beauty: origin’s charcoal mask

April 5, 2015

I’m baaaaack! Welcoming my extended absence (it was not thaaaat long), with a new beauty post for you all!

I know I have talked about face masks before, and last time it was more natural – refer to that old post here. Although I have switched it up from brands to different texture types, I wanted to give this product, especially after hearing great things, a try.

Origin’s Charcoal Mask was my recent beauty purchase, and wanted to give this bad boy a try. The thing about product reviews is that every skin type reacts differently. Whether you have super sensitive skin like myself, normal skin or dry skin, your skin may respond differently to certain products and it’s chemicals. I am prone to dark spots and acne scars, and when I break out, it is all in one area all at once. It’s annoying and so gross.


The back label instructed to mask yourself every week, or as much as needed. For me, I generally have pores in the center of my face (nose mainly and certain radius around my nose). I try to facial at minimum twice a week to prevent future acne, and I do not believe you can overdo this skincare procedure. But what do I know? I am not a dermatologist. But what I do know is living in New York, my skin has changed so much. I don’t get much fresh air as I do as if my skin is not breathing. Large cities have bad air and smog, filling our pours with gunk! If it was not for my concealer, I kid you not, the way my skin has been reacting to the weather conditions, it is awful than when I was going through puberty…


Once you apply it on your face, depending how thick you apply it, it may take awhile to dry. Unlike the Lush product, Origin’s mask tightens up your skin when it is dried – similar to my first ever masque product: Pur Minerals. It really does tightens up your skin, and once you try to move your face when it dries, it may hurt a little.


Verdict: I like how it is out of a tube so when it comes to product application, it’s nice. It is more of a consistent texture than Pur Minerals; Pur Minerals after awhile, I had to shake the bottle in order for the chemicals to blend and mix before I applied. I recommend doing this before you shower because it might be troubling when you are trying to wash it off. In all, I like what I am seeing so far, and I see the difference in my pores, especially where I have it most.

Another to add to my beauty shelf! Happy Easter Sunday family and friends! While you all are doing the egg hunting, I will be hunting too (for food at Smorgasburg “A Brooklyn Flea Food Market”). New Yorkers know what I am talking about. Click here if you’re curious.


– C