2015: be better

January 1, 2015

A new year, a new me

The common phrase that will creep into your ears around this time. But really, it should be more like: a new year, a better me. Everyone is getting a jump start on those New Year Resolutions, or at least have brainstormed a few. But this beckons the question: why wait until the new year?

A new day, week or a New Year encourages a fresh start, so I can see why some would wait to start. But I cannot say that for myself. Although I stopped doing the whole New Year Resolutions thing a few years ago, I decided to set a few for myself. Maybe calling them “goals” is better than “resolutions.” Call it what you want.

I like goal-setting, okay?

Maybe one may be far fetched, but when I was brainstorming, I put careful thought into each of them and see where I can improve in the different realms of my life. Here is what I came up with:

  1. Stray away from distractions and focus. Whether it be cutting back on Status Updates (I barely do, Twitter does not count) or even consuming less Netflix and Hulu Plus. Something’s got to give.
  2. Be confident.
  3. Have healthier relationships. This one is strictly for my (lack of) dating – ha. Although I have cultivated a specific dynamic I want, it would be kind of cool who is on the same exact page as I am for once. But I always tell myself: I have bigger fish to fry, so dating is not much of a priority.
  4. Be consistent. Writing, Health and fitness, Meditating, and all these little things in my life that I consider good habits.
  5. Get published on a new media outlet, ideally: HuffPost Women. I have always dreamed of it, but never attempted because I feel as if my writing is not good enough or that I cannot convey the theme of a piece thoughtfully. But as I continue to write and share my stories here, at FTS and CityElla, I am learning that I capable of it, just really need to dive in! Do the damn thing!

Those are just the top five that occurred to me. Although I may develop more as the year progress, those are the five I would really like to put forth wholly. There are smaller things such as moving into a new apartment by early summer, kick ass in my new role and explore nearby states.

What are some of yours? Would one be being more selfish? I had to slip that in there. Or if you’re lacking any ideas, Paul Hudson, one of my favorite writers wrote this piece here. It’s practical. Or if you are trying to be an adult, like me, saving money is something to keep in mind. Here’s a quick way to save 1K or an old post I wrote.

2015, I am ready for you.

DSC02168Cheers to a New Year! Celebrate safe family and friends (:

– C