writing a fantasy

April 26, 2016

My boss asked, “What do you want to do?”

“All I want to do is write,” I responded.

My fatigue for fashion has become transparent amongst my colleagues (and on social media). If this is a shocker to you, then please read the previous posts. 

I know, this constant battle of trying to navigate life is exhausting, and I hate feeling lost…especially in life!

To keep my hopes alive, somehow, I imagined three different “what if’s,” scenarios, or what I called them here “fantasies” because if life was perfect, this is how I’d have it:

‘Fantasy A‘ consists of working a job that supports my essentials and is less demanding, ultimately giving me more headspace and time to write. In Fantasy A, I am a successful columnist – regularly published and earning some monetary goods.

But when I take a closer look at Fantasy A, I ask myself: will I be happy? I don’t know, but I imagined myself not being challenged at my job – and this job would probably be something in admin or customer service/hospitality. Then again, my real job would be writing, right? Ugh.

‘Fantasy B’ is my current path, sorta. But I’d be making a lateral move from PR to editorial/ social, and focus on the audiences that share my similar interest: food, culture, and health and wellness. In other words, do what I do now, but on a content level and towards a different audience. Fantasy B will allow me to flex my writing muscle and work with creating visuals. Would it be a demanding role and take me away from my personal writing? Maybe, but I always make time for it.

‘Fantasy C’ is my quiet, but my deepest desire. The big one of them all! Have thecnnekt launch successfully and become the new avenue for young women to go to for profound, raw, and compelling articles. A series of events will be aligned with the monthly content themes. These events will unite women in major cities who wish to meet like-minded creative, passionate women, and cultivate meaningful relationships. I will write for this along with other contributor writers. This platform will evolve into a functioning business, and along with my partners, we would run our own company while educating, connecting, and inspiring young women. I’ve been working on this quietly. 

Now, that you’ve read through all my wildest fantasies, you can see which element remains the same, and what I really only want to do:

All I want to do is fucking write (for a living).