post-election thoughts

November 13, 2016

I did not want to write something right away because it would’ve been a reactive post. Instead, I let these thoughts, emotions, and how the post-election ravel itself.

There is so much noise right now, and I just wanted to stay silent. I think we all had this expectation for Hillz to win. We, the Democrats, were certain. 

I was trying so hard to fight my tiredness, but when 3am rolled around, I had to sleep.  I woke up thinking, maybe things changed and the final results came out differently. No. All over Twitter read, “Donald Trump is president elected.” 

My heart sank. Is this what America is? Yes.

Who are we fooling. America has always been like this, but we chose to see things differently. We surrounded ourselves who share the same perspectives. For me, the Progressives, obviously. We easily de-friend people who have different views than us, when we should have listened. 

Makes me wonder do I live in a fucking bubble?

I invested in this Election – so when Hillary didn’t metaphorically shatter the Glass Ceiling in the Javits Center, I cried. This is what Hillary’s loss meant to me: that a woman, despite her credentials, knowledge and how well she conducts herself, she will be remained unfit.

Then, there is this whole other argument, but a common one. Hearing people’s comments about how she lacked emotion makes me so upset. It is never a win-win for Us (women). When we show too much emotion we are labeled as “too emotional” and if we are composed, we are categorized as cold-hearted, stoic, or my ultimate favorite robotic.

What the fuck do you want from Us? 

I know there are many variables involved in this election as well – how she is a manipulative politician and will not bring much change to our nation. There can be a running list of things that the people and the media has shared, but my takeaway is that reality, being a woman in America. We just had their first Black President, they were in no way ready for a woman to call the shots. I get it – instead we have a buffoon as our Future President. 

As Hillary said in her concession speech, we need to stay together and also be opened to see how Trump will lead us as a nation. Although I have not quite accepted it fully yet, I will try to mourn less and be open-minded.
I am excited though to see how the next four years will unfold because in New York, Oakland, and Los Angeles, I’ve seen all these rallies and protest, and it just reminds me of the older revolutions in the 60s.
This is the time for change, everyone.
Be ready. 
We have still have not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling. But some day, someone will. – Hillary Rodham Clinton