en route to rediscovery

November 29, 2015

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate. Just get rid of everything going wrong and make it go right. Sometimes, you need to delete a number. Color your hair. Quit your job. Purge all the negative things and focus on all the positive. Just do it. – The Importance of Starting Over

This month, November, was filled with moments of self-rediscovery.

IMG_3953copyNot that my previous relationship was a relationship where one loses a sense of self and the person I was dating was my everything. Not remotely – it was very much an adult relationship and I remained independent. But I did lose sight of certain things, such as doing things that brought me genuine happiness and the detailed qualities and characteristics I admired in a potential partner.

It was my fault, I romanticized Him and our relationship.

Now, shifting gears and focusing on the present.

  1. I chopped off 6+ inches off my hair. I feel like a whole new woman. 
  2. I am cultivating new lady friendships. This is something I am a huge advocate for. After all, I need to focus on laying my roots here in New York because let’s be honest, I am not going back to the West Coast any time soon. This girl needs and wants girlfriends.
  3. I am taking a lot time to channel my emotions into my writing and to look within myself. Identify patterns and looking at the relationship in retrospect.
  4. Snowballing off from No. 3, I am exploring new writing opportunities. I think it’s time to shift my focus to my writing, again, and continue to connect with my amazing readers – like You!
  5. I go to Yoga 2-3 times a week for many reasons, but one to strengthen my Spiritual practice.

This is how I am embarking my new beginnings, in baby steps. I will say when you are surrounded by great people, your hardship doesn’t seem so bad. I have such an amazing support system, who all affirmed that I will be okay.

And I am. I feel better, and definitely, in better Spirits. It feels great to feel like yourself, again. 

One last thing, thank you all so much for your kind words, encouragement, and your ongoing support. I know I say this a lot, but it is the truth!

The best part of being a writer is when your intention is to write for yourself, as a creative outlet and as an expression, but you manage to create a piece that connects with people from all over. I have received a tremendous feedback from my article that was published on Literally Darling.Very pleased to hear that I captured the very emotions you and I felt.

Ugh, thank you so much!

with great love,