#latestylepost: downtown vibes

January 7, 2016

You can tell this outfit was captured awhile ago.

It is officially winter in New York, we’ve been blessed with such a warm December. I wish it was sunny as it was in these photos. So depressing, also, my hair. Look at the length of it! I kind of miss it, but I love the short thing I got going on. Random side note: when I did a middle-part with my wavy locks tucked behind my ears, I called it my Alexander Wang hairstyle.

Don’t know my reference? Please see below:



So what’s so unique about this outfit in comparison to my everyday-wear? Well, it has to do with the elements that screams Downtown. Leather, sneakers, and long, draped shirt – I am wearing pants underneath! Or maybe this squeals New York…?

DSC05341 DSC05344

Yes, this is a very New York shot. Thanks to my photographer aka Work Wifey, Karina.

DSC05356 DSC05388

It is not a dress, although I could have fooled you. It’s a tunic/shirt. With side slits and reveal an innocent view of my side body. I have never been a fan mixing navy and black, but as of late, I grew fond of the color pairings. Especially if the navy is dark enough to appear black.

Mixing solids and patterns, as basic styling principles, and playing with lengths and fabric textures (cotton and leather). This look is very easy to duplicate! It is definitely out of what I would typically wear – mixing my everyday favorite bottoms and leather jacket with a this tunic.


Signing off with my favorite picture.

I have so much back-up photos to share with you all because I suck in real-time photo sharing, except on Instagram.

– C