In 2013, I Learned:

January 8, 2014

I hope you all got a warm welcome from last week’s posts. I can’t express how happy I am to be back and to be publishing regularly. 

Now, let’s play catch up, shall we? Jason, I hope you’re reading this because I am totally quoting you, haha!

Fair warning – there is a lot to talk about, so bare with me. If you are simply distracted right now, please close this window and come back to it when you have the time to sit down and actually read. Cool? I won’t be upset, I promise. Hehe!

Okay, so now – I wanted to ring in the New Year with the whole traditional, overrated resolutions, but let’s skip that and get to the juice stuff. Juicy stuff? Oh yeah, you’ve read that right.

By all means, this is a not a rant, rather a reflection of what I learned in 2013 – now before you ‘X’ out of this window or yawn, I do encourage a reflection at the end of every year. Why? Life is simply all about living and learning. And even if we don’t acknowledge it regularly, we all came a long way.

Honestly, I love looking back and my highs and lows and see how much I’ve progressed. Overall, 2013 was pretty solid. 

Alright, ‘nough of my preaching shpill – time to spill:

      1. I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk. – Joquesse Eugenia
        • Losing people in our lives are hard, but it is all a part of growing up. There are so many factors involved, but to the core of it the quote above captures my emotions and expression so truly.
      2. Expressing gratitude – beyond Thanksgiving.
        • In the beginning of June 2013, every night I will compile a list of the things I am grateful for that day. Whether it was big things like having a drivable car and a job to little things like FaceTime and Yelp, I wrote the things I am/was grateful for.
        • I felt happier and blessed every day, very privileged. And this made me feel alive for some odd reason.
      3. Living in the moment.
        • I am typically an anxious person, not much has change frankly and I am unsure if that trait will ever go away, but this time after being jobless for three months of 2013, I really learned to live life in that very moment. I learned that I cannot control what is out of my hands and experience what Life had to offer – in that very moment.
      4. Hope & Faith
        • Hope & Faith go hand-in-hand for me and will continue to be immersed in 2014, but definitely had a lot of it going on in 2013 with different aspects of my life: career, self and relationships.
      5. Love thyself
        • 2010 was the turning point for me, when I lost myself entirely and slowly build myself up again. ‘Til this day, I am working towards a better me. Cutting myself some slack because I am not perfect and I am only human. But in all, learning to love myself, flaws and all, each and every day while practicing better habits. Or at least trying to.

Well there you have it, my 2013’s biggest lessons. I hope it was an enjoyable read for you as much it was for me to write up. I was going to write a list of things I conquered in 2013, or things that I crossed off on my Bucketlist, but that can wait. Maybe.

I hope you are all having a Happy Hump Day! Let the good vibes, roll!

Ta-ta for now Readers. I can feel that 2014 things will be happening.


I can already feel it !!!