style: culottes are cool

October 4, 2015

Culottes are the new skinnies. 

I always had a thing for wide-leg pants, but I can never wear them because it required me to add height to my overall look. Not down to wear heels on the regs.

This year, culottes have been my ultimate go-to bottoms and have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe and added to my personal style. Culottes mean “pants” in French, but us Americans label it as knee-length trousers. You say tomayto, I say tomahto. Really, means the same thing to me.

Why do I love it? Not only it hides my huge thighs, but I find it so flattering for my body type. While I support people who dare to wear things that may or may not flatter their bodies, I am more particular when it comes to personal style. By any means, I am not body shaming anyone – I am just more particular about how things fit in what areas.

I have captured two looks below for you how I style culottes: at the office and not-so-much-at-the-office.

IMG_3178 IMG_3161

Above, I wore it with a light sweater, statement necklace and kitten heels. The look is very minimal with the hint of red. I was in a style rut because I have accustomed myself to pairing it with a tucked in crop top in the warmer season. How do I transition this to a colder season? I saw Eva Chen style them so casually with a sweater, so I decided to do it too! Refer to her instgram photo here. While her look is more casual and monochromatic, I stole the idea of pairing it with a sweater. The idea is so simple yet I didn’t think of it! To avoid looking so “kept together,” I did a front-tuck to add more of my personal favorite: an effortless touch.

DSC04519 copy DSC04504 copy

Photographed by Karina Munoz – you can find her here 

This look is more casual. I wore this to work and my colleague said, “You are screaming 70s.” It’s the culottes. Made from light denim material and a little shorter than my ivory, Topshop pair above. With my necklace (not shown), it did feel like I was in the 70s. Hair parted in the middle (and finally at a great length). I paired it with my low-heel, ankle booties, favorite backpack, and a fitted sweatshirt. Viola, super casual! 

Shop my look? Sure, here are some links below:

Look 1:

Look 2:

If you are unsure where to find your first and most flattering pair of culottes, I always go to always go to Zara for almost everything in my wardrobe, but they do have an amazing collection of culottes from all kinds of fabrics. If you feel opened to the trend, but unsure if you want to commit to a pair? Read this – it will address your major concerns like making your butt look saggy. Or if you are a culotte fast-lover like myself, here is a style-guide/inspiration to feed your addiction.

Mom, I think you’d be proud of my fashion choices lately. I ditched the sloppy (okay, sometimes), and I’m sure you will never read this, but let’s just say I look pretty cute when walking around in the City. HAHAHA! (Okay, I feel like I never laugh in my posts, but whatever – no filter today).

Alright, until the next style post. Thanks for tuning in! Stay stylin’ and profilin’, beauts! Beautiful Sunday we are having in New York. I should probably get dressed, but I’m still in my underwear…

Lazy. To. Move.

– C

By the way – here’s an October Playlist for y’all (;