The Introduction

May 6, 2013

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Let me formally introduce myself, my name is Panchary. Pronounced as a “pan” and a “cherry.” However, you can call me Chary for short. I like short walks on the beach, live a vegetarian, active lifestyle and always wanted a dog. I am a blog enthusiast; I been an avid blogger since I was a young girl.

I am a recent graduate from Cal State Fullerton with a Public Relations degree. I aspire to work in publishing, specifically for fashion and lifestyle. Oh, and by “recent” I mean within the last few months. You’re probably thinking, “Congratulations,” or something along the lines of, “What are you up to now” and this is where this blog comes in. I wanted to create a blog about my journey in establishing my career.

I feel that when you are going through these motions (post-grad life) where you may feel lost with yourself or you don’t know what to do with life – you are seeking answers. Here, I don’t know if you’ll find those answers you are seeking for, but I want you to know you are not alone. Also, through my journey for finding my “Big Girl Job” maybe you will gain some insights about approaching your path, or even finding clarity in your true passions and dreams.

This blog will be based on a series of events of my life either personally or profressionally. To see my progress, check in with me and read my adventures!

I always appreciate feedback and thoughts, feel free to share yours!

– P.