if the shoes don’t fit

April 2, 2017

It isn’t ugly nor is it like outstandingly beautiful. You are drawn to it because it looks aesthetically pleasing – you appreciate the simplicity and minimal style. You never been pressured to purchasing a pair that everyone wheres, but everyone around you owns a pair and raves about how wonderful they are.

You succumb to pressure and move forward with the decision to owning a pair.

So, you purchase the pair and then wear them. When you tried it on at the store, the woman said they didn’t have your size, but you wanted it really bad and it was such a steal, you committed to the half-size bigger. Rather bigger than smaller, you think. So you stick with it.

However, despite the price-consciousness and the joy you get when it’s paired perfectly with an outfit, it was still a half-size bigger. What do you do? You did your best to ignore the fact that it is a tad size bigger. You were able to dismiss the discomfort, and after fifteen months, that half-size difference becomes more and more noticeably annoying.

It was not until you began to shop for a new pair – mindful of price point and fit, you instantly questioned why you committed to the former pair and held onto for so long. This new pair just hugs perfectly, flattered your feet, and went better with your culottes.

You can still appreciate the brand, the style, the shoe itself wholly, but it’s not the right fit for me, I say.¬†And that’s okay.¬†Someone who is a half-size bigger than me who shares the same appreciation for the shoe will fit it perfectly and get more use of it than I did.

What am I trying to say? Sometimes, when a relationship does not work out, we instantly try to blame the other person or ourselves – if we weren’t enough or something along those lines. When really as individuals, we have our own quirks, our own appeal – and if our current partner does not appreciate those elements that make you, You. Then your future will appreciate You for who you are.

Sometimes when a break up happens, it is because it was not a great fit.