Hairstylist Talk: Keep Going

August 20, 2013

I find inspiration and words of encouragement in different places, from (sometimes) random people – constantly! Remember when I mentioned I wanted to get bangs? Well, I did it! (I’m not cute right now, so I’ll update you with a photo I shared via instagram).


Anyway, Stacie, my go-to hairstylist, chopped my hair and in the midst of our little catch-up, she mentioned, “After your Yelp review, I have a lot of people requesting for me since. Thank you so much.” I was surprised. I didn’t know that my review helped advanced her career!

She then went on telling me that there were moments where she wanted to give up her profession as a hairstylist. “It was hard, man. I just couldn’t handle it sometimes.” But then she said, she stuck it through and all it took was time.


She uttered the word, perseverance. As she grabbed my hair, doing her magic, I was so inspired. I was inspired to keep going, chasing my dreams.

Here is this hairstylist who almost lost hope, and in due time, she is now the top hairstylists in the salon! When I say top hairstylist, I mean, she is the first seated booth in the salon. Is that a big deal? Why yes! Because her booth is originally the owner’s booth and she’s the first person you see when you walk pass the salon. In other words, my girl got a promotion!

Whether your dream is to be a professional chef or to move up in management, whatever it may be: don’t give up – keep on.

There will always be obstacles, but don’t steer away from your focus – keep your eyes on the prize and work very, very hard to towards where you want to be in life.

Thank you, Stacie for our small catch-up and a wonderful new ‘do. We all can gain something here from this little entry.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!