I’m Chary, a quirky Californian turned Brooklynite, pursing my dream as a writer and creative. I dabble a little over here-and-there as a creative writer.

If you really don’t know me, you can read here or here.

I have a great appreciation for the arts, beer, books, coffee, concerts, corny puns, the great outdoors, and wine. That is me in a short, simple intro. I know it sounds so broad, but parts of me are written throughout my entire blog. If you stick around, you’ll get the idea (:

Why did I start a blog?

Well, it only made sense to share my life experience. Even at a young age, I shared my feelings through various platforms (xanga, anyone?). I always thought it was my safe place to share my thoughts with like-minded readers and a way for me to cultivate my Voice.

Not only that, but I thought it would be nice if I somehow connected with people through my shit I went through because although our experiences may differ in small details, most of the time our emotion is a universal feeling (this is how thecnnekt was also born).

That is why I want to become a writer and launched my blog. Plus, I was certain that my post-grad syndrome was not only relevant to me. Read all about why I got started here.

Oh, if you’re wondering who is the creative master-mind behind all my blog’s illustration? That talented person is my Little Sister, Sah. You can find her here.

All photos are taken by me unless credited to someone else.

Let’s be friends, maybe?

Catch me in Brooklyn, Lower East Side for drinks, or at The Strand Bookstore hunting for my next read. But if that’s too much work and chances are we don’t cross paths, you can find me on social media. I tweet all the time, and have no filter. So, if you enjoy that sort of thing, holler.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly using the contact me page. I always appreciate love notes, comments, questions – all kinds!

Thank You!

*photographed by Pamela Tenorio. 

  • Lala Soum

    Hi hiiiiii! I just wanted to say I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I am so proud of you for FINALLY launching your blog that you’ve been wanting to do for forever! I know this blog will help you relieve stress, find new inspirations, and pour blessings into your life. I believe in YOU! Never give up on your dreams and do NOT stop this blog. Ever. You’re on a good track so far, keep it up. I love you and YAY for being one step closer to your dreams!

    • admin

      I swear, your comment almost made me tear up. Means so much to me! Thank you for your support, love! <3