style: a refined style

February 21, 2016

Fashion and style have two different entities.

Finding your style is hard. I don’t know about you, but I have struggled over the years and admittedly, compromised myself here-and-there with pieces that did not exactly went well with me. That goes for hairstyles, too. 

Similar to discovering my sense of self, personal style is the same way. I find myself admiring colors, patterns and appreciating rompers, but at the end of the day, I know that it is not my style signature. Plus, rompers make me look fat. You’ll never catch me in a romper.


I know fashion is bold, fun, and evolves with time, but staying loyal to ourselves is something we don’t consider often. Have you ever taken a second look at your wardrobe and know which pieces you wear in a weekly rotation, often? And why?

While everyone is rocking trends that come and go, mine will forever be classic with very few updated styles and key pieces. Not only since starting my capsule wardrobe has helped me save tremendous money – that I end up splurging on beauty and skincare goods, but it truly has helped me refined my style and work with key pieces. I do get bored of my wardrobe, trust me, but when I attempt to walk into a store, I am easily overwhelmed and nothing is outstanding.

DSC06303 DSC06304 DSC06306While I can go into detail about which pieces I have – I am lying, I rather not. They’re just clothes…

I quickly wanted to share my thoughts and these cute photos I took last week. Obviously, turtle necks and knits are my favorites this season. I have less than 37 pieces to create my Capsule Wardrobe. 

Lighting is best before 11am in my apartment. Cute, right?

Alright, back to writing.

– C