beauty: you like them nails

July 12, 2015

I like dark tones all-year-around, no surprise there. Daily attire, make-up (specifically lipsticks and nails), so yeah…

I enjoy dipping my toes in dark tones, literally, while my fingers get some (light) color loving. Now, if you did not know, I am quite the nail polish hoarder. When I moved to New York, I threw over thirty bottles away that was accumulated over a couple of years. From large drug store brands to cheap, one dollar collectibles. Now? I am very selective in shades, brush applicator and brand.

Take a peek at some of my current favorites:


Absolutely in love with D&G’s packaging – a total sucker for all that stuff. I know presentation is not everything, but nowadays it is! Working in media/pr makes you think a little different about details, and  those details such as package says a lot about a brand. Essentially, it is all branding. That is a whole other subject that I am not going to dive into, but if you ever want to talk about that, holler!

My current shade:


Speed of Light by COVERGIRL picked up my local Target. You can find the product here.  I fell in love with this color. The formula is smooth and rich; the color is nude with a slight hint of gray. Due to the squarish shape, it makes the application process easy.

Some of the other products shown:

  • Sally Hansen: Pacific Blue and Lacy Lilac – inexpensive purchases at $2.99 per bottle. PB is a very bright blue – Claire from HeyClaire mentioned this as one of her favorites years ago. LL is a nice, light shade of purple – lavender if you will.
  • Essie: Absolutely Shore – $8.50 per bottle, more on a semi-splurge side. What I love about Essie (typically my brand preference) is the play on words when naming the color shade, but even how months of no usage, the formula can still be used with a few shakes and rolls.
  • Dolce & Gabbana: Nail Lacquer – $24.99 unfortunately I could not find the link to the actual product I was gifted, but the undertone is red with darker overtone. So from afar, it may be seen as black, but really it’s a deep, deep, dark red. Oxblood?
  • Butter London: La Moss – $15 per bottle at Ulta. I love this color and this brand. That is all.

Keeping it short for you all. I know I have been absent – it comes in waves.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Happy Sunday!