Why I Feel like Andy Sachs:

October 30, 2013

I am not going to generalize every girl in the fashion industry, but I know I speak for myself when I say I fell in love with The Devil Wears Prada.

Tell me any fashionista who doesn’t enjoy this film. No, really! 

While I was flipping through one of the many glossy magazines at my desk, I came across the brand “Dolce & Gabanna” and immediately, my thoughts shifted:


I resonate with this film/novel heavily because I am aspiring to be a writer like Andy Sachs. In order to get to her long-term goal, she takes on this assistant position that “a million girls will die for.” We all take on roles that hope will take us further, right? For Andy Sachs and I, being in the fashion industry was a beacon of hope for us.


I didn’t have it difficult as Andy as far as dressing myself or being presentable to some head-honcho, but familiarizing myself with specific brands and companies is something Andy Sachs and I struggle with.


I remember when I was working for a luxurious e-Commerce company, ridiculous work by the way, and the designers’ pieces were rid-ic-u-lous! I remember the colleague I was working with, he’d be so freaking amazed when a product or designer would show up in the racks we were working with. He would utter the name and I just stood there, all baffled. Whose that? Nope. I have no idea who that is. 

I felt dumb. Here I am being exposed to thousand dollar pieces and I have no idea who these designers are.

I wasn’t entirely clueless; some I knew and adored, but most I was pretty much like what the heck?

But to work in any industry, you have to have some knowledge, right? Know what is going on, know who you are working with and so forth, that’s a rule!

As Sachs’ character developed, I feel as if I am too in my own ways. Being exposed to the fashion industry slowly in all different aspects: corporate versus boutiques, sales to administrative level – it’s crazy how this industry works, but I adore every spec of it. It may sound superficial to you, but the adrenaline it gives me makes me feel this is what life is all about!

Unlike Sachs, I am not too wrapped in the industry, and losing my friends and family. No, at least not with my current job. What I am doing now is strictly a job, not a career. That’s the honest truth.

What is the moral of the story? I couldn’t solidify one, so I am going to ramble on a couple – a few even. One, don’t ever lose yourself – stay true to your roots and your moral code (if any). Two, hard work pays off – Sachs ended up being a journalist for a New York newspaper – not a magazine. Three, it is all about who you know & staying ahead of the game – her ass got saved when The Devil requested the unpublished Harry Potter book, and she was smart to be one step ahead of her boss – as you should, always. Always.

In any industry, or if you are trying to get into any industry, utilize your connections – I always say tap into your networks, in a kindly matter of course. And by staying ahead of the game, doing things before they are requested says you are being an engaged individual – attentive and that alone makes an impression.

This film and novel will always have a special place with me. It’s one of my all-time favorites! Any film about a go-getter, leading woman is always a keeper in my book!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you next time, Readers! Tootles!