“The Plan”

May 7, 2013

Step 1: Finish College – Check

Step 2: Find a job – In Progress

These two are the basic elements on our check lists. However, it is not easy as it sounds. As an undergrad, the whole idea about finishing up school, obtaining a degree, and then landing job sounded so perfectly and easy – these thoughts were forever embedded in me. It was not until I was done with school that I realized that this post-grad life was more difficult than I imagined it to be…

I began to realize that the whole concept about graduating school and landing a job right after became a false advertisement. There were so many information that was being omitted out of the list — this equation, that I had discovered the hard way. The whole process of applying to a million of places, how you may/may not qualify for the position, the rejection ache and how you may not view yourself the same as before. I call this the blame game. You begin to blame yourself that you didn’t get the role – I did. What was wrong with me? I hav e a degree, hello! All these negative thoughts were slowly consuming me.

After a couple weeks, I enriched myself with self-improvement books to help my thoughts and with life in general because I felt the need to “fix” something. I read articles to see if the motions I were going through were normal. Was it? Does this typically when you were out of college? I am confused.

Slowly, I was beginning to be impatient with time. Time was taking too much time. One had to stick — c’mon I applied over 10 a day! I hoped. I crossed my fingers every day. And I waited for a phone call, an email, constantly anxious.

Well, I think it is time for Plan B. Whatever that means…

– P.