style: capsule wadrobe

August 9, 2015

I hate to be cliche, but I do love fashion, plus, I work in the industry. I am still discovering my personal style and what silhouettes are more flattering for my body type; I’ve observed which styles and pieces from my favorite stores and wardrobe that I tend to cling onto.

While I strive to collect pieces that are transitional and can be easily manipulate as different outfits, I have decided to take a on a new and exciting challenge when it comes to my personal style and fashion. Similar to the 30-Day Challenge where I will not shop, I am on the pursuit of building a capsule wardrobe. What does that mean?

A capsule wardrobe is a “mini wardrobe made up of 37 really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear,” said by Caroline Rector. Rector’s blog is called Un-fancy where she documents her seasonal capsules with only 37 pieces.

You probably think I am crazy, and I am, but I will tell you why I am serious about this project – rather a lifestyle change. Now that life is less of a “transitional phase” and more of strutting to my everyday beat, I want to try to focus on the bigger projects in my life and make room for new experiences. I do not want to stress out everyday figuring out to wear or purchasing things that are in-season that doesn’t stick true to my personal style. Read: lazy and save money, just kidding, but in all seriousness, I do want to solidify my personal style as well as save money. With less items, I do not have room for noise and distraction that “isn’t me.” For instance, in the recent years I’ve noticed, that I am not one to wear much vibrant colors.


Not only that, but I do not have a closet, literally. I have a rack mounted to the wall and a Sterlite dresser with wheels. I remember mentioning that my studio apartment is small – I don’t know the definite square footages, but it’s small and very fitting for a single body, two at most. So due to the lack of space, I am kind of encouraged to live minimally.

I did a lot of reading up and watching videos about capsule wardrobes and the benefits of living a decluttered life, and truthfully, I was inspired. I want to make room for other things in life such as practicing mindfulness, and experiences to enrich my soul and spirit. So believe me friends, this is beyond the style – it’s a lifestyle change I am hoping to gain from this challenge.

Although I would say my wardrobe is quite small already and carefully put together, that means this challenge would not be a difficult transition. My next move is to refine it and decide on how many pieces I would like to make up my capsule wardrobe. In the process of refining my closet, this means I get to sell or donate my old stuff and replenish it with new investment pieces! Y’all know I am about quality pieces that can be in heavy rotation. I already have this minimalist style going on, so this is easy breezy! 

I am very, very excited about this project! I wanted to visually show you what I currently have: DSC04039

This is excluding majority of my shoes and bags that are at the doorway of my studio apartment. I can confidently say that what I currently have are great pieces already, but I am going to dive in again to see what pieces are worth keeping.

What am I going to include in my capsule? I made a board on Pintrest! You can find my Fall Capsule inspiration here or click on the little cute icon on the left side bar where it will direct to you to my main page to see all my boards. I will definitely add more pins when I come across pieces I like.

Archives: missed out on my last fashion challenge? That was sometime last year and I successfully killed it. Or, if you missed out on my style inspirations, you can view that here. If you want to learn more about building a capsule wardrobe, you can read it here on PureWow or learn the 101 from the woman herself. Not much of a reader? Watch this TedxTalk video here about only the 10-items wardrobe! This is the very video that inspired me to refine my already minimal lifestyle.

Okay, I provided a lot of information and may have sound redundant, but it was only to emphasize my point here. Hope you guys got it!

Thanks for tuning in! I literally just woke up, made a smoothie and opened up my laptop to make this announcement! Also, very excited to play today at #TheDoOver10 today. Looking forward to good vibes and music.

Frankly, I miss doing the Do in LA, but let’s see what good in my new ‘hood (;

– C