the best present, evar

March 23, 2015

brooklyn skyline

As an early birthday to myself I signed a lease for a studio apartment in Brooklyn. Oh yeah, if you did not know, I moved.

If you don’t know, now you know.

Which would explain my hardcore absence on my writing and well, everything. It all happened so fast – in a matter of a week, I viewed the place, got my credit approved (A big shocker, seriously.  Not being sarcastic at all), and signed the lease. I moved in three days later that week. Boxes and bags everywhere. No mattress. Nothing.

This is not some quarter crisis decision-making type of ordeal. I have thought about moving quite some time and I have mentioned it as one of my 2015 Goals I wanted to work towards. (Forgot? Let me remind you here). It was a matter of opportunity and finances aligning. Again, this was not an impulsive decision…

New York’s leasing/renting requirements are so different than California. I am too lazy to go into the full on details of the specifics, but let’s just say there are so many requirements that can trigger difficulty. You may need to involve a Broker, maybe not. It makes signing a lease in CA look and taste like sweet, ass cake!

Now, coming close to two full weeks in my apartment, it is beginning to feel like home. Truly, my own space that I can come to. It is my first own apartment in New York! Playing my music loudly without any care, roam around without pants, keeping things in an orderly fashion the way I like it, and most of all: decorating and furnishing it the way I want it.

Every idea romanticized is, well, obviously, romanticized, but the reality is this is a huge responsibility. The biggest factor was is it within my means, and am I willing to make such a commitment?!

Smaller factors were one, my apartment is a studio apartment. Translate to small space; I do not even know the exact square feet, but I justify it with: it will only be Me, Myself, and I – and maybe a cat in a few short months. Secondly, living on a budget as a twenty-somethings-year-old is another story of its own. But specifically, how does one furnish an apartment with a tight budget? I moved in with my luggages and whatever I have hoarded from the past few months from my old loft, which were Mason Jars and hangers, really. After visiting Boston last weekend, my Aunt generously purchased me a mattress!

If you are in disbelief that this happened, I can assure you that you and I are on the same page. Even after the fact.

I am really in love with my life. I would be lying to you if I said it sucked balls and if I was unhappy. I can truly sit here and complain and go on and on, but I do not want to utilize my blog as a form of negative expression. I believe in throwing out positive thoughts into the Universe, as cheesy one may deem it to be. Whatever!

This month so far has been a series of great highs; frankly, I am kind of fearful that something terrible may surface, but you know what? I am going embrace all the great things that are happening to me. I need to eliminate the whole idea of this is too good to be true bullshit.

I mustn’t let fear rob my happiness, and you should not either.



If you look closely, it’s a sage and crystals that were gifted by my Big Sis along with my new succulent plant. Above is my little kitchen – I kid you not when I say this. The only area that is completely furnished. Although I am not used to such a smaller cooking area, I don’t cook as heavy, so this is doable.

Teaser photos, but I will share when I am completely satisfied with everything. Sorry I have not been super active on my website. So many things happening offline, and with transitions in both professional and personal, I appreciate your patience with me.

Thank you for all your kind words through instagram, love notes and text messages on congratulating me on such a personal milestone! I am truly blessed with the greatest people. More stories later (:

– C

PS: Six days until my birthday? Where did the time go? I just remembered it was 25 days?!