managing expectations

October 7, 2015

I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep expectations – Bill Waterson

So, I have been harboring feelings about certain things for so long, and I hate it when I do that because then I am more prone to lash out and have this huge meltdown. This is what happens when Mercury is in Retrograde and a visit from Mother Nature is happening simultaneously.

Apparently, as much as I try to remain cool, calm, collected, I am more calm, reactive, then collected. After my last personal post regarding schedules and so forth, I cannot help, but look into myself, as a personal reflection, on reasons why I feel the way I do. Lately, I have been struggling with managing expectations from all realms of life – work and personal.

I was always told to have standards and have expectations in life. At a young age, I applied this lesson into different aspects of my life, specifically my personal relationships.

If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed – Sylvia Plath

But am I being realistic about my expectations from life? Do I expect too much of people? If so, why? Does this mean I’m high-maintenance and demanding? When it comes to people, do I expect the way I am treating you to be returned?

Now, all of these are a series of rhetorical questions, and I don’t know if I will ever get a response. Maybe you can answer them for me.

There was a time period that life was pure bliss and I got rid of these “expectations” of people (specifically), but now, more than ever, it seems to be difficult. I hate being disappointed – whether it is plans not falling through or an event not executed the way I envisioned it. Whatever it is, I realized that I need to learn to have less expectations (to a certain degree) and to learn to let go. Read: learn to pick your battles (with life and people).

I know I am talking into thin air, but maybe You, my family member, Friend or Reader (somehow you manage to stumble on my page), can you tell how you manage your expectations? I rather hear your experience than Google it.

Thank you in advance. I would appreciate it!