2016: The Year of Intention

December 10, 2015

As we are slowly approaching the end of 2015, I am getting into the reflection and goals-setting mindset. Never too early for that, even when we have around twenty more days left of the year.

We are in December and so many things has happened since January. I wanted to take the time to look at my shortcomings and success I faced this year. (My close friends, Desiree and JC, already heard some of this during this past weekend).

Although I am not one dwell so much on the past because well, it’s a major distraction on the present, I am huge advocate when it comes to journaling reflections. There is a satisfaction in this process; I like to see where I can make improvements and progress as a person and in my professionalism.

I find myself having the same goal, which is to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. The entire theme of 2015 was to be better, because I don’t believe in the whole New Year, New Me cliche bullshit.

For 2016, I’m calling it the Year of Intention(s) because I have found that if you throw your intentions and desires out into the Universe, somehow, there is a response. Usually a great one from what I’ve witnessed. It’s The Secret, and it has changed my life since I have cultivated this practice.


One of my favorite quotes by Paulo Coelho is:

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

What are my “somethings?? Let me share with you because I love, love, goal-setting:

  1. Stay true to myself. This is vague, but I felt that there were some parts of this year where I would make myself believe I wanted something or am something, when I am not. I cannot pretend anymore.
  2. Do everything with intention.
  3. Make serious strides in my career. Find a position in the editorial/publishing company.
  4. Continue to hone my voice and craft. Pitch to Huffington Post Women because now, I finally feel ready. I have been timid all year and battling my writing insecurities, but now, I am ready. I feel good about my craft. It is good enough. I am good enough.
  5. The key to success in my book is consistency. I hope to continue to be consistent in all spectrums of my life: health and fitness, read, volunteer, wellness, write, and cultivate and maintain my relationships.

While I reviewed my goals I set for myself this year, I have to say this was a year of being better as I hoped for it to be. I have accomplished so much and there were so many highs. So many! A few were:

  1. Moved into my studio apartment in Brooklyn
  2. Got published on new platforms such as TNF and Literally Darling
  3. Began working at such an amazing company with an inspirational boss at Factory PR.
  4. Made new, authentic friendships and strengthening my current relationships
  5. Learned how to manage my expectations of people and life, generally
  6. Learned that I am able to connect with someone on a romantic level, again
  7. Becoming the woman I am today – I fucking love me! 

I continue to learn a lot about myself, and I am thankful for everything that has happened despite the nasty shit. I came out alive.

I feel good about life, guys. I really do!

Here is my early farewell to this year. I wanted to post this early one because I won’t have time later this month due to visitors and traveling out of state for the holidays. I know, I am escaping the City for awhile. Don’t miss me much (;

I will pop in here-and-there, maybe?

I wish everyone Happy Holiday season (and see you all next year, ha)! Wait! Can you share some of your goals with me? You know that if you write them down or share your goals, you are more likely to accomplish them? Yessss, please shareeee!