beauty: tinted moisturizer

May 25, 2015

It feels like it is already summer in New York. What does that feel like? Humidity. Sweaty bodies all over the City, and that means multiple showers per day. I learned from experience that when weather conditions are like this, my make up usually melts off my face, so I avoid powders and heavy make up at all cost.

Not cute, fyi.

I wanted to share a recent purchase when I was at Bloomy’s Hello Gorgeous event a few weeks ago that has been a great staple to add into my summer beauty routine.

Remember how I said SPF and moisturizer are two essential elements when it comes to your skincare regime? Guess what? There is a product that has a combination of tint, moisturizer and SPF. Dude, I know – too good to be true!

Laura Mercier, you are incredible.

DSC03382 DSC03383

My favorite beauty vloggers use this, too! The product was already out before I knew it in circa 2011 (or something). You can find those videos here and here. My only issue with the product is how the formula is dispensed; there is no narrow tube tunnel for it, rather similar to a toothpaste tube, but a tad smaller.

I typically dab four dots (cheeks, forehead and chin), go in with my foundation brush and apply it all over my face. Light weight coverage, moisturizes plus SPF – it’s all a win-win really! I heard many great things about this product before I committed myself to purchasing this. I had to conduct thorough research through various beauty bloggers, and ask myself which was a better purchase: tinted moisturizer versus BB Cream. I will break it down for you later for those who still don’t understand the whole BB Cream thang – trust me, took me forever to get it too…You’re not alone.

For those who are looking for a lightweight product and does fantastic coverage for the summer season, or just in general, I would highly recommend Laura Mercier. There are other great brands as well that carry tinted moisturizes – so if you’re hesitant to try a new brand it is totally understandable. Nars have a great one, too. It is a little splurge compared to your average drugstore brand, but I say it is worth it! Plus, I got it at a discounted price, so I could not have resisted myself! Treat yoself, always! Bahaha!

Keeping it short and sweet for you all. Thank you for reading and tuning for this week’s beauty post! Again, let me know if you have any questions regarding past products that I have featured or any products you would want me to share!

Hope you all had a great Memorial’s Day Weekend!

– C