beauty: brow game

August 30, 2015

Eyebrows on fleek. Forever on that brow game.

Or whatever stupid pop-culture phrases there are referring to your brows. You got to admit, brows have become so important and incorporate into our beauty regime in the last recent years. In the 90s, it was all about waxing and keeping them thin. Now, everyone is aiming to have fuller brows. Threading is totally the new waxing (for brows at least).

Hate on eyebrows all you want, but they do help accentuate your facial features. It gives you an expression! Game changer, for sure. I joined the eyebrow game circa 2012, when people began raving about new products. I am surprised that I have not written about brows, yet, but today I am going to share some helpful products and my personal favorites.

Hope you all know that by now that I am part of that minimal clique. Lazy on most days, and why some people hate to use the term “lazy” and try to fancy it up with, “I only wear a little bit of make up,” I am going to be frank – I am lazy when it comes to make up. It takes me 20 minutes to get ready and half of the time, I am worrying about 1. how to wear my hair and 2. how do my brows look? I really rather sleep in than put on a full face (primer, foundation, lipstick, blah, blah, blah, you get it).

When I join the brow gang, I was using a standard eyebrow pencil and then converted to powder. It lasted awhile until I’ve mastered the technique and found a product that enhance my brows. If you have not heard of Anatasia Beverly Hills (ABH), then you better get on it. I was resistant to the brand at first because everyone was on board and so many beauty gurus were giving it so many great reviews. It’s worth the hype and ravings, babes!


These two products are my current brow routine. ABH Brow Wiz in Medium Brown – I know some women like to have their brows lighter than their hair or vice versa (see photo below). For me, I went with Medium Brown because I go for more of a natural fill and look overall. For a fuller and cleaner look, there are brow gels that has color tint to keep your brow hairs down. I wouldn’t say this is essential, but if you are like me, I maintain my own brows from trimming to tweezing and etc., so when I go for weeks without a slight trim, this duo (eyebrows + mascara) clear gel from Eyes. Lips. Face (E.L.F. Cosmetics) does magic and keeps it clean, and polished.


The photo above is me trying a Korean brow brand and went a little lighter – it is quite obvious to me. I can’t tell if you can see the different between my hair and my brows. I’m a detailed-oriented person, so when I saw the different shades, it was an automatic “NO.” Never again.

What I love about ABH is that it’s very simple to use. I am not a beauty expert when it comes to brows, I just go with my current shape and don’t try to alter the look much. Simply filling in any patches and extending the ends a little. Some days are better than others, trust. ABH’s formula goes on smoothly too; compared to an eyebrow pencil, it is not as harsh as a “pencil” if that makes sense. It reminds me a crayon texture than a pencil.


If a $21 pencil is not feasible and you find the price absurd, Fashionista shared a great article about what drugstore brands work best. I usually explore the drugstore brands before I hit a designer brand in general. I will say that the best on this list is my personal favorite as well, Revlon’s Brow Fantasy, which I have used before until I conformed to ABH.

Here are some clickable links to explore: Anatasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz on Ulta, E.L.F. Clear Brow & Mascara, and founder of ABH speaks of the brand’s history.

This post inspired me to do a drug-store makeup routine for you all, which I hope to share sometime in the next couple of weeks. Not sure if I will get another post out this week due to an overwhelmingly workload and will be out of town for Labor Day Weekend! Very much needed – as much as I love New York, I need a break from the hustle. Staying in my apartment only results me snacking nonstop plus Netflix – read: sloth mode.

Okay family, friends and beauty lovers, until next time. Thanks for tuning in this fine Sunday! Enjoy what’s left of August and your weekend. I’m off to a dinner date in Queens.

– C