personal: do you want ketchup?

December 8, 2015

You know how the saying goes about living in large cities, filled with people yet you feel so alone? I never knew how that felt or understood the concept, but now I have endured it often. It comes in waves, and the stronger waves hit during the holiday season when I realize that I don’t have family 30-minutes away.

But I am so glad and extremely thankful that there are people who are great friends, who have become family that welcome me with open arms to celebrate with. I think that is why I love New York so much; there is a sense of community and I don’t know, it feels nice to be belong somewhere.

Because I am always late when it comes to posting in real-time, here is what happened:

DSC05878 copy DSC05892 copy DSC05880 copy

The beautiful thing about Thanksgiving is, no none really leaves the City because plane tickets or travels are too damn expensive. There were stranglers around this time, and we got together and made ourselves a feast! I’ve always enjoyed cooking with people, and this was super fun! Thank you for hosting, Gina and Kristen (:

I am still recovering from a weekend of non-stop laughter! Definitely a weekend to remember and to be preserved until the next time I get to connect in real-life with my babes. Of all the nights, my favorite night was our first night. We ordered Chinese take-out and caught up on life, then off to drinks and karaoke with mutual friends. Ugh, so much fun! I lost my voice – now I have this sexy, raspy thang goin’ on (;

I love when family and friends come into town. Not only it is an excuse for me to eat whatever I want and explore new places. I love this season especially – New York is beautifully decorated with the holiday spirt! However, it is very exhausting playing host.

Thank you so much for making an impromptu trip to visit me, babes! (I am sure you will be reading this) Fair warning, many selfies will follow below:


DSC05912 copyDSC05960 copy

DSC05916 copyDSC05923 copyDSC05969 copy

While I am sure (or maybe not?) you all have seen my instagram posts all weekend – being super unapologetic about this.

I am trying to preserve my energy when my sister comes in later this week. So that will be all for now. For instant updates, head over to Twitter and/or Instagram (:

K, bye!