beauty: new lippy!

February 15, 2015

I have been trying to branch out to new colors and different brands to see what else is out there beyond my collection. If you missed my favorites from my lip collection, you can view that post here. Of course, shades of red and deep burgundy are always my favorite.

Another red-tone to add to my list:

DSC02912 DSC02916 DSC02917

Butter London’s Old Blighty shade, a moisture matte lipstick! You can view the entire product description here.

This purchase was on a whim; I’ve heard of Butter London through their amazing nail polishes, which I have shared on my instagram and the current color you see on my nails above. But I had no clue they offered a range of other products and cosmetics. Instantly, I had to take a peep at their lip collection. What I found so great about their product is that, it applies on matte, but has moisture that does not leave your lips feeling dried and chalky. At first I was hesitant because “moisture matte” seems unheard of and surreal rather, but it works!

The packaging is the cutest thing, too. I am so used to having round lip products, but this one is in a square form and everything about it is so chic! Again, a total fan of great packaging and presentation. The color reminds me of my MAC Chili, but less of a orange-coral tone, but definitely bright and lively.

I’ll post a selfie somewhere with the product on. Hope you all had a great weekend! Keep you all updated with other goods when New York Fashion Week is over! Thanks for stopping by (:

K, bye!

– C

  • Kimberly Walker

    I remember you talking about this brand in that painfully long Starbucks line we stood in haha! Where can I buy this brand? I’ve been looking for a darker red shade, maybe like a crimson to add to my collection.

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