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style influencers: a story

December 5, 2014

Good morning, and thank goodness it’s Friday!!! Diving into today’s story:

What does style mean to you? Fashion and style are two completely different entities, and if you don’t know that, well, I hope you do now. I do love fashion, but what I love more is style because as trends fade, style, however, does not.

Fashion is a form of art and expression, which now leads to my question: what do you think your style says about you? Or what do you want it to say? Hrm, a food for thought.

This blog is about finding myself in my career and as a creative individual, as mention when I launched this bad boy. While I have yet found those words that are concise to depict my wardrobe and personal style, I wanted to share some trend-setters that I avidly admire and get my inspiration from.

Alexa Chung. She is truly my style icon, a mixture of feminine and masculine looks. She jazzes up an outfit with a skirt with loafers, which is men’s wear inspired. There is something about her relaxed, messy locks and button-downs. (Buttons from buttonsandchary, holler). I am a sucker for a well-tailored pant suit for women (and men). To me that signifies confidence and power.


Photo Credits: Alexa Chung Tumblr.

Pamela Love. My inner bohemian, free-spirited and effortless badass-edgy style. Think moto-jackets, funky prints, maxi dresses and ankle boots. All which I have! I discovered Pamela Love through her jewelry brand and when I was eyeing her aesthetics and style, I immediately fell in love. Want more insights? Click here.

s-PAMELA-LOVE-large640 pamela-love-x-surf-collective-nyc

Photo Credits here.

The Olsen Twins. Their style has definitely evolved over the years, even when they are not dressed identical anymore, they both obtain similar aesthetics. This is where I adorn the classic black and white color palette. It is New York-esques to be decked out in black and white, apparently. These two are so iconic in the fashion industry, designing successful collections for The Row and Elizabeth and James.


Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Olsen

Photo Credits MKA Tumblr

I would say now, in my mid-twenties, I have a full grasp of what I do like and what I don’t like in terms of style, brands and clothing. It’s funny because I was never a stylish person growing up – ask K, one of my oldest and dearest friends. I wore Batman sneakers in Kinder, which haunted my childhood for awhile. But I will take that even early on, boyish elements have always charmed me. Honestly, I didn’t tap into my personal style until midway in college. What can I say, a late bloomer.

Hope this was visual stimulating for you as it was for me, or at least made you think about your sense of style. Have you figured out your personal style? If so, where does your personal style inspiration root from? Do tell!

(I intend to learn to describe my style in six adjectives instead of lengthy sentences).

app tuesday tip

November 18, 2014

A friend of mine, M stemmed the inspiration for this post while exchanging emails back and forth.

I get asked what filters and apps do I use for my photos through instagram. Today, I am going to show you the only app I use and have been for years to filter my photos on my social media feeds.


I use VSCOCAM. It’s a free app that you can find at in your App store. Droid users, I am not sure if they have this in your marketplace, frankly. I am a loyal Apple consumer. Here are some screen shots from my personal iPhone:


I keep my apps very minimal and organized on my phone for efficient purposes.IMG_9458 You have the option to create an account. VSCO has it’s own platform where users can share their edited photos to other VSCO’s users – kind of like instagram, but more of sharing visuals as oppose to giving feedback and leaving comments(?).

As you can see, these are some photos I uploaded on my instagram. This is your second home screen where you can snap a photo or import a photo from your library. The bottom left icon allows you revert back to the home screen (photo above) and the right icon with a circle is snapping a photo. If you tap the “+” icon on top of your screen, you will be able to import photos from your library.IMG_9461

It will take you to this screen. The right icon indicates you wish to select that photo(s) to import to the app.IMG_9462

There are nine free filters, which is similar to the default ones on instagram (I think?), and you can select which one is fitting for you. My personal favorites are F1, F2, G3, and P5. IMG_9463

For this demo, I selected P5. You have the option to scale how filtered you want it to be. The scale runs from 0 (no filter) to +12. Tap the right check icon when you’re happy with the filter setting.IMG_9464



Let’s say lighting was not in your favor. There are two edit buttons: the paint brush and the tool. Paint brush is for filters, and the toolbar you will find exposure settings, resizing, rotation, and etc. Once you’re all done making your last edits, tap the check mark.


The photo will appear in your feed and viola! If you tap on the icon on your bottom far right, it allows you to share it through multiple outlets (See photo above). The cool thing it allows you email, at minimum, three photos. Photos that are edited through VSCOcam will not automatically save to your phone.

I hope I explained it thoroughly for all of you to understand. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email. I’m not an amazing photographer like my photographer friends, M and P, who both have photographed me.

For M’s website, click here.
For P’s website, click here.

I was going to call this “Tech Tuesday” and realized I don’t know if I can keep  this as an ongoing segment. Filter the crap out of your photos, now!

Weather update: woke up to low 20s and now is reaching 30s. Two layers is not cutting it.

And I arrived early to work to avoid the crowded trains and to put this piece out before I have actual work to handle. Have a happy Tuesday family & friends!

week 2: teg 30 day challenge

November 16, 2014

Good morning! It’s Sunday, you know what that means – weekly outfit recaps from The Every Girl Challenge.

I am only going to link newly introduced items, since there are repeated items from last week. If you missed that recap, click here.

SundayGridSunday: Turtle-necks have become my staple for this Fall. I tend to layer up with a scarf as well, depending the temperature (lately it’s been low forties!). I opt out for an all-black outfit to meet a former colleague of mine J. This outfit contain all of my favorite elements: black, silver accessories, fedora hat & turtleneck knit.

Details: Knit Sweater: H&M, similar here; Hat: Topshop Classic Fedora Hat; Rings: thrifted


Monday: Of course I have to own a Band T-Shirt, a classic and one of my favorite bands, The Smiths. I purchased in CA. Again, all black with my lazy hairdo. Also because it was Monday…

Details: Band T-Shirt: Vintage, similar selections here; Belt: Urban Outfitters, similar here.


Thursday: This is probably one of my more “boyish” looks. With my coat, it really reminded me of Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here. My neck was plain so I decided to spruce it up with a statement, plus I was going to meet some of the contributors at City Ella after work. Ya know, make it appear that I add effort, haha.

Details: Shirt: Uniqlo burnt out tank, similar here; Knit Sweater: H&M, similar here; Printed Pants: Uniqlo, similar here; Statement Necklace: H&M, similar here.


Friday: I felt somewhat unprofessional wearing my Nike’s to a meeting I had with a client. First off, who really has Friday Meetings, especially in the afternoon? Oh boy. But this is my favorite outfit from this week. I am so in love with this Boyfriend Blazer, from the style and cut to the color: black and white.

Blazer: Lucky Brand’s Boyfriend Blazer, Footwear: Nike Air Max Thea; Socks: Gap, similar selections here or here.


Saturday: I woke up early to go to the gym – trust me, a mile is still a commute when you don’t own a car. So this mean, I had to suit up for the walk to my nearest station. If we are friends via Facebook, you saw that I posted a similar photo. To me, the idea of bundling up sounds comforting, but ridiculous. However, once I stepped out of the building, I freezed my butt off. Much needed.

So this is what below forties feel like? Not ready….

Details: Nike Running Jacket, similar here; Scarf: eBay; Jacket: Nautica, similar here (gifted by J – thank you Deary!)

I hope you all enjoy your beautiful Sunday – it is currently low forties again in New York. We are anticipating rain tomorrow, yay. Not really. Currently contemplating if I want to do my laundry right now; I am just so lazy to step out of the house knowing that I have to wear so many layers. It’s exhausting.

Plus, my body is aching in odd places. Transitioning from yoga and running to incorporating weights into my weekly routine is definitely going to be somewhat difficult.

Okay, enough rambling. Thank You for checking in (:

One last thing:

Tokimonsta has been heavily on repeat, I am whatever about this track, but she mixed it so well and it makes me want to jump around or dance! Thanks to my girlfriend, JC for sharing this tune! Take a listen!

week 1: teg30daychallenge

November 9, 2014

Good morning family & friends, thrilled to share with you what I came up withFor starters, I haven’t been displaying much of my personal style for awhile now, but here it is. Making a slow comeback, for the sake of this challenge!

I had more fun editing photos than putting myself before the camera. What I am discovering though, after a full week of this challenge it has definitely made me dress better, and forcing myself to get out of my usual black and white color palette. If you miss the post where I accepted this challenge, click here. I also find it difficult to “pose” myself before the camera and using self-timer, which is only three seconds, that gives me no time whatsoever. Don’t ask about trying to change those settings, I’ve attempted.

I missed Monday’s and Wednesday’s, my two least favorite days of the week. However, below you’ll find the rest of the week, omitting today. I am currently in my pajamas and my hair reminds me of Mufasa from Lion King.

Enjoy the details:


Sunday: Lazy day for me always result in jogger pants and my Nike Roshe. Topped off with a coat and a scarf.

Details: Shirt: Uniqlo HeatTech Turtle Neck; Pants: Uniqlo, similar here; Outerwear: Unqilo Wool Coat; Footwear: Nike Roshe Run


Tuesday: The high pony tail is result of laziness and I didn’t wash my hair, oops. I love when I throw on a blazer, it quickly makes my look more professional, which was necessary since I had a meeting today with one of our accounts.

Details: Floral Print Sweatshirt: Zara, similar here or here; Blazer: Uniqlo’s Basic Blazer; Jeans: 7FAMThursdayUniqlo_Grid

Thursday: It started raining Wednesday night and carried over to Thursday. It was chillier, so I decided to layer up. Stripes, denim and wool, the trio combo. If you follow me on instagram, you saw that I posted the bottom right photo.

Shirt: Uniqlo HeatTech Turtle Neck; Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand, similar here or here; Outerwear: Unqilo Wool Coat; Scarf: H&M (not photographed)


Friday: I am not a fan of cropped anything because I don’t find it flattering with my body type. But what surprised me about this look was that I felt comfortable about it and actually looked well put-together. I was scared that I was going to look all sorts of sloppy and weird because this was my first time showcasing a cropped sweater + button-down blouse. What do you guys think?

Details: Sweater: Lucky Brand, similar here or here; Blouse: Uniqlo Long Sleeve Blouse


Saturday: My roommates J & B call me a Girl Jock because they always see me lounging around the house with jogger pants, crew socks and an oversized t-shirt. And I actually enjoy working out. I spent Saturday running errands and wanted to be comfortable. What do I wear? That’s right, jogger pants and sports bra.

Details: Sweater: Necessary Clothing, similar here or here; Tank: Gifted by Nike NYC.

My style has definitely evolved since college, and more shared elements of “masculinity and femininity.” If I had to describe my style in three words – I can’t. Just one for now: black. Hope by the end of this challenge, you all can see without me saying so, and I can figure out what labels to use to identify my signature styles.

Five days of outfits, five photo grids – phew. That was a lot of work! I hope you guys enjoy the photos. If you have any suggestions for outfit displays, do share with me. I am still experimenting in how I want to showcase my outfits. One last thing: which outfit do you like best?

Is anyone doing the challenge with me? 


November 2, 2014

I was recently introduced to a blog that I have been binge reading. Thank you, Mama! 

The Every Girl is a lifestyle blog that shares all things that matters to me, haha. No really, a great platform for beauty, food, fashion, life advice, and so forth. I fell in love!

A recent post regarding a 30-Day Wardrobe Challenge was mentioned, and I inspired and decided to accept the challenge. You know, I have to spice it up a little! But not only that, this will challenge me creatively by styling with my current staples, to capturing daily outfits, and compiling them into a weekly photo set for you all. Oh, and to save money – so think a whole month without adding any new pieces to your wardrobe. I have a hunch that all the money I will be “saving” will go towards food, though.


That is more than half of my wardrobe: black, whites and greys, but mostly black. No surprise there. I have detail shots of yesterday’s outfit at TEDxNewYork, I will go ahead and gather up my outfits on a weekly basis starting from today, since it’s Sunday.

sockdetails tumblrdash_ootd

Shirt: Uniqlo Heat-Tech Turtle Neck; Printed Socks: Similar at Target; Ankle Booties: Call It Spring Denim: 7 For All Mankind Slimmys; Cardigan: Thrifted

I swear it is like this photo is speaking to me: Do you want to _______? Fill in the blank with: Take the 30-Day Challenge?

Challenge accepted. 

I’ll update you all with TEDxNewYork when I am done editing photos and what I got out of the event. Amazing and inspiring by the way.

Alright, time to put on some pants and make a trip to see Tom Kelley’s Exhibit. Happy Sunday, family & friends (:



September 12, 2014

I was never great at keeping up with my daily outfits or style posts. I give credit to those social media influencers, who are consistent in posting their outfits. One: It’s too much effort. Two: well, it’s just too much effort for me.

I’m a simple and lazy fashionista – if there is such thing. (I’ll share you my basic make-up routine later on to prove that I’m borderline low-maintenance/lazy).

Anyway, I mentioned in my last culture shock post that I want to re-introduce Style back onto my platform. Why not start with my daily essentials? Although it’s not much of a style post, but gives you an insight what I carry everyday when I am on-the-go. This is just the bare minimum by the way – it’s not including my water bottle, current reading material or my laptop.


What’s in my tote?

Tote: Zara, similar here; Wallet: Michael Kors, similar here; Sunglasses: Ray Bans Aviator, similar here; Portable charger; Moisturizer: Nivea; Lip products: NYX Matte Lipstick, MAC’s Chili and Lip Liner; Protein Bar: Clif’s Mojo; Mints: Altoids; Hand Sanitizer (MUST): Purell travel size; Journal & Pen, similar here.

I realize that I always carry more than one lip product, and it’s only because I forget to empty my bag, but when there is a last-minute outing, I can throw on color and jet! Easy, breezy!

That’s it – short & sweet for you all on this lovely Friday morning. Have a great weekend family & friends (:


What do you carry in your bag? 

Oh, and if you’re bored, here are some articles for some enlightenment: articles posted on HuffPost Women about the Evolution of Cat Calls and one for laughs, an ad to finding a Fall Boyfriend.

Wardrobe Essentials: Shoes

January 24, 2014

Welcome to another essential list. If you missed out on the first two, you can view them here and here.

I wanted to switch it up a little bit by creating a set with strictly shoes. For all my shoe-heads, this is for you.

Believe it or not, shoes says a lot about a person. I remember when I was in middle school, I had this theory that shoes define who you are or at least your interests. Now, older and working in fashion, my theory is kind of right! Don’t you think so?

Before you go judging my selected pieces I placed on the template – don’t lie, you were totally judging the Dr. Martens, it’s cool, I am not judging you judging me, hahaha – please read entirely for each selection in order to understand the reason why I chose what I chose.

Here are some selected pieces every gal needs in her wardrobe:

Shoe Essentials
  1. Minimal Heel
      • Similar to our black heels from our second list, the minimal heel is versatile in outfits. The idea is very basic: ankle straps and straps your toes, yet can paired with a variety of outfits.
      • As for color schemes stick to basics: black, nudes, or white. You can add a splash of color, but won’t be your every day heels.
      • Paired with a dress, denim (boyfriend jeans) or cute evening shorts.
      • Shop here, and here.
  2. Wedges
      • I know men aren’t very fond of wedges, but personally they’re my favorite since they’re uber comfortable. If you’re not much a high-heels gal, try wedges so you can get adjusted to the height and learn to walk in heels.
      • Depending on the style and color of the wedges, you can wear them in the Fall season. Wedges tend to be for Spring/Summer and in nude tones.
      • Paired with a nice dress, printed shorts, or even a maxi skirt = best combos for S/S outfits.
      • Shop here here or here.
  3. Sturdy Boots
      •  Combat style boots will forever be a trend. I always thought it was just a Fall/Winter look, but now, can be worn with every outfit, and add that spunk to a dress.
      • If you’re not into the thick sole from Dr. Martens, which is why I love them most, check out Steve Madden’s official combat boot style here. Not into Maddens or too pricey? Check out here, and here.
  4. Flats/loafers
      • I suggest investing in a good, quality pair. Sure there are flats that are a bare minimum for $10 at thrift/flea markets or some boutique brands, but because it is a flat surface, I suggest a purchase with some sole and cushion for your feet.
      • Flats and loafers are for the girls who are on the go all the time, but still want to be presentable, like yours truly.
      • They have round toes and pointed toes – my personal favorite are pointed-toe shoes!
      • Paired with any outfit for a casual (sometimes boyish) yet stylish look – spring dresses, skinny jeans or fitted pants for that semi-business look. If you need style inspiration, take a look at Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung, these two are always in flats/loafers.
      • Shop here or if you’re trying to splurge check out Tory Burch.
  5. Sneakers
      • Dunks, high-tops, basics, any type! Every gal should own at least a pair when she’s feeling ‘boyish’ or super casual and let’s say you didn’t paint your toes, throw on them sneakers girl.
      • My favorite brand for sneakers hands down: Vans. My favorite pair is my navy-blue old-schools. I just throw them on with some jeans and a t-shirt.
      • Depending on the color, you can throw them on with any outfit to add that casual-feel. Let’s say a slouchy dress, add some vans, cardigan and hat. You’re a girly yet boyish – just my type of style I tend to go for.
      • Don’t forget other sneaker brands like the classic: Converse.
  6. Sportswear
      • When you’re feeling athletic. Nike has a few lines/collections – and I’m not a shoe head, but I know fashion. When you think of Nike you think of workout shoes, right? But they do carry regular/casual clothing and shoes and that in the fashion world is known as sportswear.
      • Sneakers and sportswear can be interchangeable in your wardrobe. It is basically the same concept, but I like to have one of each to add a different style.
      • Paired with jeans – best with jeans!
      • Check out my favorite sportswear brand: Nike (why of course)

I have a mini surprise for you all – tune in next time! Bye, Friends!

Happy freaking Friday! I am such a zombie at work today. Heavier on my eyeliner and threw on lipstick to lessen my zombie-feels. Goodness.

PS: Have a great weekend! If you’re available tomorrow, there will be free museums in LA!



Wardrobe Essentials: Part 2

January 17, 2014

Told ya’ll I was going to keep it coming…

As mentioned from last week’s post about essentials, here’s a part two:

Essentials Pt. 2


    1. T-Shirt
      • Plain, prints, v-neck or crew neck – any styles work.
      • I don’t recommend graphic tee’s with too much going on – if so, find a graphic shirt with a versatile message
      • Perfect for layering under sweaters, light jackets or outwear coats
      • Classic look: plain white-tee with some nice classic wash denim
    2. Sweater
      • That every-day sweater – not just for the Fall/Winter seasons.
      • A lightweight fit to layer up
      • Personal No’s: Cobalt Blue and bright reds
    3. Black Heels
      • Casually worn with jeans, semi-formal in a pantsuit, or formally in a dress
      • Pointed or round-toe
      • Stray away from platform black pumps 
    4. Little Black Dress
      • Every gal needs one – a must !
      • Look for more of a fitted dress than a skater girl dress, but that works, too
      • Can be worn casually with a flannel and ankle boots or formally with black heels and a coat with red lips for an evening
      • Many ways to wear the LBD (stay tuned)

Now my stylish Readers, don’t fret if the styles are a little different from the photo-set above, as long as it has similar silhouettes or concept then do add that your wardrobe.

Even when I am telling you about things you should have in your wardrobe, your list may be different from mine, but with any successful wardrobe, there will be those selected pieces that everyone has.

As I am wrapping up some of the rest of the wardrobe’s must-haves, I realized that I need to update my wardrobe and my collection. I been itching to go shopping, but before I do, I need to really stare-down my closet to see what additions do I need before I make careless purchases- with what money!

Until the next list, Readers! Stay stylin’ & profilin’ (;

Wardrobe Essentials: Part 1

January 10, 2014

I’m always talking about classics, staples, essentials, and so-on, but never really shared any visuals with you all. Silly me. But I am going to make it up to you all with the next few style posts I am going to share.

What is the definition of a classic piece? 

By the definition from Yours Truly: classic pieces are pieces you collect that are considered as must-haves. They are pieces that can be alternated through all seasons and in simple words: timeless. Classic pieces are typically made up of primary colors and prints.

Don’t go collecting all kinds of prints now; only selected prints are considered to be classic. I’ll share them later.

What are examples of classic pieces?



What every gal needs in her wardrobe. Essentials on this collection are:

    1. Button-down blouse
      • A classic button-down blouse can never fail you. Unless it’s twice your actual size.
      • Can be worn casually with skinny jeans or formal to an interview.
      • Prints on button-downs are tricky, too.
    2. Blazer
      • Truly a must-have.
      • Could be in any style: boyfriend, over-sized or standard.
      • Can be worn casually over a plain tee or formally for an interview or even with a dress.
    3. Denim
      • Every one, I mean every one needs a pair of flattering jeans.
      • Aim for one that fits your body type: skinny, boot-cut, flare, etc. Whatever works for you and style you wear often.
      • Basic denim colors: black, indigo (almost black navy), light-washed, and standard denim, olive green, white and occasionally red.
    4. Tote/Bag
      • Picking the color is complicated for a bag. Either you’re the brave gal going for that bold, pop of color or you keep things plain and simple (like myself) with black, white or neutral tones.

I did not want to overwhelm you all with how many essentials it takes to build the foundation of a wardrobe. I want to start the list small for now and continue to share the basic pieces for every closet.

Oh and mind you, not all pieces have to be branded or expensive. I have a few of my favorite staples from thrift stores. It’s a matter of style, not brand. 

Until the next list!

Ta-ta Readers (:

Complete Re-launch:

January 3, 2014


After almost two months off, I am back! Surprise.

It was nice and necessary to take some time off. But every single waking day, I would think, “Alright Chary, time to sit down and brainstorm new concepts.” It was difficult. There was one point there were 27 drafts – and I thought 10 was a lot at the time when I had a writer’s blockI had no idea.

But now that we’re back in action, there are a few things I want to cover. After seeing the direction that my blog was aimlessly going, I decided to retract those steps and start anew and better. will produce 3-4 content per week, meaning I will not publish daily. I won’t give any further details, but I hope you will see changes in content upcoming this year – I am eager to share!

Secondly, if you take a peep at my About Me section, it’s been updated and with photos, too! I know how everyone enjoys photos! The ones I selected in that section are my personal favorites from the photo shoot I had in December with my wonderful friend and photographer, Pamela. If we are Facebook friends, you got a sneak peek.

Here are additional selected picks from the shoot:




I was so specific about the scene, outfit and every little detail. Essentially these photos are describing me, and I wanted it convey me in every aspect.

We did the photo shoot on a chilly yet sunny afternoon in my hometown, Pomona. Downtown Pomona will always have a special place in my heart because of the culture. I am a sucker for that ‘downtown’ vibe. The culture, the people. Although it isn’t a large downtown scene, I still get the downtown-feels. The record store scene depicts how much I love music, especially live music from my favorite artists and bands. I live for shows! I haven’t gone to any music festivals, though, wah! 

My outfit was rather difficult to put together, finding that medium of being well-photographed/dressed and well, me.  I did not want to wear something something that was not me and not my attire on a daily basis. I opt out for something basic: box tee, black skinnies, and moto-jacket with my Nike Roshe (for the love of Nike) all in dark shades, duh. I did not brush my hair because I never do anyways. Told you I was very specific about details. Finished my look with a bold lip. Viola! That’s me, comfortable.


I’m not used to being before the camera so while this shoot was happening, I never felt so awkward and so weirded out by someone photographing me. It’s different when you’re doing #selfies, trying to be cute and crap. But this was not the same. Thankfully Pamela was so patient with me and making me feel at ease as much as possible.

So many photos of myself in this post, so weird to me, too! Hahaha! 

Alright, Friends I hope you got a warm welcome back to my blog and enjoy the wonderful photos. Pamela if you’re reading this – again thank you so much for the great photos. I am so in love with them! <3

If you are in need of a professional photographer, check out my good friend, Pamela. I will link her information below!

Pamela Tenorio