beauty: i scream for eye cream

April 26, 2015

Ask me if I knew what eye serums, eye cream, or eye gels are two years ago, I would not have the slightest clue.

Moving to New York has made my eye bags and dark circles more noticeable. When we age and become more exhausted, some stuff become transparent – it happens. They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul, right? I thank the product gods for eye cream and concealer – thank you, Nars.

I recently purchased some goodies from Kiehl’s, within my purchase there is a serum that helps “recover” your face – Midnight Recovery. I am going to say the product hydrates and gives you the good stuff that your skin naturally needs. I have been using it for over a week, and I can definitely see the difference around my eyes.


Prior to this purchase, I have been using an eye gel for quite some time to really hydrate the areas around my eyes. You may not realize this, but on our face, the skin beneath our bottom eyelashes is very thin – and the reason why we do get dark circles is because it is a lack of blood circulation, or damaged blood vessels due to a series of things – one would be tanning. Don’t believe me? Read this article here by Real Simple.

In the recent year, I have incorporate applying eye gel, serums, or cream into my beauty regime. I would say my skincare routine is immensely rigorous. What eye product did I start off with?

Mario Badescu’s Ceramid Gel, obviously a “gel” base. Now I am using Kiehl’s Midnight Extreme Eye, a cream base, and this is when I want to go beyond the serum I have already applied. Both (Badescu’s & Kiehl’s) are great, frankly. Product texture is preference and something to consider. One side note though, Badescu’s product must be refrigerated after use.

Into The Gloss wrote a quick piece about the do’s and don’t for eye creams – for reference, especially if you’re a first timer, take a read here. Remember to gently tap, not pull, from inward to outward of your eye.

Depending what formula you buy – some say you can apply it twice per day – day time and nighttime before bed. I usually do before bed, so I have all these things working its magic while I get some Zzz’s in.

Side note: some of you maybe afraid to try new products or developing some sort of beauty regime because we are afraid of chemicals and how active it may react on our skin, but it is a matter of knowing yourself wholly – your skin type, allergies, and etc. This is all a learning process, trust me. Took me quite some time to find products that really work for my skin. You’re not alone on this!

Let me know if you are going to try any of these products I’ve shared with you – or if you have another eye product you enjoy and how it has worked for you!

Happy Sunday, family and friends! It is beautiful out today! The sun is out and a little breezy. Thanks for tuning in (:

– C

PS: I am going to draft up a basic skincare routine, but do you ladies (and gents) have any beauty request? Feel free to let me know and I will post a review (: