style: a little lazy

October 29, 2015


I am in this constant battle of trying to be “put together” and ehhh, no… However, I make better efforts nowadays because I realized that when I look my best, I feel my best as well. It just adds that extra oomph in confidence, you know? Attitude is everything. Not trying to impress or one-up anyone either – my personal style is so simple compared to the many fashionable New Yorkers.

Since starting my Capsule Wardrobe, I would say I have been getting more creative with maximizing pieces that I have. Sure, some looks may be repeated, 3-peated even, but I managed to look put together. I would document everyday looks, but do you know how exhausting and obnoxious that would be for you and me? So instead, I only highlight some of my favorite day-to-day looks.DSC05076

This look captures the whole effortless look, wholly.  Although, it is probably my signature style characteristic, it still has that “put together” element. I borrowed three things from my last outfit: the white blouse, the statement necklace and my favorite nude bag by Michael Kors.


Photographed by Karina Munoz

The cropped sweater made is the game changer – if I had worn a full-length sweater to my waist, I don’t think the overall look would have looked slimming and resulted in “effortless.” Although I do mean business, this look is casual, too. To me, this is what I call business casual because I am wearing dark denim and my shirt is just chilling.

In case you are confused with references in my entry above, let me assist you with some links: what is a capsule wardrobe? I broke it down for you. Did I really wore the same outfit? Nah, just a couple of pieces you can find here and it’s the same sweater from the time I wore my culottes. Who are my style inspirations? That’s easy, you can read it here. Or you want to see what other looks I’ve showcased? You can click right here that will take you to the archives.

Looking for the looks above? Here ya go, boo:

I am not linking you to other items because I’ve shown them before, so to make it easy for your eyes and myself, I will only highlight key items.

One more for the road and for laughs:


Obviously, candid. 

Thanks for tuning in, family and friends. Signing off, meow!

– C