beauty: bloomingdale’s hello gorgeous

May 10, 2015

On Thursday, May 7th, S & I went to a beauty speaker event hosted at Bloomingdales in SoHo. The only reason how I heard about the private event was through a gal I befriended who works at Bobbi Brown, Carol. She’s like the homie now and she really hooks it up.

What drew me in was the fact that Allure’s Beauty Editor, Jenny Bailly, was going to be present and talk about about skincare amongst great other beauty regimes. Of course, of course. Anyway, I will save the fluff and share photos instead:


Look at ’em samples, though! I am so excited to incorporate them into my routine and share my feedback/reviews. What I hate about samples is that it is a sample size that does not give you enough to validate if the product is good or not…So far, I have played with YSL’s mascara, flawless by the way, and Dolce & Gabanna’s Intense nail polish. It is similar to the Butter London’s polish I bought a few months back. Or for an easy reference, Essie’s Wicked. Dark and a purple undertone, but D&G is a deep red.

Quickly wanted to mention Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mama’s!!! I hope I am not too late, in New York, it’s a few minutes left of Sunday. While I am unable to celebrate this wonderful holiday with my Mom, she knows how much she means to me, and I sent her a text, haha. Plus, I will get to celebrate with her tomorrow.

Did you catch that? I will try to update you all while I am on vacation, but I cannot promise anything. Plus, I owe you all a full on update about recent happenings – I know, most of you all commented and I got messages about what the heck did you do, Chary?!

I wanted to share this cover by Arctic Monkeys because it is one of my favorite tracks covered by one of my favorite bands:

Brb, New York – I am going home! Thanks for tuning in! See you CA lovers in a few hours!

– C