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August 5, 2015

I have been patiently waiting for the right time and the right products for me to indulge in. I am sure you have heard the buzz around Korean beauty brands – from skincare to make up products. This is not new that Korean beauty products are making its way into the American market.

You all know how I love skincare products – what can I say, I love flawless skin, so I had to give it a try.

After extensive research and reviews, I decide to dive head first into a product that I have been wanting to try and need in my regime. I am all about multifunctional products, but my current face mask does not exfoliate my face like former products I’ve used.

What does it mean to exfoliate? Basically take off all the dead skin off – think of a snake shedding, but not as gross. It’s not recommend to exfoliate everyday; I believe the rule is once per week. Don’t believe me? Read it here on Marie Claire – I back it upppp! Back, back, back it up! 

Skin Food. Food for your skin in short.

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So what do I think? First off, this product is strictly for exfoliation – hence “scrub” and it is different for me to have a single function product.

Packaging didn’t WOW me – it’s simple. However, the smell is amazing. I got the Black Sugar and it smells so divine! This is also their most popular face scrub selection.

Side story: I was very excited to find a store in Chinatown that carried Korean products and first thing I said is, “I need to go now!” Of course, I bookmarked it right away on Yelp. For all my New York beauty lovers, you should check out the store off Canal and Mott named oo35mm. Cheaper than Amazon!

I slowly want to switch out my current skincare routine for Korean brands, as a trial and see which brands I favor more.

Here are some archive links for you: my current face mask I’m using, or an older face mask from Lush Cosmetics. Or if you want to explore Korean Brands, here is a popular beauty blog shares what you need to know. For a short version, Into The Gloss published a piece, too.

Are you using any Korean beauty brands? If so, which ones? Do tell!!! I am always interested in expanding my beauty shelf.

Thanks for turning, beauts! Until the next beauty post (:

– C