style secret: proportions + balance

October 23, 2015

Have you ever style-stalked someone or see how some outfits are perfectly paired? How did you achieve that look so effortlessly? There is a secret (and some rules) when it comes to fashion and how you can be flawless day in and day out.

I know how to dress myself that accentuates my figure, and this is my personal principle. This rule may not be pleasing and applicable to you, but Do You, right? And you know, overall, fashion (and well, freaking LIFE) is all about trial-and-error. You play with trends, bold colors and all this other jazz to find the style and look that makes you feel good.

I posted a photo of this look below on my instagram as a sneak peek because I was very proud of this look. Sometimes, you cannot help it, but share your outfit because it so damn on point! Right?! Yes!

DSC04853 DSC04867

A simple white button-down blouse, high-waisted shorts with opaque tights and pulled my look together with a Boyfriend Blazer from Lucky Brand Jeans (I used to work there, remember?). I tucked my statement necklace under my collar to wear it as a tie substitute. I left my shirt untucked because my shorts are actually high-waisted and I found that my body is not very flattering with some high-waisted bottoms.


Why does this look work? It’s balanced. I played with lengths, such as my blazer. To offset my short, shorts, I go with a longer blouse or jacket, always. Playing with layers can be challenging especially when it’s cold and you want to refrain from looking frumpy, but this is when proportions (balance) is key.

As effortless as I look, I look put together because of the color scheme (black and white, duh) and proportions. If you don’t believe me this is a secret to always looking chic, read this article here by Marie Claire or this article published on Lauren Conrad’s blog.

Now, you’re looking for this look? I gotchu. Links below:

  • Boyfriend Blazer // Lucky Brand – similar here or here
  • White Button-Down // Uniqlo – here
  • Shorts // JCrew – variety here
  • Tights // HUE – here or here

Hope I inspired you to switch up your look a little or you learned something new when it comes to style (and fashion).

I am crying inside because I did not expect to have so much work to at the office today, and work is throwing off my weekend engagements. le sigh* (This is me pitying myself).

Anyway, Happy Fri-yay my stylish friends and have a great weekend! (:

– C