balance & gratitude

August 16, 2016

I am having difficulty with finding balance with life right now along with other details that I am not ready to share. While I try to compose my emotions and thoughts, parts of me want to give up on adulthood and chasing this dream. 

I think it is easy to run far away from your problems. Parts of me think it’s cowardly, to be honest. To keep fighting for whatever you want takes a lot of guts and resilience. I know my Mom taught me better than to do the Kayne Shrug and walk away from what I’ve worked hard for.

In moments like these – what I like to call Darkness (I know, this is so broad, but trust me it’s filled with so many dark emotions), I like to reflect on the things and people I am grateful for and how amazing my Humid Summer has been.

Then, makes me think about the bigger picture – it ain’t so bad. Calm the eff down, Chary. 

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These are just some highs of Summer. My takeaway from this Summer is spending time with loved ones – family and friends, and is finding focus in certain things like my current project thecnnekt. 

So family and friends, whether you’re having a shitty ass day, week, month, or however long this Darkest Moment is for you – don’t forget to look at the good shit that is happening in your life. It will change your perspective and attitude – especially in your life.

Like let’s be honest – it ain’t thaaaaat bad. 

In the words of Albus Dumbledore: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light.

– C