international women’s day

March 8, 2015

Happy International Women’s Day!

I do not need to scream it or share my stance on feminism on all my social feeds because it’s kind there. I know some people are not transparent compared to others, but if we are friends on any platform, I share a lot of information that gives you an indication that yes, I am a feminist and I believe in gender equality. 

If you are in tuned with social media today, there are two popular hashtags that are roaming Twitter-sphere that are spreading ideas about today’s International Women’s Day. #InternationalWomensDay and #NotThere. I have linked it for you all to take a read to acknowledge the movement and the information that is being shared. Here is a breakdown for the whole Not There campaign on Yahoo News.

I know friends and people who are timid of the “F” word, because of the lack of knowledge or feel that there are certain things that define a feminist, but what I am learning about the movement and the term itself, there is no right or wrong. Sure, there is a true definition of feminism. But to me, if something does not sit will well with you, and because you are a woman, and you feel the need to vocalize yourself, then damn, you might be a feminist and you may not even know it. Or, you are having a stomach ache, but I am going to go with the first one.

Since we are on the topic of women and feminism, last night the Brooklyn Museum held an event celebrating Women and the timing was perfect. Although there were great art displayed, my objective was to see Tavi Gevinson, from Style Rookie/Rookie Mag, and Anna Holmes, Founder of Jezebel, in a Conversation. 

It was an event that I found randomly on Twitter, you know, scrolling my feed and catching up what I missed in that day. Next thing you know, I saw Rookie Mag tweeted about Gevinson’s as a speaker at some event. I knew I had to go, because she is considerably young and so established in the media. Although I was hoping she would speak more about how she became such an icon for teenage millennials, how her business took off and so forth, the conversation with Holmes narrowed down to women in media and projecting feminism through their work as creative types.

It was beautiful. I wish I was able to record the entire thing because Holmes asked such profound questions that I have been pondering myself about feminism. It was nice to know even a grown ass woman who is older, experienced and with great wisdom have thought about the same questions as I have as a young feminist. My favorite question asked was, “Do you think feminism is trendy?”

DSC03069 DSC03072And we have tossed the word “empowered” out there many times, especially as women, but you know what? I do feel empowered after last night’s event and today’s trending topics. Although, we as women, are not where we want to be exactly, it’s 2015 and today it feels good to be a woman.

And here is something I am proud to share with you all:

CHARY TNF MAGPublished on TNF Magazine – to view this season’s issue, please click here. This is so amazing! An international publication first off. Man, things are moving and shaking for me, that I am so overwhelmed…

Also, I have great news to share with you all! Remember how I was talking about taking chances and not waiting until we are ready? Well, something happened. Have no idea what the eff I am talking about? Lemme refresh yo memory here.

Until the next post. Thank you so much for reading and tuning in for today’s post. Don’t forget today is also Spring Forward on your clocks. That means, another hour until the sun sets. Yes! A lengthy post today, but I hope you got something out of it.

Oh, one last thing I promise: thank you for the tremendous feedback on my last post about turning 25. I am glad I resonate with many of you. Hope it provoke you in some way for you to ease that pressure off of yourself or reassured you to continue doing you.


– C