July 11, 2017


I know, I know – I’ve been absent. 

Life has been incredibly productive. If I am not dashing into a workout, social scene, or to a meeting, I am literally on my bed, with the AC blasting and watching Netflix on my projector.

It’s quite nice. I think it’s these alone moments where I find my best work done.

Okay, wait – back to Happy Three Years, which was on Sunday, July 9th… while I can go on and on about how much adversities I’ve faced, I won’t. There has been so much goodness in life as of late, and I kid you not, my life has been like fine wine. Better with age, y’all. 

I choose to look on the positive things in my life right now. Hate thinking about the things I don’t have, or have yet accomplished. Nah, no need for that negative shit. I have an okay job. Successfully launching the creative business. I have incredible friends. Family who love me unconditionally. An apartment of my own. Oh, and I’m dating a really, really a sweet creative man. 

I don’t have much to say aside from how grateful I am to live in such a glorious City. Foreal and how thecnnekt has truly catapult my life vision. That in itself has been a whole beastly undertaking. We talk about so much – eee, can’t help it. 

I guess the proudest work I’ve done is this personal essay turned short called Shrimp Chips & Chocolate Milk. I’m so amazed by Courtney’s quick turnaround and inspiration for this entire thing. Umm, hello Wes Anderson style, but when she said, “I want to bring your words to life” – I nearly cried.

The feedback from the exhibition was all positive per Mar and Courtney. Mar, who was also featured on thecnnekt, said that it was relatable and I’m glad my words hit a spot with POC and especially First-Gen borns.

My words are that powerful? Damn. You don’t even know how fortunate I feel. 


So basically aside from all my creative business endeavors, I have no life. I don’t think I do, but my friends says I have an active social calendar. I mean, yes, but no….