expand, growth & blessed

April 10, 2017

Holy Moly.

Emily and I have been taking on these very exciting meetings to learn from people and to grow ourselves as creatives, and of course, thecnnekt.com overall.


I am so excited and nervous altogether as we continue to grow and expand. And you all know how I am – I can be a complete nervous wreck! 

The big thing is the talks about press opportunities and collaborating with big players in respective industries in the near future.

Wait, is this really happening? It’s so surreal to me. Are we even ready? 

But today was a special day because it was a nice refresher to what we are doing and the impact we’re making. While I was scheduling content for later this week, I quickly reviewed our stats. 

And they look hella good.

Amazing numbers considering how long we have been live – since August 2016 by the way… We are still babies in the grand scheme of the game, but those figures are impressive. And I know we have a long way to go to be one of those notable big players. 

I’m just so thankful for the continuous support from our family, friends, and community. I don’t think we would be at the success rate we are at right now without the help from all of you – from readers to contributors. Really, thank you so much and I cannot stress this enough.

That is only a part of our success. Another has to do with the work and determination we have. I mean, a lot of work has been put into this for it to run seamlessly the way it has. There has definitely been sacrifices along the way – plenty. But I remind myself and vent to Emily that we are doing this, 100% to better the World and really bring women together. Defy those themes that say women cannot be friends and all this bullshit. 

Sometimes, I feel like when I share my news with some folks, they don’t understand much of what I’m doing and don’t share the same joy and excitement I have with every ounce of my being. I know there is Emily, but we know how much this stuff excites us and it’s a given…

For once, I would love an outsider to be super thrilled in hearing all of these exciting things, you know? Like genuinely excited and invested as much as we are. Extra if needed. Can you feel like me?!

I know, my expectations are so high. K, bye!