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September 16, 2015

On Monday, New York was a good 61 degrees – I have not felt this cool in a long time. Summer was or is blazing, but not as bad as California so I’ve heard.

Remember how I am doing my capsule wardrobe? Yeah, still refining pieces, and frankly it is more challenging than I thought. Plus, with season transitioning, I need to be mindful of what pieces to collect to make my 37 pieces goal. I attempted to go shopping yesterday and it was very unsuccessful; I walked out of Zara with one sweatshirt. Can you guess the color? Black.

Thought I share some of Monday’s outfit with you because I was very proud on how quickly I put this together and how cute and confident I felt starting my week. The skirt was a perfect kick off to the cooler mornings we have been having and the tone was appropriate for the upcoming season.

DSC04281DSC04295 copyDSC04307DSC04406DSC04427DSC04346

Photographed by Karina Munoz – you can find her here

For starters, if you don’t know me or cannot tell, I am not model-esque by any means. From physical features to knowing how to pose properly, I am definitely more of the candids and movement. I usually get shy about being photographed and prefer to be the photographer. But these photos came out great and it was fun because the wind was blowing in my hair and for once, my hair was cooperative.

The History of Fashion. The Victorian Era to the 1960s Styles.: SISTERS EDITORIAL ROUND UP SPRING SUMMER 2013 BEST LOOKS Jalouse Models: Julia Ponomareva, Anja Cihoric, Lisa Verberght, Zuzanna Stankiewicz...:

I paired my skirt with a simple 3/4 black basic top from H&M. I tucked in my shirt, threw on some crew socks paired with my favorite booties and backpack, and off I went! Altogether, the look reminded me of the Mod Fashion era, 50s to 60s – think of iconic models such as Twiggy and boxy, shift dresses. I like to read up on fashion trends and physically go to the store to see what is in season, and skirts are something worth exploring. I know a-line or circle skirts came back a couple of years ago and now they’re here to stay, I think?

Here is where you can find similar (or exact items):

Above all, you know what I am extremely excited about? The ability to wear eyeliner again and I have to say, I don’t look as tired as I did all Summer (;

Thanks for tuning in for this quick outfit post – I rarely share and if I do it’s snippets through my instagram account. Happy Hump Day, family + friends!

– C

PS: I am done with NYFW SS16 – who would have thought I would work and attend many by my third season? Dreams do come true!

This (image below) is circulating our office right meow, HAHA!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.26.48 AM