Rule No. 1: Love Thyself

February 18, 2014

The best relationship you can have is with yourself.

Sorry if I come off too “preachy,” but here I go. Now, I don’t know the correct formula or proper advice on how-to to love yourself, but I can share my story.

We tend to bash on ourselves for what we lack, get fixated on things we cannot control, or what we are doing wrong. We let one thing we don’t have overrule the things we do have.

How is this relevant to me now?

I had an intense conversation with a few people expressing how I feel a certain way. The way I hate feeling the most: stagnant. 

Stagnant defined by characterized by a lack of development, advancement or progressive movement; inactive, sluggish, or dull.

Why do I feel like this? Although I am so grateful for my job, the position is not quite challenging for me. I have been unhappy lately. There are days where I am extremely busy, but it is manageable.

But then it hit me, I should be grateful (which I am by the way), graduated the past year and obtaining a stable job in an industry that I love! Not every who graduated can say that, let alone, find their first big kid’s job. I needed perspective and appreciation.

So where am I going with this?

I need to constantly learn to appreciate myself, acknowledging what I am doing right and cut myself some slack.


Along with that, a lot has to do with focusing on the good things about yourself. Your strengths, not your weaknesses. Although it is important to know and accept your weaknesses so you can work towards improvement.

Trust me, loving myself took some time; I would say I matured a lot in the past four years; I am more vocal than ever, but it is all for the best I’d say!

To all my Ladies & Gents, learn to embrace yourself. All of you and your flaws. It is easy to love someone else and accept someone else’s so why can’t we give all that unconditional love for ourselves?

*Artwork done by S.