mo’ life in spring

May 22, 2017

I began deleting people off Facebook, unfollowing via social media, and altogether doing a Spring cleaning of people (and things).


Removing people in my life who have not made great and/or positive contributions do not need a seat my table. Does that sound nasty? Not really.

This is not to say I don’t want people who challenge me, of course I want to be challenged – physically and intellectually. However, if this person just brings these unwanted emotions within me then that is quite telling.


For instance, these so called “public figures” or wanna be influential people in fashion or whatever category they’re in – browsing their instagram accounts only make me feel like shit about my life – or not utterly shit because I know this is all curated and facade possibly, but just makes me want things I actually don’t need. It makes me care about likes from people I have no knowledge of and this obsession with likes.

I. Don’t. Care!

Superficial shit, you know? I said it jokingly about they made me question my life choices. Again, a joke. They really don’t add any value to my life. If I wanted to be visually stimulated, I’ll go to take a walk on Fifth Avenue or just people watch in SoHo. In all, I only respect those public figures who actually have a voice to use their platform to speak on issues that are important to me and the World (not a complete sellout with #partners #ad #sponsors).

So, I vowed moving forward to only follow accounts that will be part of my greatness or doing awesome ass shit to the World.

Ah, social media I love and hate you at the same time.