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beauty: origin’s charcoal mask

April 5, 2015

I’m baaaaack! Welcoming my extended absence (it was not thaaaat long), with a new beauty post for you all!

I know I have talked about face masks before, and last time it was more natural – refer to that old post here. Although I have switched it up from brands to different texture types, I wanted to give this product, especially after hearing great things, a try.

Origin’s Charcoal Mask was my recent beauty purchase, and wanted to give this bad boy a try. The thing about product reviews is that every skin type reacts differently. Whether you have super sensitive skin like myself, normal skin or dry skin, your skin may respond differently to certain products and it’s chemicals. I am prone to dark spots and acne scars, and when I break out, it is all in one area all at once. It’s annoying and so gross.


The back label instructed to mask yourself every week, or as much as needed. For me, I generally have pores in the center of my face (nose mainly and certain radius around my nose). I try to facial at minimum twice a week to prevent future acne, and I do not believe you can overdo this skincare procedure. But what do I know? I am not a dermatologist. But what I do know is living in New York, my skin has changed so much. I don’t get much fresh air as I do as if my skin is not breathing. Large cities have bad air and smog, filling our pours with gunk! If it was not for my concealer, I kid you not, the way my skin has been reacting to the weather conditions, it is awful than when I was going through puberty…


Once you apply it on your face, depending how thick you apply it, it may take awhile to dry. Unlike the Lush product, Origin’s mask tightens up your skin when it is dried – similar to my first ever masque product: Pur Minerals. It really does tightens up your skin, and once you try to move your face when it dries, it may hurt a little.


Verdict: I like how it is out of a tube so when it comes to product application, it’s nice. It is more of a consistent texture than Pur Minerals; Pur Minerals after awhile, I had to shake the bottle in order for the chemicals to blend and mix before I applied. I recommend doing this before you shower because it might be troubling when you are trying to wash it off. In all, I like what I am seeing so far, and I see the difference in my pores, especially where I have it most.

Another to add to my beauty shelf! Happy Easter Sunday family and friends! While you all are doing the egg hunting, I will be hunting too (for food at Smorgasburg “A Brooklyn Flea Food Market”). New Yorkers know what I am talking about. Click here if you’re curious.


– C

beauty: what’s in my makeup bag?

March 1, 2015

I have been trying to be consistent with one section on my blog and by far, that is the beauty section! It is slowly growing and I hope you are enjoying what I am sharing with you babes.

Today I wanted to quickly share products that I carry on-the-go, give or take a couple of products, but on a regular basis, this is what I carry:

DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03033

Products shown:

  1. Chloe perfume – here
  2. Kiehl’s Lip Balm – here
  3. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – here
  4. NYX Cosmetics’ Soft Matte Lip Creme – here
  5. Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed – read it here or shop here
  6. E.L.F’s Liquid Eyeliner – here 
  7. Victoria’s Secret Hand Lotion – here

I think it is time to update what’s in my bag post. If you missed that old post, you can find it here.

The snow definitely changed my mood. I had a laundry list of things to do today and instead I ended up staying in and only accomplished in re-organizing my room. My desk is half-tackled. Extremely lazy at this point…

Have a good one, y’all (:

– C

beauty: nars concealer

February 22, 2015

If you’re having a lazy day like myself, all I do is slap on concealer for those dark spots/ blemishes, some BB Cream and I am out the door versus the full on foundation and blah, blah, blah, blah. This often happens when I snooze more than my usual 2x…

I have been on the hunt for a great concealer for a long time. Typically, I am resistant to high-end brands because of the sake of the brand’s name. And I like to experiment with drug store/low-end brands than designer ones. However, I had to splurge for this one because a concealer is such an essential in every woman’s makeup kit.

Decided to give the notorious NARS a try:

DSC02907 DSC02909

There are so many reviews about NARS radiant creamy concealer. YouTube’s Beauty Gurus such as Claire Marshall from HeyClaire talked about this before in her 2014 Favorites Video, and my beauty blogger friend, Cynthia from – you can see her post here. I finalized my decision when I was lurking the NARS section, asked questions to the saleswoman, then she applied it on me and boom. Sold. It was game over.

Here is the dirt: the consistency of the product, the applicator is amazing – allowing you to really target the areas you need to. The best part? I use it for my dark circles, a couple of dabs and using a concealer brush then dabbing using my ring finger gently across my eyes from inwards to outwards (from my nose bridge to my temples), viola!

The only con that I found so far is that it is not long-lasting. I hate having to touch up my makeup, but sometimes when you have an afternoon meeting, it might be required.

My verdict is it really does conceal and a keeper in my current beauty routine.

– C

beauty: new lippy!

February 15, 2015

I have been trying to branch out to new colors and different brands to see what else is out there beyond my collection. If you missed my favorites from my lip collection, you can view that post here. Of course, shades of red and deep burgundy are always my favorite.

Another red-tone to add to my list:

DSC02912 DSC02916 DSC02917

Butter London’s Old Blighty shade, a moisture matte lipstick! You can view the entire product description here.

This purchase was on a whim; I’ve heard of Butter London through their amazing nail polishes, which I have shared on my instagram and the current color you see on my nails above. But I had no clue they offered a range of other products and cosmetics. Instantly, I had to take a peep at their lip collection. What I found so great about their product is that, it applies on matte, but has moisture that does not leave your lips feeling dried and chalky. At first I was hesitant because “moisture matte” seems unheard of and surreal rather, but it works!

The packaging is the cutest thing, too. I am so used to having round lip products, but this one is in a square form and everything about it is so chic! Again, a total fan of great packaging and presentation. The color reminds me of my MAC Chili, but less of a orange-coral tone, but definitely bright and lively.

I’ll post a selfie somewhere with the product on. Hope you all had a great weekend! Keep you all updated with other goods when New York Fashion Week is over! Thanks for stopping by (:

K, bye!

– C

beauty: i got naked

February 8, 2015

I am all for multifunctional products for many reasons; my biggest thing is traveling light. Especially in the cold winter conditions, crowded train rides to-and-fro places – I would hate to be that woman on the train with a million of shit aka the Bag Lady, which most days I am…

Today’s featured product is Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette in Streak. The package is similar to their Naked Eye Shadow Palette, but this one is your beautiful cheeks, my lady friends and readers.

DSC02811 DSC02813 DSC02814 DSC02815

From left to right: bronzer, highlighter and blush. Instead of individually getting these three items, it is all conveniently in one amazing palette. The bronzer is not my total favorite – Benefit’s Hoola (amazing), but it does give you some bronze. It’s a lighter bronze than Hoola’s, but if collect more of the product onto your brush and keep applying, I am sure you can build the tone you want to have.

I forgot to mention the size! Fits right into my little make-up bag where I keep all my cosmetics for touch-ups. Great size for travel, seriously.

Another reason why I trust Urban Decay because I already use two of their foundation products: Naked Skin Weightless foundation and their pressed finishing powder. Due to my sensitive skin, I prefer lightweight make-up. (I hate caking on my face where my face cannot breathe), so for now, I  trust UD’s products. Until I find another brand that produces lightweight cosmetics, then I will give it a try then. Any ideas? Do share!

Sorry I have been absent for a full week. With Fashion Week coming up, I have been so consumed in work – long hours and whatnot. Thanks for tuning in and stopping by!

– C

beauty: hair – from balayage to solid

February 1, 2015

Before I left California, I had the whole ombre & balayage hairstyle and went shorter. Hints of light brown and blonde throughout my lob (long bob). It was the perfect summer hairstyle done by who else than my fabulous hairstylist, Stacie.

When the season began to change, I decided to give myself a whole hair makeover. There are many reasons why women go through many color shades for our hair. Whether it makes us feel like a whole new person or a way for us to cope with new changes like getting out of a relationship, haha. Whatever it is, it is another way we like to beautify ourselves. For me, the East Coast actually has seasons, so when it gets colder, things go darker. Wardrobe. Hair. Time to say bye-bye to my browns and blondes and welcome myself to the dark side.

I don’t remember the last time I dyed my hair out of those drugstore box hair dyes. I wanted to find a product that had better quality and did not fade within weeks. I have always clung onto Revlon’s Color Silk because it was super inexpensive. To ensure full color coverage, I had to buy two! (I used to have long hair so it took a lot of effort and my hair is also thick).

I wanted to explore my options. Instead of overwhelming myself in front of the hair beauty section, I sought out for beauty and lifestyle blogs that shared any hair dye products. Then, baaam! I had go through the archives for this one, but The Every Girl shared L’Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue. (You can find that article here).

The process is super user-friendly and actually, I prefer it because the chemicals are already mixed for you. Rather than cutting the color substance and shaking it vigorously, all the chemicals and hair color mix are already in mousse form! And the packing was chic, of course.

DSC02778 DSC02779 DSC02781DSC01226

DSC01332 DSC01334 DSC01337

The color doesn’t latch on right away, but a few minutes after it is thoroughly applied, you’ll see the difference.

Did I mention this product is affordable? Less than $20, I found mine at Target for only $14! Steal. If you’re a brave gal (or dude), whole heartedly trust yourself with your own hair, have more fun in doing it yourself, and looking for a hair dye that has great quality and budget-friendly, then I highly recommend giving L’Oreal Paris Mousse Absolue a try.

By the way, this is not recent hair color change – I have gone solid black for a few months now. I went darker sometime in the Fall, but prolonged the post. Now, after a couple of months, the blondes are lightly coming back. Like with any hair that has been bleached, it naturally shows again with multiple washes; color fades. That is why I will never go red because I cannot fathom the maintenance and the up-keep of that.

(I am lazy and it is not within my financial means). In other words: low-maintenance, haha!

Alright, thanks for tuning in for this beauty post! So excited to share new products with you guys in my next post! Mostly my lady readers, hehe.

– C

For all my West Coast Beauts, if are interested in getting your hair cut, dye, or know precisely how you want your hair, and do not know where to go, I am going to share Stacie’s information with you all. Stacie really listens and gives you honest feedback about what caters to your face, and what colors compliment your skin tone!

Salon Amerige
122 N Harbor Blvd Unit 101
Fullerton, CA 92832
Phone Number: (714) 738-8800
Click Here for Yelp Reviews (Yes, I write reviews, and plenty of it).

beauty: my lipstick collection

January 18, 2015

I love lipstick, as much as I love nail polishes. Details, details, details.


*wearing NYX’s Alabama 

I am more of a lipstick than an eye-makeup gal because I have trouble with doing any fancy, shmancy make-up. Did I mention the part that I have almond eyes and have no eye-lids? Reasons why I do not mess with my eyes unless it’s the simple cat-eye liner (future post). Whereas lipstick is easy to apply. Boom! You’re done. It is not rocket science.

Things I look for when it comes to lipsticks: quality, consistency, texture and color/shade. Below are some of my favorites from a variety of brands:

maccosmetics lipstickcollection_nyx_mac alabamared DSC02681DSC02693

From left to right:

  1. NYX Cosmetics (pronounced like the New York Knicks) – Alabama. You can find it here.
  2. MAC Costmetics – Chili. It was featured in a prior post and you can find it here.
  3. Revlon – Black Cherry. You can find it here.
  4. MAC Cosmetics – Diva. You can find it here.
  5. NYX Cosmetics – Aria. You can find it here.
  6. MAC Cosmetics – Photo. You can find it here.
  7. MAC Cosmetics -Styled in Sepia
  8. NYX Cosmetics – Sierra. You can find it here.


*wearing Revlon’s Black Cherry


*wearing NYX’s Aria

… and this is what I usually wear on a regular rotation. However, this only makes up half of my entire lip collection. What can I say? I am heavily addicted.

Hope you discover new shades or be more inclined to wear lipsticks because really it’s easy and flattering for all. By the way, what beauty stuff do you want to hear from me? Hair care? More skincare? Everyday products? Trust me, I don’t go all out or anything, very minimal and everyday essentials!

Thanks for stopping by (:

– C


beauty: a body party

January 6, 2015

Hello, there!

So, with Winter officially in full swing (December 21st is known as the First Day of Winter), and with complaining how colder it is to walk to and fro places, I am realizing that I need a moisture that is longer lasting. Not to mention, today is snowing.

I never had a problem with skin dehydration, but then again, I never knew what an actual Winter was either, so this is all new to me. My skin has not fully transitioned with season changes and New York in general. To me, skincare is very important!

I simply want a product that has longer moisture, so I went on a hunt and read a couple articles how to sustain moisture. Although these magazines shared great articles, I decided to check things out for myself.

Very particular about many things pertaining to skincare due to my sensitive skin, I went to a trusted cosmetic store that has never failed me: Lush. Where I shared a product review for you all a few posts back. Read that here.

This time, I got something something for my body:

bodybutter_lush1 lush body butter

This is Lush’s You Snap The Whip body butter. I was skeptical at first by the salesman when he said this tiny body butter soap did wonders. He did a test on my right hand and the after math was phenomenal. I was so pleased! Okay, okay, you did good sir.

There are tiny specs in the body butter where it exfoliates your skin, which by the way, is crucial to rub off those dead skin ladies and gents! The scent is quite yummy, too. You simply rub this bad boy on yourself when you shower, do not apply water on it – since you’re body is already covered in water, simply rub the product all over yourself and rinse.

You can choose to apply lotion after your shower, but I found that it was unnecessary. If anything, I do apply light body lotion on my legs, for extra moisture, but I feel super smooth and moisture after using this product. I have been using it for a feel week now, and my verdict is: a keeper in my beauty skincare routine.

Easy to use and cost efficient, so give it a try! I would say this product, depending how much I lather it onto myself, will last me a good month? I think.

There are other body butters as well, but I went with this one because of its scent. Simply because I don’t like vanilla scents stuff. An article/slideshow written by one of my favorite outlets, Refinery29, sharing some body butters and its hype can be viewed here.

Short and sweet for this beauty post! Keep your skin hydrated for the Winter, family & friends! Wait, I forgot, family and friends back in California don’t have a winter… 

– C

beauty: lush’s mask

November 23, 2014

What up, Sunday!

Jazzing it up with fashion and re-introducing new things to the platform. Ladies (and gents), I hope you’re excited for this segment I am going to continue!

I’m no expert when it comes to beauty, but I do have a simple beauty regime of some sort to remain flawless! Yes, say it like Yonce’s track! HAHA!

Wanted to share a product with the latest ‘buzz’ and give you my feedback.

Lush’s Mask of Magnanimity:


Ladies, if you have never committed to doing a facial mask, I suggest you start doing so. It is recommended to do it about 1-2 per week. Why? To clean out/tighten your pore, you know get the dirt out, exfoliate your skin, moisturize and generally, cleansing your lovely face!

Lush released a new line for their face masks. They have a few they carry, but this one is their face + body mask. It’s called “self-perserving” which means you don’t need to store it in a refrigerator. However, this would be a great month supply depending how frequent you do a face mask.


Using Lush’s face mask is brand new to me; typically, I use Pur Minerals Dirty Girl twice a week. Lush’s product is fairly easy to used and great size for storage. A bumpy and consistent texture when you apply on your face with a tasteful peppermint scent. It clings onto your face quickly. This product doesn’t tighten up your face, like most facial products I have used. Let it sit on your face for 5-10 minutes. The label instructs this, but I highly suggest about a good 15-minutes, for the mask to dry up a little then wash it off with warm water.


I like to do facial masks on days when I need to wash my hair, a two-birds-one-stone ordeal. How did my face felt afterwards? Smooth, a baby’s booty. I don’t know if you guys have the same issue as I do, but I hate my pores on my nose. Applying a face mask will help reduce those pose and clean out all the dirt!

My verdict after finishing this jar? I saw a facialist and she said I had amazing skin. So, masking myself twice a week with Lush has done something right for me. The peppermint scent is a bonus, too.

Basic Skin Care Tips from a lazy gal, aka me:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Yes, this means drink a lot of water. It’s good for you!
  2. Even if you’re drunk and tired, go wash your face. Take all that dirt off, girl.
  3. Must have: face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Don’t know where to begin? Click here.
  4. SPF, always. Keeps the wrinkles and sun damages away. Start early ladies. You’ll age slower.
  5. Minimal makeup.

So, I failed at last week’s challenge and photographing myself. It’s getting more time-consuming than I thought.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday Funday! Bye family & friends (:


My Latest Haul: Beauty Products

October 31, 2013

I know I’m more style-based, but beauty and cosmetics are part of the outfit, too. It ties it in all together!

Before I share my new goodies with you all, just wanted to add that I’m still new to the beauty and cosmetics world, and it’s so much fun to play with, but I suck.

There is definitely an art for mark-up and I totally lack in it. However, practice makes perfect, for me that means watching a million YouTube tutorials from my favorite channels! Or ask someone to my make-up for me, hehe.

Show and tell time! Yay!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetJust some essentials – pfft, every thing to me is an essential when I purchase them. It makes me feel better about it. I try not to get that shopper’s remorse! Haha! Absolutely love the dry shampoo from Garnier – I dislike the Tresume one because it doesn’t work too well. However, this product does not have a bad scent after you use it and it goes on lightly.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Trying out a new brand and new foundation. I usually use a powered-base foundation, but lately I am having frequent breakouts and wanted full-coverage. I opted out for Urban Decay’s weightless foundation and finishing powder. Works wonders, you guys. I am so in love and sure it may be a tad pricey – “designer brand,” but I love the investment!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI swear, lipstick is like the devil. I cannot stray away from them! As of now, my leading brands for matte lipsticks are NYX Cosmetics and Mac. I only stick to matte finishing lipsticks. This one is Mac’s Chili, a mesh between coral and red, with an orange undertone. Perfect for every day lips in my opinion!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMake-up 101: want your make-up to stay on longer? Consider a longevity primer such as Benefit’s Stay Flawless Primer! I’ve heard many great things about this product from my favorite YouTube Beauty Guru’s and it definitely lives up to it’s hype.

That pretty much sums up my mini-haul. I am on a hunt for a new scent. I went sniffing around this past weekend and found a potential candidate: Dolce & Gabbana!

Hope you enjoy this post! Until next time, Friends (: