go celebrate yoself

November 20, 2015


*chimes in Adele’s Hello.

I am trying to do this thing where I only write to you when I have a quality and compelling story to share because well, do you want me to spam your newsfeed? Nah, right? Okay, cool.

It’s Friday afternoon-almost-evening, and I never stay this late in the office on a Friday. But surprisingly today is one of those days. In the midst of the busyness of this week, I hit a lot of wins. #winning 

I didn’t grow up with getting gold stars and pats on my back for 100 percent on my math homework – well, for starters, math was never my strongest subject. Second, my parents were stoic then. Always questioned why I didn’t work harder.

But I felt like I did. Now, as an adult, I have taken strides in my career and I’m very proud of myself. I learned to recognize my strengths and accomplishments. Is it narcissistic if I celebrate myself and my successes? Um, no. I feel like it is my birthday every other week because I am killing it at work. It is like #treatyoself every so often – when I know I truly deserve it.


I believe in recognizing when a job is well done. Don’t you? Give yourself a pat on the back. Get that damn cupcake!

Why I firmly believe in celebrating myself is because if I don’t, who will? So, go celebrate the things in your life, from the small to the big successes and Yourself. Only you have the power to measure the value of your success.

Today, I celebrate myself. Why? Well, I do regularly, but this week I had a major win. I pitched a profound, personal story to the Editor in Chief at Literally Darling. This outlet is like Elite Daily, but more intellectual and geared towards a women demographic. The reach is huge, so this is something worth squealing about!

The article goes live on Monday, November 23rd. I am still in shock by the way. Ugh, I cannot believe it’s happening. 

This is one of my stronger pieces with a help of a good friend. I have been working on this the last few days – poured my heart and soul into this that exposes a whole other side of me that I rarely share with you all…

“I just got out of a relationship. I fell in love for the first time in five years.”

– C