Complete Re-launch:

January 3, 2014


After almost two months off, I am back! Surprise.

It was nice and necessary to take some time off. But every single waking day, I would think, “Alright Chary, time to sit down and brainstorm new concepts.” It was difficult. There was one point there were 27 drafts – and I thought 10 was a lot at the time when I had a writer’s blockI had no idea.

But now that we’re back in action, there are a few things I want to cover. After seeing the direction that my blog was aimlessly going, I decided to retract those steps and start anew and better. will produce 3-4 content per week, meaning I will not publish daily. I won’t give any further details, but I hope you will see changes in content upcoming this year – I am eager to share!

Secondly, if you take a peep at my About Me section, it’s been updated and with photos, too! I know how everyone enjoys photos! The ones I selected in that section are my personal favorites from the photo shoot I had in December with my wonderful friend and photographer, Pamela. If we are Facebook friends, you got a sneak peek.

Here are additional selected picks from the shoot:




I was so specific about the scene, outfit and every little detail. Essentially these photos are describing me, and I wanted it convey me in every aspect.

We did the photo shoot on a chilly yet sunny afternoon in my hometown, Pomona. Downtown Pomona will always have a special place in my heart because of the culture. I am a sucker for that ‘downtown’ vibe. The culture, the people. Although it isn’t a large downtown scene, I still get the downtown-feels. The record store scene depicts how much I love music, especially live music from my favorite artists and bands. I live for shows! I haven’t gone to any music festivals, though, wah! 

My outfit was rather difficult to put together, finding that medium of being well-photographed/dressed and well, me.  I did not want to wear something something that was not me and not my attire on a daily basis. I opt out for something basic: box tee, black skinnies, and moto-jacket with my Nike Roshe (for the love of Nike) all in dark shades, duh. I did not brush my hair because I never do anyways. Told you I was very specific about details. Finished my look with a bold lip. Viola! That’s me, comfortable.


I’m not used to being before the camera so while this shoot was happening, I never felt so awkward and so weirded out by someone photographing me. It’s different when you’re doing #selfies, trying to be cute and crap. But this was not the same. Thankfully Pamela was so patient with me and making me feel at ease as much as possible.

So many photos of myself in this post, so weird to me, too! Hahaha! 

Alright, Friends I hope you got a warm welcome back to my blog and enjoy the wonderful photos. Pamela if you’re reading this – again thank you so much for the great photos. I am so in love with them! <3

If you are in need of a professional photographer, check out my good friend, Pamela. I will link her information below!

Pamela Tenorio


  • ion

    I like the newly found enthusiasm and upbeat style of the site.

    • admin

      Thanks, P! Appreciate the feedback (: