what if’s?

June 25, 2014

My colleague L and I were chitchatting in the main lobby. She asked the usual, “Are you training her?” followed by, “Where are you going?” As I responded to her questions, her boss, VP of Merchandising overheard our conversation and asked, “Are you leaving?”

Here came the moment of truth: Yes. She then said, “Hold that thought.” She took a few steps back towards her office and then came back, “Do you want to stay?”

“You want me to stay?” She said yes without any hesitation. She then went on saying there is a position available on the Women’s Merchandising Team that is currently vacant. The Director of Merchandising has mentioned my name in a couple of conversations and said I appear to be “quick” and is “has her things together.”

What the! There she was, the VP of Merch offering a new role in the company, on the spot. What do you do?!

After I politely declined since I had another route in mind, a stream of “what if’s” flowed into my mind afterwards. Typically, I don’t question “What If” much, and if we’re friends, you would know this, too. But I was so surprised and struck by this one. It bothered me.

What if I accepted that role and postponed Plan A? What if this role help me progress to the direction where I intend to be? What if I end up staying with the company and moving up in the department?

Frankly, I would have accepted the offer if this happened sooner, like six months ago. So many questions and what if’s followed that moment where it happened. I remembered my heart was racing so fast.

Something amazing came out of this – someone in the higher power, literally, recognized my work ethic. I feel honored to be recognized and this is all so humbling.

What would you do? Have you had any career what if’s? I bet you do. Share, please!

Two more days of work … home stretch, baby! You all are probably think I am insane for quitting and having no prospective job lined up…

My Mom says so, too.

  • Malissa T.

    To be honest, I would re-think what I have to lose if I choose one option or the order. Yes, fatter paycheck but are you truly happy? Take the adventure because you’re going to always wonder.

    • Chary S.

      Although I am usually the type to run with any opportunity, I had to reconsider. My gut was shouting out “No” and although it sounded so sweet, I couldn’t go with it.

      I think my adventure awaits.

      Thanks for reading, love!