessory for that matter. Especially when things are not real gold because it tends to fade and make your fingers, wrist, neck or whatever body part green!

As much as it painfully hurts me to drop more than a certain amount on certain things, I know it is worth every cent because quality triumphs quantity in this case. There are certain things you can be frugal about – such as paper towels that you use up and dispose. Then there are certain things like a solid white-tee and simple statement pieces that can be recycled in your daily wardrobe that is worth splurging in.

Or maybe this is what I tell myself…

But I am so happy with my purchase! I got Catbird’s Threadbare’s Ring in Rose Gold:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

You might have seen this image on instagram posted yesterday. Random side note, for those who follow fashion news – CFDA selected Catbird as part of their new members. You can read about that fashion news here.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
I truly admire the minimalism craft – I am not a gold person because I’ve gotten super tanned this summer, but the rose gold is fitting. For more ring inspiration, I created a whole imagery board showcasing ways to style Catbird’s stackable rings. You can find that here on my Pintrest.

Typically, I never share about clothing and accessories purchases, but… you know – whatever. Had a couple inquiries since the share yesterday, so here is the full on post!

Happy Hump Day, beauts! More entries coming your way (I hope you’ll like) (:

– C