shorter and bolder

February 3, 2016

I take my hair very seriously.

Hair is not just hair. It is also part of identity and self-expression as our personal style is. Our hair is an element of our overall image. It creates the bigger picture, which is Us.

Does that make any sense?

I have a long face – parts that resemble an oval, but then I have faint cheekbones that offset the oval shape to be a square. I recently discover that I have a “squoval.” When it comes to finding a cut that is flattering to this mixed shape, you can imagine how nervous I get when I see my hairstylists.

I feel bad for Stacie and Marlo, because I am particular with every detail. But at the same time, I trust their judgment and say, “Do what you think looks good.” My tip for you is if you are changing a look, I say go on Pintrest and collect styles that inspire your future look. It has always been in my favor and fortunate enough that my hairstylists are receptive.

When you are someone like me, who has had long hair for all of her life, you best believe cutting more than 6inches off was quite the transition and nervous experience. I have anxiety issues, okay? Now, almost at twenty-six, it is up to my neck. The shortest I have ever had it in my life. Well, maybe I did have the Asian-bowl-cut, but I don’t recall any photos as proof of this.

It’s shorter and I feel bolder. A haircut can change a woman. 

But let me say this, in my journey in creating my personal style and identity, I believe now more than ever, I have truly capture my sense of style and what genuinely represents me. You know what also helped me in defining my style? My capsule wardrobe, which I will share what pieces I have been heavily rotating. It would be inspiration if you ever want to embark this challenge, or what I like to say: lifestyle.

Now, selfies for you! HAHA!

DSC06259 copyDSC06278 copy DSC06262 copy

K, bye!

– C