slow the fuck down

April 24, 2017

I have this tendency to rush through things because I am thinking what’s next. That is not to say I am not ever present, because I am. Especially in the age we are in – so digitally connected, I have held back a lot on social media to be mindful of my present experiences.

Not everything needs to be documented. 

But I was having this conversation with Tiffany yesterday at the park, like how we rushed into adulthood, and I confessed that I have always ushered myself to grow the fuck up. It would explain why I am the way I am, but also why at 27 I feel slightly burnt out. I shouldn’t even feel this way because I am still in my prime, tender years, but no, I feel old inside.

At the same time … 

The hustle is real everyday, genuinely, I am teaching myself to slow down when I can, which are the late evenings and on the weekends. Little things such as treating myself to that extra hour of sleep or having a decent breakfast before I rush to be a Weekend Warrior. This is all part of this ongoing self-care practice that I’ve been pushing myself to be mindful of and do constantly.

I have to say, being impatient and rushing, has always been embedded in me. New York has deepen this flaw of mine, ha! Time has always been luxurious to me and though we all have the same amount of time, it is how we use our time is makes us all different, right? If we are being productive and impactful.

Perhaps that is why I want to do much as I can within my awake hours, and go to sleep proudly when I reflect on how accomplished day was. I just want to maximize my time, man.

This is a random post, but my intentions were to make you think about your self-care routines and do you ever slow down?

If you don’t – this me telling you so. Slow the fuck down.