livin’ good, feelin’ better

January 6, 2016

Ah, hello 2016. 


Right before the Holidays, there was a calmness wave that crept on me. A lot of clarity and my soul felt as ease, which does not happen often because I am quite your anxious character.

In Season Five of Sex and The City, Carrie said, “In New York, they say, you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment.”

Well, Carrie you have a point. Most New Yorkers are looking for one of the three or all three, but let’s apply those questions personally.

Am I looking for a job? Yes, but not aggressively. Am I looking for an apartment? Naaah, I love my Brooklyn studio apartment. What about a boyfriend? Had one, so does that count? But if you cannot accept that answer, my answer is no. I am not looking for a boyfriend, thank you.

Okay, maybe she did or did not have a point, but either way, it is the first time in New York where I finally feel settled in because my time in New York has been a continuous State of Transition. 

It feels really good for a change. I don’t recall the last time I’ve felt this way. I suppose we all define settled in differently because even though I secured a job and an apartment, it still did not feel complete or calm about it.

I signed a lease to my apartment last March – I told you guys in this post right here. It was unfurnished forever. If you came over, it seemed like I just moved in when in reality I have been there for over half a year. But towards the end of 2015, the vibe was new – it felt like a home and lived-in. I held off publishing a piece about my studio because it was unfurnished, but I think it is time for a potential tour? What do you think?

As for work, I have had a total of four jobs since I moved to New York – four jobs in a Year and a Half. You do the math. Last year, I jumped over many hurdles in all spectrums in my life and my emotions were high and low extremes.

It was bat-shit crazy. I was crazy – well, still am.

I am sure you have your own encounters where when it rains, it pours. Or you are in this constant phase of jumping to-and-fro. You don’t get to ride the smooth wave. You ask yourself when you will ever catch a break?

You will, I promise. The crazy shit always comes first, to challenge you and see if you can fight back. Kind of testing your resilience. If you can win that fight then you’s a survivor, baby! You better go celebrate! I guess that is the moral of the story here.

As I am easing my way into 2016, there are a lot of positive vibes in the air. The newness.

I have not felt like myself since the Year began because I have been super low-key and sick. However, yesterday I was on a high – got a good night’s rest and woke up feeling like a total #GirlBoss and went to Yoga after work. It felt great!

I’m back, baby! 

Anyway, I should probably get back to work now. Thank you all for reading! I owe you a lot of stories (and content) (;

I am eager to share the upcoming projects I have been quietly working on!

– C

PS: I hope you all rang in the New Year fabulously! Cheers!